Elk @ 2/22/2018 08:36 commented on Alex Kidd Remake

Beautiful :D

Only thing i would change would be the very very front of the water being lighter in accordance to overall contrast (almost white) (camera cutting through)

Elk @ 2/19/2018 18:58 commented on A Bear

Im in

Elk @ 2/19/2018 15:08 commented on Your old, I like you


But cute :)

Elk @ 2/7/2018 01:33 commented on Windy day

was more referring to something like this :P (middle tree) so it looks more organic, the current outline feels so harsh (in comparison to the softness of the cliffs for example)

Elk @ 2/6/2018 04:45 commented on Windy day

Not bad!

Would have gotten rid of the top outlines of the tree and bushes to blend more with the grass

Elk @ 2/3/2018 06:44 commented on Warlocks 2 God Slayers first world enemies

Very cool concept :) welcome

Elk @ 1/24/2018 00:39 commented on Lil Pirate

Or pixel a beatiful bottle or glass or drink that seems appealing to you, or come up with some fancy fantasy acohol brew that literally transports you to heaven or hell

Elk @ 1/14/2018 13:13 commented on Fighting game style 1

really nice colors ^^

Elk @ 1/8/2018 11:06 commented on The Den

oh god thats like a house i would want <3

Elk @ 1/1/2018 17:16 commented on Self Portrait at 28

very awesome! :D

Elk @ 12/13/2017 22:45 commented on Big Bird

cuddling is really great

aside from pizza

Elk @ 12/13/2017 15:56 commented on Above

wow, if this is no redux, ill be amazed

Elk @ 12/6/2017 05:37 commented on DB8 - Palette Test

very sweet!

Elk @ 12/5/2017 16:39 commented on Arthas


Elk @ 12/1/2017 16:47 commented on Fatal Flash Menu

why would you do that

Elk @ 11/24/2017 03:10 commented on Tardis Day

very nice, what strikes me, is that all of them have something very uniquely british to them

never watched Doctor Who though, but I can imagine them speaking

Elk @ 11/23/2017 04:00 commented on Orange Blue

nice ones ^^

Elk @ 11/21/2017 16:39 commented on Big Bird

cuddling is great

Elk @ 11/21/2017 16:37 commented on Bond, James Bond

Done :)

Elk @ 11/15/2017 15:27 commented on Big Bird


Elk @ 11/14/2017 05:29 commented on Elk's New Avatar

yes but i couldnt incorporate the original halo it usually has because it would be classified as NPA and not conform to the PJ rules :p

Elk @ 11/13/2017 15:15 commented on Elk's Morrigan Aensland (DB16)

@Cyangmou thanks :) I would be grateful for some!

hands and feet are definitely something i didnt polish and have trouble with, if anyone could give me a hand visualizing the proper anatomy (with stylization in mind) it would help tremendously! (foreshortening >-<)

Another thing that might be causing eye-cancer is that it looks like she only has one buttcheek and a deformed hip

Already handed it in though as the piece is no real big deal to me, and it wouldn't have been possible to ask for CC :p (unfair)

Humanoid is something I rarely do xD

Elk @ 11/13/2017 10:03 commented on Big Bird


Elk @ 10/22/2017 04:53 commented on Western game scene

Roof/House seems reduxed, rest looks quite ok :)

Tree looks very well done

Entirely the assets dont seem to be matching

Elk @ 10/21/2017 17:24 commented on Big Bird