Master484 @ 7/27/2016 09:37 commented on Hand World

Cool. This could be a good setting for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, with Alcazar's "This is the World We Live In" as title music, and Arnold saying "Talk to the hand" and firing a minigun. :D

Master484 @ 7/15/2016 06:52 commented on Eiffel Swimming

Ok I have uploaded an updated version; the clouds and the rock shadows now look better. :)

Master484 @ 7/14/2016 07:55 commented on Eiffel Swimming

Thanks guys. :)


Thanks for the links. I agree with the clouds, they too could be better. Luckily there is still time left to try out different styles; 4 days until Sunday, so I'll most likely post an updated version before the challenge deadline arrives. :)

Master484 @ 11/4/2015 06:59 commented on Torii at sunset

Ok, I just made some improvements. :)

Master484 @ 11/3/2015 12:23 commented on Torii at sunset

Yeah I'll probably add some more details to it during the week, the foreground is indeed a little bit empty at the moment. :)

Master484 @ 10/28/2015 03:04 commented on Colossal Kirbymari

Ok, I added a little Superman guy to the picture. :D

Master484 @ 10/27/2015 06:15 commented on Colossal Kirbymari


Thanks. :) I might actually make more of these later, bigger and greater every time, in the hopes of eventually creating a katamari that would be more colossal than the Colossal Katamari itself. :)


Well yes, but on the other hand, who in the entire universe could destroy Kirby? He is invincible. :)

Master484 @ 10/20/2015 02:21 commented on Relaxing In Madeira

The sea is the internet, blustering winds the connection, and data, carried by the rain, reaches all corners of the Earth, spreading wisdom to open minds. :)

Master484 @ 10/19/2015 02:25 commented on Relaxing In Madeira

No rum in this ship; we only drink fruit juice and milk. :)

Master484 @ 7/17/2015 05:00 commented on Zexas Tunnel Action

Yes, the color count in my pics always seems to go to the skies...sometimes I set a goal to myself, like "32 colors max", but then eventually cross this limit, and after that happens then I basically stop caring about the colors and add more and more. And most of the extra colors go for anti-aliasing, which however, as you said, barely makes any difference to the smoothness of the image. :)

I checked the optimization image you made, and see what you mean...and I know that with careful planning this pic could probably be made with 16 colors, and in fact that thought was haunting me all the time while I was drawing this, anti-aliasing those speed beams, with the 64 colors milestone coming closer and closer lol.

So yeah, I'll try to get better in color control in my future pieces.  :)

Master484 @ 7/8/2015 03:17 commented on Graf Spee

Thanks for the compliments and favorites everyone. :)

And I have now updated the preview pic too; an animated gif has replaced the old still image.

Master484 @ 7/5/2015 05:23 commented on Pac-Man's Bizarre Adventure

Hehe, these should be made as full size statues and placed outside the European Parliament building. :D

Master484 @ 7/5/2015 05:10 commented on Earth explosion

What a nasty alien lol, he destroyed the Falkland Islands and Mexico. :D

Master484 @ 7/1/2015 10:32 commented on 221

This looks delicious; it's a hybrid of a banana, candy and a giraffe. :)

Master484 @ 6/30/2015 12:33 commented on Graf Spee

I have now posted an updated version; the dithering smoke now looks better, and also I added the missing light reflections from the main cannons. :)

Master484 @ 6/30/2015 08:15 commented on Graf Spee

Thanks for the comments guys. :)

The brownish dithering cloud in the back is supposed to be "light smoke" from the cannon blast, and the other dark gray dithering area is smoke from the ship's exhaust chimney.

But maybe they could indeed be better...I think I'll try to experiment with possible alternatives and will post an updated version when I come up with a better solution.

The dithering idea for the cannon smoke originally came to my head when I thought about some old Amiga flying sims; in many of them the smoke was was done with "dithering circles"...and so I went on with that idea lol. But I think it sort of looks cool, so maybe it's just the shape of the cloud that needs a fix.

And yes, I forgot the reflections from the big cannon too, I'll correct that too in the next version. :)

Master484 @ 6/29/2015 05:44 commented on Leijuva Kaffekuppi

Thanks. :)

I'm not sure about the brand of the cup. It has no manufacturer information written on it, and this most likely means that it isn't an Arabia cup, although it does resemble the 24h series quite a lot.

Master484 @ 6/25/2015 12:02 commented on Dark Side of The Moon

Omg, that looks like an alien city. :o

But on the other hand, if I was an alien overlord, that's where I would build my base too.

Master484 @ 6/25/2015 05:06 commented on Game Over Screen

Well done, this reminds me of the Shadow of the Beast and Psygnosis games artwork in general.

Master484 @ 6/23/2015 05:41 commented on The GFX Warhammer

Epic warhammer, the awesomeness of the C64 palette in action.

Master484 @ 6/16/2015 05:59 commented on Alien ocean

Awesome scene, a perfect morning somewhere in the future.

Master484 @ 6/14/2015 08:47 commented on Cards

These look cool, almost like real watercolor.

Let's see if I can recognize these people...From left to right: The Rainbow King of the colorful Parrot Islands, his young queen, and the queens secret lover. :D

Master484 @ 6/13/2015 03:16 commented on Princess Zhaval The Monster Hunter

It actually might be...I do have some hentai game concepts in my mind, and who knows, maybe in the future I'll actually make one and become rich and famous. :D

Master484 @ 6/12/2015 09:46 commented on Subject 123

Hm, this looks like a victim of a car accident. :)

Master484 @ 6/6/2015 01:25 commented on Super JDM Car Meeting

Ah okay. :D

Those long brake lights fooled me...but even if it's a JDM meeting, a true italian Alfa driver might still participate anyway, because the rules said "only the best cars are allowed".