S3NATOR @ 9/28/2014 13:59 commented on Adeptus Mechanicus Logo

Actually, this is a more accurate version that I was trying to recreate, if that helps.

S3NATOR @ 7/24/2014 10:51 commented on Deus Est Machina

@Mandrill: Thanks, glad you like it! I'll probably return to it in a few days and add some more. 

S3NATOR @ 7/23/2014 23:24 commented on Vultus mechanicus

Wow, I thought my robotic thing was cool. This blows it out of the water. Good job.

S3NATOR @ 7/23/2014 14:54 commented on Deus Est Machina

@WangieClown: Lol, they were wires. 

@Vampireslug: Alright, I'll fool around with it.

S3NATOR @ 7/17/2014 18:27 commented on BoyFace Expression

Nice desing, but there's a few things I'd rehash.
If you're going to keep everything looking sharp like that, I'd say try and add a bit more detail, especially with shadowing. Right now it seems like the face is flat, and the picture really doesn't pop out.

Once you do that, I'd like to see how it turns out. Keep up the good work! :D

S3NATOR @ 7/1/2014 12:14 commented on Emblem.
Kind of. I'm trying to make a miniaturized version of my other logo, or something similar to it.

I'm not sure if I like this design though, so I'm considering revising it. But seeing how everyone has icons for their accounts, I figured I'd make a placeholder emblem.

S3NATOR @ 6/30/2014 12:32 commented on Self Portrait

Edit: I just updated this picture and cleaned it up a little. Feel free to leave more feedback!

S3NATOR @ 6/19/2014 22:52 commented on Breath of Fire's Lin

That's amazing. Seriously. Great job on capturing the details and blending the colors. its really smooth! 

S3NATOR @ 6/19/2014 19:31 commented on Eyeclops

This is so awesome. Honestly.

S3NATOR @ 6/19/2014 15:49 commented on Self Portrait

Hey guys, thanks for all of your input!

To Dr. D, that's right. It's a really cool work. I appreciate that you guys approve of it. I probably won't have time to update it right now due to school, but once I get some free time I'll update it.

To Petruzska, I really think you should! It's kind of cool working with this medium and doing referential drawings. I'm really surprised how much classical art techniques really transfer over to here and stuff.

To Jalonso, that's really sound advice. I'll admit I'm pretty lazy and rush through a lot of things, so I think all of that will be really good for me. I'll shoot you a PM when I update it for sure!


S3NATOR @ 6/18/2014 17:00 commented on Self Portrait

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I kinda felt unhappy about how it turned out in terms of cleanliness and consistency. What can I do to clean it up?

S3NATOR @ 6/18/2014 16:58 commented on Self Portrait

Haha, is the flash really that strong?

S3NATOR @ 5/14/2014 15:49 commented on Buddha Study

Thank you! Don't feel bad for your critique; I'm not at all trained in anatomy or really anything like that, so this is all pretty new to me. I've looked on here for a few lighting guides but I haven't found anything that really helps me get to the level I want to.

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to improve this in the future? (I read somewhere that everything I upload has to be a finished product, so I don't think I could reupload this.) 

If I recall correctly, the picture I was studying had light somehow on the inside of the ears, and I was trying to work with a limited palette to put in that lighting, Maybe it's a color choice problem?


S3NATOR @ 5/14/2014 15:45 commented on The Nameless One (Amano Style)

Thanks! This is a pretty cool community. 

Yeah, I had a lot of trouble trying to blend everything together. I was sort of going for the messy look as I was using Amano's drawing of Garland from FF1 as a sort of foundation, but I don't know if I succeeded at pulling it off.

What would you suggest that I do to try and get that blended look without using too many colors? I've tried dithering patterns but I feel like they don't really give a good enough feel. Would anti-aliasing help?


S3NATOR @ 5/14/2014 15:42 commented on Snooze Cruise

This is actually really cool! I like how you were able to really tie everything together without the use of dithering or anything like that, except for the sky. Really impressive.

S3NATOR @ 5/14/2014 15:41 commented on Untitled Promotional Art

Thanks for your input! What do you think I could do to tone it down and balace out the picture? 
Also, I'm looking on guides on making my art more consistent, and not at odds with each itself. Any suggestions there?