Iscalio @ 11/13/2017 00:34 commented on Duelyst Spells #4

Loved Duelyst, made some Fan Art Mechazors on the forums. Haven't kept up. Did see you guys at PAX a year or so ago. Would have loved to try to apply to make something for the game but have been busy with day job doing 3D Character work.

Really great stuff.

How many pixel artists do work for duelyst?

Iscalio @ 11/12/2017 23:33 commented on Skink

sweet, are you playing Total War: Warhammer?

Iscalio @ 11/22/2015 01:56 commented on ISO Dead People Tiles

Thanks, looks great, unfortunately I'm about to leave town. Once I get back on the first of December maybe I'll check it out again.

Iscalio @ 11/18/2015 13:04 commented on ISO Dead People Tiles

I want to do one of these so bad. If another one comes up I hope someone gives me a prod I always seem to miss em.

Iscalio @ 11/8/2015 08:40 commented on Medici 2

This kind of reminds me of Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (Uncharted Waters 2), probably my favorite game of all time or close to it.

Iscalio @ 10/28/2015 20:44 commented on Personal Palette Experimentation: Treasure Chests

"Bottom half of the chests are missing the bottom half of the locks."

I'm not sure that is how locks work...

Iscalio @ 10/25/2015 14:43 commented on SRPG - Thief

Thanks! It stands for Strategy RPG.

Iscalio @ 10/24/2015 15:58 commented on Messyhead

"Especially the blue eye white" according to google translate? Cute stuff btw
Checked out your blog, now I want to do the gemsona thing.

Iscalio @ 10/18/2015 04:05 commented on Blog Icons

Oh thanks guys!

I was quite happy with the colors. 

Iscalio @ 10/9/2015 10:37 commented on Geeko's Tail

"working on an arctic fox give me some refs if you feel helpful"

Google is one of my big places for reference.

Also on your tail the grey at the bottom right isn't really noticable, you could probably drop that color.

Otherwise looks cool.

Iscalio @ 9/5/2015 14:07 commented on (WIP) SRPG - Level Mockup

This is a WIP. Just updated with more classes and weapons and colors.

The various colors should pretty clearly differentiate who's who, especially once close-up portraits are seen during cut-scene/talking portions. If you look at most strategy games I think you'll find they don't often try to put all the small facial details into the faces of the small unit sprites, but instead have general classes and show specific detail in portraits. Right now we also don't have many main characters added, these are generics, but when that occurs they'll probably be more clearly visible by hair styles and colors than facial features considering the size.

Iscalio @ 8/16/2015 03:23 commented on Flowers in the wind

Given your style (which is lovely) I'd greatly recommend you try Flash Creative Suite if you have access to it. It would do a cleaner version of this at a variable size in probably 1/50th the work time. Having worked in Flash CS it just terrifies me how much longer this would have taken to make via pixels. 0_0

Iscalio @ 8/16/2015 03:11 commented on Female Robot Dreams of Being Human

1 of 3

I apologize in advance for the fact I'm pretty frustrated at this. Tried to be as civil as possible...
The definition of what is considered pixel art for the purposes of posting to these galleries is posted here:
"If you can create the image without zooming in, chances are it isn't pixel art. If you're using the line tool and flood-fill most of the time, you're not paying attention to the individual pixels, just the lines and shapes that the pixels make up. The same goes for rough sketches made with the pencil or brush tools. These methods ignore the importance of careful, deliberate placement of the individual pixels."
Good or bad, this piece is digital art not pixel art.
Please stop arguing with people about what is pixel art who simply are doing their job of filtering pieces for the site or trying to help you understand those moderators. Instead go figure out why people are saying this by going to the forum stickied resource threads on the topic.
I have lots of 3d models made in ZBrush that I've spent weeks on or digital paintings or collages or life drawings or reverse process work, etc etc. But none of that belongs in these galleries no matter how much time I spent working on it or how good I think it is. It goes on my website or deviant art or a host of other possible places.
" From what I have seen of the art on this site most of the artists run around copying each other, afraid of not being "pixel" enough.  I think that's sad.  It fosters an environment where creativity is scorned while the status quo is praised.  Your comments contribute to this."
This is not an all art site. This is not an MS Paint users site. This is a pixel specific art site with rules that they post and clearly sticky in the forum for you to follow if you want to put pixel art here. With people who will answer any questions you have and spend their time critiquing your work to help you figure out how to make pixel art and how to improve.
I can't even begin to fathom how you think basic standards equate to a squashing of your creative freedom. Calling the people here "sad", and without any creativity beyond the skills it takes to copy one another.
" I figured if you had taken the time to master a pain in the ass program like MS Paint, you'd be in.  Clearly that is not the case. "
No it isn't the case you have to make pixel art for the pixel art site. Resources are up there for you, people will help you figure out how and why if you don't call them "sad" instead.
"Whatever, I busted out a robot head which was accepted and am now working on a piece of epic pixelness that, when finished, should put to rest any doubt as to the authenticity of my work. "
Nobody is doubting the authenticity of your work. They are doubting it follow the rules outlined in the forum for pixel art.

Iscalio @ 8/16/2015 03:09 commented on Female Robot Dreams of Being Human

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"but it CAN be much more than that, it can be big now, and use loads of colours, and yet people keep it small and count colours like madmen for reasons I just don't get. YES back in the day colour counting was important, but it's not today, so why do it? Why?"
Sure. I'll tell you why.
1. Because more and bigger doesn't make it better art.
2. More and bigger looks unpolished without equally more and bigger effort to polish a larger area. And since we have 2 dimensions that means double your size = 4x the work load. In most cases we want the best art we can make in the shortest time. Larger is a waste of that time. If one wanted to spend that time one could instead spend it polishing smaller to make it more awesome.
3. Pixel art that isn't pixel art is now digital art. Feel free to make digital art. Digital art is large and uses colors freely. Just don't put it in a pixel art gallery.
4. Large and more colors usually means lack of disciplined use of color. This is pretty much the definition of pixel art.
5. Large and more colors is more easily done with brushes that can make amazing digital art. If you want to make larger and more colors as pixel art you'll just be doing VASTLY more work than the digital artists to make something that probably won't look as good. But if you do want to do so then it needs to follow the rules for the site, which nowhere say "don't make large or colorful pieces."
6. Small and limited is still hugely important in an era where we play games on tiny phones that are also doing 10 other things in the background. It's important if making games for portals that aim to reach a variety of people with even weak computers. It's important when making games on low budgets with a single artist needing to do everything in the game because we aren't backed by huge company money and have to very carefully choose how to use our time and still pay rent. Do you need to also do small? Nope. But pixel art is based on these games that do and that's why it is still very relevent.
As a person who has almost 8 years studying and working in the games industry I can tell you that just because something is big and colorful does not mean that people are throwing around colors like it's a color bananza now that we have better CPU power. The best companies are making strong art because they develop a strong style and through knowledge of things does light and shadow work? how does the human body move? what animal anatomy could be combined how to make incredible but believable creature designs?

Iscalio @ 8/16/2015 03:07 commented on Female Robot Dreams of Being Human

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" provided it is drawn pixel by pixel then it is pixel art..."

So by your very definition this clearly isn't pixel art. I mean look at any part of the clouds.

I agree with you, the artist can decide if they made art. Yes anything can be art. No not everything can be pixel art that fits the definition of pixel art that people have painstakingly developed for this website so they can actually filter content and posted clearly for people.

"so yes this is pixel art, and for you who say nay then clearly seek proffesional help beyond this site..."

You just defined pixel art and we can clearly see it isn't. Telling people to seek professional help who say that this isn't pixel art is just mean and uncalled for.

People stop trying to make out people who disagree with you to be "bad" or "mentally challenged." It's not classy. It's not professional.

Iscalio @ 8/7/2015 12:42 commented on Inhabited tree in the marshes

I like that you had a plan and thought behind why it was going to be like that and experimented with something different! 

Looking back it looks fine and I disagree with my former self. Whoa. Deep.

Iscalio @ 7/21/2015 14:59 commented on Noldorin Elf Warrior

This looks pretty good to me as a greyscale or drawing, but the colors feel quite dead. Fiddling with Brightness, Contrast, Levels, Hue, Saturation, etc. in Photoshop or an equivalent (Gimp?) would do wonders for this without even going in to edit pixels by hand.

You might also be going directly to black, rather than Hue shifting as you go from light to shadow? I can't tell for sure without taking it into photoshop...ok looks like you are hue shifting, but you're going from Green (shadow) to Orange (light). Usually you'd go from pushing toward Yellow (light) to Purple (shadow). What's your light source color?

Also looks like all your colors are uniformly desaturated. You might try making the darker areas more saturated and the highlights more desaturated?

As for the sword...what do their swords look like? You did their armor pretty accurately, but the sword looks like an icepick. Unless there's a really good reason I wouldn't recommend turning a thin item toward camera and losing the silhouette. 

Iscalio @ 7/21/2015 12:45 commented on TMNT


Iscalio @ 7/19/2015 20:16 commented on Tree

Looks good to me, I've seen a lot of people struggle with trees here.

I'm curious as to what sort of tree you are going for? People seem to want to make "a tree" but don't pick one or say which particular type of tree they are making.

Iscalio @ 7/19/2015 20:09 commented on Space Ships

lol don't tell people your work isn't good. lol 

Looks solid to me and I've got a BFA in Production Animation for game development and a decent amount of years/games of industry experience. Besides the cockpit glass I don't see much that might be improved anyway.

Iscalio @ 7/17/2015 12:44 commented on Black Hole

eishiya - my first iteration of this was with some overlap of color in the black area, but Robby preferred it with a hard edge. Maybe I'll try something more subtle if I go back to edit it.

gab - yeah mine too.

Iscalio @ 7/15/2015 10:36 commented on Inhabited tree in the marshes

Those little steps are adorable.

Doesn't seem the leaves have as nice clumping size and shape variety as some of your other trees. I'd love to see some sort of variation on your bridge/path as every other part of your work has 3+ color variations. It looks like dirt or sand but it's elevated so I'm assuming it's wood.

Iscalio @ 7/15/2015 10:24 commented on Orc Portrait

thanks everybody! I was pretty excited about it.

Iscalio @ 7/15/2015 10:19 commented on March of Industry - Materials and Weapons


redstone - if you mean the little computer chip man it's an "internet".

This is all started at 8-bit history game jam and based on RobbyZ's sense of humor when he wrote down these ideas at about 4am of the first night.

Starting from the top left other notables may be...
1. Inconveniently Small Dragons
3. Forum Moderators
6. All Actors Replaced by Jeff Bridges (shown with white russian)
13. Chemical Weapon that forces everyone to Speak Dothraki (I think this has been cut)
15. Vladimir Putin's gym shorts
20. How to Mess with Texas informational DVD
21. Emoji Grenade

I take no responsibility for the humor I just reduce it to 16x16.

Iscalio @ 7/6/2015 01:42 commented on hair animators are brave

"hair animators are brave" so the next step is animating it right?