KamiWasa @ 8/30/2014 11:59 commented on Squishy the Suicidal Pig

I like the desert the best! The dunes hitting the clouds and also the trees hitting the clouds in the top left forest are a bit jaggy with the AA, but the overall feel is quite charming.

KamiWasa @ 8/25/2014 13:39 commented on She's Got The Whole World

Thanks! Glad you think so 

KamiWasa @ 8/22/2014 10:34 commented on Mae Natureza

Sweet! I'm working on something sort of similar with her holding the earth, but mother nature herself will look different.

KamiWasa @ 8/19/2014 14:24 commented on C walk

Cool! I really like the dimensional cube hat; you really nailed that. And the subtle movements are great too.

I need to try out graphics gale. Does it have onion skins?

KamiWasa @ 8/11/2014 07:29 commented on Jumbo Brothers.

I don't think there will be any floating boats after this OHHHHH!

I'm excited to see these.

KamiWasa @ 8/11/2014 07:27 commented on Tree Study - 1

Duuude this is amazing. I love the different colors of the leaves and the few highlighted blueish leaves and also how realistic it looks compared to conventional trees from games.

KamiWasa @ 8/3/2014 21:05 commented on Shapes

Really neat texture there! But I have to agree, its kind of ambiguous and a bit hard to distinguish whats what.

KamiWasa @ 8/1/2014 21:52 commented on Sonic Idle Animation

Thank you guys, I appreciate it 

KamiWasa @ 7/19/2014 08:34 commented on cloudy sarah

This is pretty neat! I like its roughness. The only thing I really see is the difference between the arms. Like I see that the left one is coming out into space and thats why its shorter but its weirdly contrasting the other arm and making it look longer than it should be. Or the right arm just appears to me as longer than it should be. Thats really it though, still really cool!

KamiWasa @ 7/18/2014 21:33 commented on Triworld - the floating island

THIS IS SO COOL! I really like it. Its so charming.

KamiWasa @ 7/18/2014 08:14 commented on Coops

He's still alive, and he's actually quite young, like 5 or 6 which is weird cause he has white eyebrows which used to be brown haha. And I tried to make him look fuzzy by giving him some jaggies but I guess it doesn't look fluid in some spots.

KamiWasa @ 7/14/2014 05:22 commented on Strong Bad

This is great! Can't wait to see what kind of combinations people come up with.

KamiWasa @ 6/29/2014 18:44 commented on By Leaps and Bounds
 This is really cool and so smooth!
The only thing I see right away is maybe the speed of the sword swipe. If this little guy is hacking as he's spinning, perhaps his movement would be faster? Thats it though, I love everything else.

KamiWasa @ 6/25/2014 18:22 commented on Mini Griffey


But I love this!

KamiWasa @ 6/25/2014 16:40 commented on Space Flow

I'm glad this got fixed! Its so captivating =]

KamiWasa @ 6/25/2014 08:02 commented on Meet The Homer


This is awesome and hilarious.

KamiWasa @ 6/23/2014 15:19 commented on CATastrophe

I love this. So simple but captures that scene well. Maybe there could be more door or whatever he's hanging onto, but thats just my opinion. I love it either way.

KamiWasa @ 6/21/2014 22:21 commented on Squid

Threadless is fairly loose with the copyright stuff. If you browse their incredible library of shirts, you'll find everything from Marvel to Sesame Street. I think as long as its not exactly representing the content you are using for your piece, its fine. Just take a look at the "Gaming" section of Tees and theres tons of stuff ripped from Nintendo and other well known games.

KamiWasa @ 6/21/2014 08:03 commented on Squid

AAAAHH Threadless is pretty much my entire shirt wardrobe. I would love to see someone from here win this contest!

KamiWasa @ 6/19/2014 21:39 commented on Waterfall

I think I see it as well; its as if a frame is missing or something with the water coming down into the pool. It is very cool however!

KamiWasa @ 6/18/2014 14:08 commented on Mini Orange Mushroom


KamiWasa @ 6/10/2014 19:10 commented on Risk of Rain Engineer Run

Ah yes I see what you mean. I may fix it if I have the time. Thank you! =D

KamiWasa @ 6/7/2014 21:13 commented on Ryuko & Senketsu Transformation


KamiWasa @ 6/2/2014 14:10 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis

Doing the Aquabats would be hilarious haha. All the bands I listen to are not well known at all ;_;

KamiWasa @ 6/2/2014 10:11 commented on Freash meat

So many lovely characters and expressions =D