PaperClip @ 7/24/2016 14:51 commented on Teddybear

As a huge Lain fan, I love this!

(My only criticism is that Lain's hair thingy should be on her left side )

PaperClip @ 4/1/2016 15:35 commented on Loot Squad

This fooled me so hard! Awesome job

PaperClip @ 2/20/2014 07:00 commented on Frozen

Thank you!

I also think the planet could be more circular. But after hours of tweaking, I couldn't find any better way to draw it, so I left it this way. And regarding the star, I thought the 4 little tips gave a nice detail to it, so I also left it as it was. But I get your point, and will keep that in mind on future pieces :)