7even @ 6/1/2018 16:06 commented on werewolf remake

the old one (in my gallery) is in a game, but this one was just for fun. maybe I get the opportunity to use it someday! and thanks :D

7even @ 3/30/2018 15:53 commented on trials & destiny

mine too :)

7even @ 12/9/2017 16:45 commented on new mechs

thanks! readability is my main challenge with these detailed designs :)

7even @ 6/29/2017 19:33 commented on 2B

around 16fps I think! it's 0.06sec per frame.

7even @ 5/27/2017 22:04 commented on 2B

it's mostly manual, used a trick or two to smooth the grass - but it's all on photoshop

7even @ 5/27/2017 09:55 commented on 2B

didn't want grass covering her sprite at all

7even @ 5/2/2016 19:05 commented on possessed abomination

I did most of them, yeah. the ones I put here are my favorite

7even @ 3/7/2016 13:38 commented on MG2

I'm ripping myself, how could I! REPORTED

7even @ 3/13/2015 21:17 commented on Cow Cube Avatar

Debatable. While someone else profiting over your work may sound awful:

1) This is not, by any means, "working for free". Most, if not all submissions are either work from fixed jobs or commissioned ones, so it's already been paid to authors somehow.

2) They get to own the rights for your work, but you or the company you worked for don't lose them, it's non-exclusive. And, of course, it's all gonna be credited properly.

3) AIAS and ESA are not-for-profit, meaning the money they get from sales goes directly to the contest and exhibition maintenance.

And, well, I personally don't think a scam would last more than 10 years like ITP did without raising a lot of suspicion.

7even @ 2/25/2015 07:58 commented on Teenager

Hey! We just posted a video with many pixel animations from Duelyst :)

It features some PJers like me, Adcrusher, Nate Krafaelventura, saint11 (also Konjak and Hunter)

7even @ 1/29/2015 03:56 commented on Nom nom nom

Inspiration and palette?

7even @ 12/18/2014 20:30 commented on DDD - Crusader portrait

I think there's one in TIGSource forums!

7even @ 12/18/2014 20:29 commented on rogue legacy

Thanks! I was just responsible for the art though :)

7even @ 11/7/2014 13:29 commented on Demon bunny

Murder is being made by Peter Moorhead lol (that was his halloween alias)

Pixel art is by me (characters) and midio (backgrounds)

7even @ 10/5/2014 21:09 commented on Little Vader [Glow]

Main character animations being draw-overs of Mega Man Zero is really a bummer :/

7even @ 7/14/2014 11:44 commented on PLAGIARISM

The pixel police is headed your home! (it's pretty awesome btw, reminds a lot of her style indeed)

7even @ 7/6/2014 07:25 commented on Virtual Room

I think Super Time Force, Sworcery and Girl on Fire are super sexy :) I think they just used examples from who they interviewed, though.

7even @ 5/30/2014 07:11 commented on Nintendo gamecube.

You should add this! Pixel Prospector is curating a tumblr with various pixel art games, tutorials, tools and masterpieces:

7even @ 5/27/2014 10:20 commented on instructions

Thanks for the support and the compliment :) Coming from an amazing artist feels great!

7even @ 5/15/2014 14:57 commented on Zman

If the game is fun enough and art direction is solid, I really don't care about pixel treatment. Seems it's got both :)

(although I think 90k might be very hard to get)

7even @ 5/12/2014 07:27 commented on knight

I was almost sure my entry would be lost among so many cool entries I wouldn't get too many votes haha
Well, thanks everybody :)

7even @ 4/7/2014 09:13 commented on WHAT DO WE WANT "Memes" WHEN DO WE WANT IT "Instead of regular science"

you can change the animal, JUST DON'T TAKE THE SCARF OFF

7even @ 3/31/2014 11:27 commented on alan

Try it here, that link is broken now

7even @ 3/25/2014 15:37 commented on daltyn

jump straight, duck, jump forward, roll, attack types, damage, death

7even @ 2/21/2014 22:36 commented on Gothic Dieselpunk - Concept Mockup

They do say "don't read the comments section" right? :/