Mr_Hk_ @ 2/1/2018 01:22 commented on Chopin - Tshirt overprint

I though it was a weekly challenge submission, great graphic impact !

Mr_Hk_ @ 2/1/2018 01:18 commented on GoldenAxe

Great demake, faithful to the original yet modern.

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/29/2018 01:02 commented on enjoy the veiw

Congrats  =)

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/22/2018 06:26 commented on Bladedancer

Wow, that's a personal milestone.
Thanks you PJ, I will polish and cherish this golden totem.

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/16/2018 05:31 commented on Ignis and Eric

Super cool gifts  !

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/11/2018 01:27 commented on Omo Tribe

Thank you all for the support.
It really gives a moral boost !

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/11/2018 01:26 commented on Misty Forest

Super impressive dithering !
If I may, I would only regret that this effect is applied in an uniformed matter.
It would have been interesting to simulate boket/ DOF by letting some part blurry.

In any case, very interesting dithering patterns.

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/9/2018 01:58 commented on The Queen's Mercy

Congrats, It looks super good.

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/9/2018 01:56 commented on The Den

Congrats, super nice mood.

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/9/2018 01:55 commented on Faces in palettes 2

Those protraits are super crispy !
Specially 2 for its softness and 4 for its contrasts. Awesome use of NES palette .

Mr_Hk_ @ 1/6/2018 01:59 commented on Self Portrait at 28

Badassery !

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/13/2017 07:21 commented on Urban Teal Bridge

mmmokay, But I don't see any connection between beeing accurate / photorealitstic and having a good composition / framing.
Studying a render shouldn't be a reason for bad camera work if you ask me. In fact, camera position, lens and lightening are what makes a good photo.

If you want to dig this subject and improve your futur work I would suggest to take a look at those guidelines.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/12/2017 01:38 commented on Urban Teal Bridge

This is an interesting exercise, very impressive use of dithering and AA. My only problem here is that this piece lack the "photographic eye" or composition.
Here is a very quick edit using 1/3 placing with addition of a first plan to add depth and interest.

Hope that help.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 06:08 commented on Zhimanov

Nice mixed between G-man and the elusive guy !

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 06:03 commented on DB8 - Palette Test

This is super neat, especially those crispy portraits  !
Well done

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:47 commented on Love is all

Tejonte> Yeah, it definitly my main inspiration on this one. Can't overstate how much I love Ghibli.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:45 commented on Love is all

Doppleganger> I love autumn ! As I was saying to DawnBringer, I've worked with high saturation and similare values to get this warm feeling.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:42 commented on Love is all

KirkeNedakh> You're too kind.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:41 commented on Love is all

Fleja2003> Means a lot, thanks.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:40 commented on Love is all

Thanks a lot Mate 

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:39 commented on Love is all

DawnBringer> Beeing stable and confy as a couple asks dedication and perseverance, so I guess they had to climb stuff, help each other overcome personal flaws and be smart enough to reach this sweet spot. But you're right, the road is long but the rope is short 
Top creatures are kodamas, forest spirits from Mononoke Hime.

Regarding the strong red saturation you're super right, my ramp is wired and surely too linear. I've used this saturated color to burn  the foliage as most of the canopee have similar values. I guess i should have lower other saturations and values to let the palette breath a little more.
Thanks a lot for this feedback.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:22 commented on Love is all

Lucas-> You too !

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:21 commented on Love is all

Irenaart> thank you very much, It was a very fun palette to play with : pastel + high saturation + strong/low values. It definitly lacks midtones but it feels natural.

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:19 commented on Love is all

A2J2TIWAR> much obliged

Mr_Hk_ @ 12/7/2017 00:18 commented on Love is all

PixelDust> Thank you good sir !