Pomb @ 4/9/2014 07:13 commented on Survivalist Cat

I know what you mean man, the DB pallet stuff looks so cool though, there's some information i'm missing i'm sure on how to make other shades with so few.

This looks great though, really like the contrast in the goggles.

Pomb @ 4/9/2014 07:06 commented on Tactical RPG Character Sprites

awesome, I love the arc the bone travels and the effect of the blue orb, good work!

Pomb @ 4/8/2014 06:46 commented on Jump n Shoot

yeah, i see I'm not that good at portraying the blink, I might need to just do it with the skin tone.

Pomb @ 4/8/2014 06:38 commented on Chateau Noir

How long does it take you to make something like this?

You have a really good looking body of pixel work man. really inspiring.

Pomb @ 4/8/2014 06:23 commented on PigCop

symmetrical poses of limbs makes it pop and not look like it's a full cycle, the head and hat are lovely to watch though. Good Job.

Pomb @ 4/7/2014 22:40 commented on Cowboy

It's supposed to be him blinking :S oops.