4red @ 1/28/2018 12:10 commented on Bionic Commando Remake

Palette and style is more like Coleman not Dan Malone.

4red @ 9/17/2015 03:00 commented on Hostile Planet

Lowered saturation for orange and made blue a little darker

4red @ 3/27/2015 01:12 commented on Platformer beatem up mockup

I love the colors, warm but not high saturated like Amstrad CPC style.

4red @ 3/27/2015 01:02 commented on Sky Archipelago

I feel colors are way too cold

edited here in 22 colors and tweaked colors a bit.

4red @ 3/22/2015 04:47 commented on CrossCode - Shizuka Charge

Cool game I played on browser and my PC started overheating badly (Firefox). :D

4red @ 3/22/2015 03:34 commented on Metallic Egg

I agree that Mario 64 is nothing special. Maybe would impress kids when it first came out.

4red @ 1/10/2015 01:04 commented on sonic cpc

SEGA Master System has way better graphics than CPC, even though they are both 8 bit machines. Has bigger palette (64), more colors on screen (32) and better resolution (256x224) plus hardware scrolling and hardware sprites which CPC lacks. More or less Master System is an 8bit arcade.

CPC "Plus" had better graphics but was still worse than a Master System.

4red @ 1/10/2015 00:52 commented on Reimagined turrican

Color choice is very poor, too saturated and CPC-like, unfortunately in the end it looks like some very early Atari ST image from 1987.

4red @ 1/10/2015 00:45 commented on Project Copy Girl Mockup 2

Nice one, i see so much NES-like work after Shovel Knight came out. I would like to see some pieces done in 16 or 32 colors but with no restrictions. Of course is harder without the NES restrictions, more colors means more work.

4red @ 1/10/2015 00:41 commented on Small Maze

Actually you can share in Facebook and like it there! :p

4red @ 1/8/2015 10:32 commented on Sci-Fi mockup

Great piece

4red @ 12/2/2014 03:19 commented on A new Wario Land

61 colors but looks like 256 colors or more.

4red @ 10/7/2014 00:02 commented on Army Base and Night City levels mockup

I think sprites are not ripped but instead drawn side by side with original sprites of Megaman Zero to get the same feeling with that game. Backgrounds are not ripped for sure but heavily influenced instead.

This is good or bad depends on how much you like the original. I like the art in general .

4red @ 4/23/2014 13:26 commented on Tribute to "EXOLON" (remake of screen mockup)

It looks like an EGA game, not like a ZX Spectrum (i think the palettes were similar). Awesome work, it should have been of that quality or even better on the Amiga/ST.

4red @ 4/22/2014 15:09 commented on Battlemasters mockup

Looks like some room from Head over Heels. If you had used a bit more color in the room and more animation it could win.

4red @ 4/15/2014 16:15 commented on Shrine of Tsun Mat

All your pieces are special and you use color quite nice, i think you are influenced much by db16 palette here.

Arne's 32 is a great palette too, more colorful, i think it's more suited for games.

4red @ 4/15/2014 16:06 commented on Bike Assault In-game Screenshot

Nice one.

4red @ 4/12/2014 08:34 commented on Kitten Getaway - Gameplay mockup

Very nice graphics, my editor says 112 colors, i think you could do some color preservation, could be 32 colors and have the same quality. All in all sure is 5/5

I will download and check this on my Android.

4red @ 4/6/2014 14:57 commented on Kitsune|BRAWLER

16 colors? Awesome work, looks like 32 at least.

4red @ 4/3/2014 15:08 commented on Reinvented Pixel Garbage

The warm colors remind me some capcom cps games (cadillacs and dinosaurs etc).

4red @ 4/1/2014 04:51 commented on Tallahassee

Great movie. Also check "true detective" he was great there too.

4red @ 4/1/2014 04:44 commented on Tallahassee

Zombie land? :D

4red @ 3/29/2014 09:38 commented on Dizzy Nightclub

A well deserved win.

4red @ 3/23/2014 10:18 commented on megaman like mockup

Yes i agree the sprites should stand out more, i will update them with a more bright gradient. 

4red @ 3/17/2014 15:19 commented on ZTD Necrolog

Most of your pieces remind me Amiga graphics because of the warm grays. 8-7-7, 7-6-6, 6-5-5 and so on ;)