Aureliano @ 2/22/2017 00:12 commented on Big Bird

Love the cats, Crocotile is great and it reminded me of your work when I first used it

Aureliano @ 2/22/2017 00:11 commented on Big Bird

Thanks a lot! That seemed to work!!

Aureliano @ 2/11/2017 02:07 commented on Big Bird

So I reinstalled Grafx2 but it seems to be loading up/ running fine, but not visible when I click on the icon- only visible in the Task View window: has anyone got any advice?

Aureliano @ 2/9/2017 23:58 commented on Big Bird

My version of Grafx2 seems to have stopped working, when I go into task view it seems to be running fine but when I click on the icon it won't load on my screen, has this happened to anyone else before? I have a bunch of scripts and shortcuts and fonts so would prefer not too have to reinstall the program if possible.

Aureliano @ 11/14/2016 00:52 commented on Big Bird

°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° That is a terrific frog!

Aureliano @ 11/9/2016 12:31 commented on Big Bird

I'm sorry for attacking you, it seems like you were voting in earnest and I was venting in the wrong direction. But  some of Donad Trump's supporters are incredibly hateful. His rhetoric is affecting public opinion. My best friend is Transgender and spends half the year living in Florida. The rate of Transgender homicide is 1/12, at a historic high in the US.

Aureliano @ 11/9/2016 11:16 commented on Big Bird

@PBDC I liked you so much more when you would post vaguely thoughtful comments about frogs you saw. Enjoy the schadenfreude now but when the novelty of your protest vote wears off, I can only imagine your life is very insular and apolitical.

Aureliano @ 10/20/2016 13:16 commented on strong mermaid

I love this

Aureliano @ 9/2/2016 06:56 commented on Kitsune

I love all the clusters and aliasing but I feel like recolouring this piece would make it a lot stronger :)

Aureliano @ 8/29/2016 06:22 commented on Storage Scene

I hope you reupload a lot of the other pieces you did, really loved this one :)

Aureliano @ 8/15/2016 15:58 commented on Mockup Time: Master System - Courage the Cowardly Dog V

Good Work! I like the Courage Sprite

Aureliano @ 7/22/2016 05:11 commented on Pokemon RedBlue Revamp

This is so marvellous. Something about the really painterly use of colours on otherwise largely unaltered sprites lends a kind of pathos to the awkwardness and humour of the original sprites. Like your Mario interpretation, reinterpreting entirely from the monochrome sprites goes beyond nostalgia somehow. It makes virtue of the period just before Pokémon became fixed and commodified. + I love that Golem.

Aureliano @ 6/17/2016 06:36 commented on Fountain

Could tell instantly that you were! I adore Ages/Seasons and you've captured the theme well!

Aureliano @ 6/15/2016 15:05 commented on Waterpillar

I like this- it's really cute

Aureliano @ 6/12/2016 13:38 commented on Chocoland-iso

Mrmo I absolutely adore it in its current state!! It's so pleasing to see staples of your style- like the trapezoid clouds- in Isometry.

Aureliano @ 6/2/2016 12:38 commented on Mr. Driller Mockup

Love it!

Aureliano @ 6/1/2016 08:44 commented on Big Bird

I saw that Harun Farocki show in london a little while back! 

Aureliano @ 4/14/2016 13:04 commented on Bears bears bears

These are some, superb, bears.

Aureliano @ 4/1/2016 08:08 commented on hey why

Ohhh this is sleek!!

Aureliano @ 3/27/2016 05:16 commented on Roadkill

Woah! Very slick clusters.

Aureliano @ 3/26/2016 11:17 commented on Terrace Encounter

Thanks Everyone! @Paddy: Indeed, I hoped the inspiration I took from the GB Mega Man & Zelda games lifts it above empty imitation. ( *´ノェ`)

Aureliano @ 3/26/2016 04:14 commented on macarons!

I like this entry a lot!

Aureliano @ 2/15/2016 14:56 commented on Big Bird

Game looks great PBDC!

Aureliano @ 2/8/2016 14:12 commented on Evening talk by a snowy window

I like your work :)

Aureliano @ 2/8/2016 13:57 commented on Full Moon over the Bamboo Forest

This is gorgeous!!