Skurra @ 12/10/2017 23:41 commented on Big Bird

Not really one to say much, but I grew as a pretty social outcast kid/teen and enjoyed drawings.

One day I was told I could make a living of off it! So from that point onwards I focused on improving myself to better suit the market. Had a job as an artist, joined an animation college but from that point on... boy, was it a downward spiral.

TL;DR: I became heavily depressed. Maybe it was the clash of my 'passion' against that of my peers - but my interest and will faded shortly after joining college. Maybe it was my 'time to decide what to do' coming to it's end - I don't know; for a long time I saw art as my only choice since I was such an awkward, socially inept person... and I grew out of all passion after discovering that I could function almost as normally as everyone else. I'm still struggling to find what I want in life -- but I think, for the 100th time this year, I've found it. I was also treated as a pretty dumb person, so I  was also led to think I'd fail at any other option.

Just... take care of your mental health, don't push too far, really. I've went from someone pretty "happy", determined, self-willed, self-caring and disciplined to not being able to brush my teeth everyday, sleeping 13-18 hours a day and starting to sympathize with suicide. I've always considered myself pretty resilience, so I'm impressed how deep I fell. Am falling. Still a rollercoaster to be honest, heh.

Also there's a saying that goes like "Never transform a hobby into work".

And... don't stop. As long as you have something that keeps you going I think it's better to cope up, really. I got my relative's dog to better take care of it and it made me live up a little more. I kept going with my language studies.

Also, Careful with too much instrospection.

It's more of a vent rather than a tip -- but I gues there's isn't really an answer, the best thing I could come up with was sharing my own experiences... those kind of things are insanely personal.

Oh! and with the right therapists you can get a lot of help and self-understanding! If you're able to, check one out, some sessions wouldn't hurt :)

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I usually don´t like monkeys, but this one´s so cute. :3

Makes me think about the ones in the Rhythm Heaven for Wii.

Skurra @ 8/22/2015 00:55 commented on Dah'san


Thanks, that really means a lot! <3

Took some time to answer, but ever since I read you comment I AA´d some parts, will update as soon as the voting closes. I didn´t really polish it that much since I kinda left to do it at the last hour. Kept updating until there was 6 minutes left, lol.

The outline was originally yellow, and then it would fade into red just like the sun´s “aura“, but since I added the flames around it, I though it looked dirty, confusing..  but I changed it to pink and just kept it there, visible, ended up getting used to it and tough it looked “too void“ without it, but now I see that it´s better off without it.

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Nice! The community here is awesome. People are nice and do a lot of good stuff. :D

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I was finding it weird that no one had done something with bunnies for the moon. :P

Skurra @ 7/7/2015 05:22 commented on I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.


Awesome :D

Skurra @ 4/14/2015 10:30 commented on The Angel of Death

Sounds fun( and hard). I'll try to participate, this palette seems pretty interesting; makes me think of birds. :P 

Skurra @ 4/1/2015 18:39 commented on Croak

I see. sorry. ^^'
Thanks for the critics and compliments, it was really helpful!

I just did a version without the outline - and it does look really better!

Mostly, the color count was so high because I didnt pay attention and was painting with a brush set at 10% opacity sometimes (I tried to fix when I noticed but with all these bright yellows a lot went unoticed)...

Just did a fast overview - At least 16 or so colors could be removed and wouldnt change anything.

I'll be looking forward for more critics in upcoming works, thanks!


(I'll be more organized when it comes to the palette as well! XD )

Skurra @ 4/1/2015 17:49 commented on Skurra!

Thank you for the critics (and the compliment).

I did the outline because I thought the "rat" was blending too much with the background, and to give some kind of backlight effect (from the moon/stars) although in the end I just did a general outline since I even used it on shadowy areas.

I'll keep that in mind and try to find another solutions to make it stand out from the background next time, thank you!

(EDIT: grammar.)