kolkurtz @ 11/23/2015 07:24 commented on They're Coming

Hi, thanks! You know, I'm not entirely sure. I use my dreams for scenes like this. Most likely the guy at the end of the tunnel indicating the ominous, possibly tank looking shapes.

kolkurtz @ 5/14/2015 00:38 commented on Faces

As a pixel artist working on his own game and as a jazz guitarist this article really resonates with me. I understand how if you want to be more profitable you might want to change style but for me profit just isn't that important. I am a starving artist and I know that it is my lot in life. Even so, all power to the artist no matter what medium they eventually choose.   

I have only one further comment, a quote from Peep Show. In the article it said that people dont get pixelart and prefer HD...

"Who says that? People? You dont want to listen to people. People listen to Coldplay and vote for the Nazi party."

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. Screw mobile.

kolkurtz @ 4/24/2015 08:03 commented on Its not easy being green challenge

I misread the brief and thought I only had 6 colours total! DOH! I would have done this way differently. At least I learned something about minizming colour use.

kolkurtz @ 3/24/2015 00:34 commented on Girls sketch

I hear you but this is! It was done pixel by pixel using my finger on my android. It looks slightly odd blown up that's all.

kolkurtz @ 3/23/2015 10:16 commented on Its not easy being green challenge

Thanks for the encouragement folks! :)

kolkurtz @ 3/18/2015 05:20 commented on Undergorund

You continue to  be my favourite pixel artist! The lighting is terrific and I just love your characters.

kolkurtz @ 6/6/2014 00:46 commented on Nemesis the warlock - of 200AD

The reference image:

I agree that the elevation is odd but defered to the image for that. I think his nosepoint should be more like a harpoon.

The dithering yep, I take your point. The colours are very close. I wanted his skin to look a bit texturally different, not too flat. Guess I failed there then. :(

That was my first try at two point anti-alias. I have only ever gone for one point previously and I agree it is a bit blurry. Maybe I'm not cut out for this.

Oh and the space is for another 2000AD character....


kolkurtz @ 1/15/2014 07:38 commented on Ferret

Lovely. Great pose, very natural for this animal.