tunelessmelody @ 7/26/2014 22:18 commented on Self-Portrait

I've read that before... I literally hand picked each color and then placed each pixel individually....

tunelessmelody @ 7/25/2014 21:49 commented on Self-Portrait

I thought I fixed the resolution problem? 

Also, no, each of the individual pixels was placed by hand, I use graphics gale. I have a version somewhere with just the flat colors. This is one of my earlier pieces, and although I am more conservative with my color palettes now, saying that you don't consider as pixel art seems a little harsh. (as far as I know, there's isn't a color cap, just a restriction about how the pixels are placed.) 


tunelessmelody @ 7/5/2014 15:31 commented on Stunner - Greek level

I would totally play this. Whatever happened to the demo?