Lakelezz @ 12/16/2017 07:44 commented on Big Bird

Yes, is known bug and annoying too : D

Lakelezz @ 11/22/2017 16:23 commented on Big Bird

Heh, will be interesting to watch.

All I know is that one of my pieces (a few challenges ago), submitted post countdown but prior new challenge, was automatically added to the next challenge.

Until today I assume Mandrill manipulated everything just for the joy of chaos anyway : D

Lakelezz @ 11/13/2017 03:52 commented on Big Bird

It's important that a piece was submitted in time (before the last timer ran off), that would result in a small problem, the system would assign the piece to the new challenge instead : D

Lakelezz @ 11/13/2017 03:42 commented on Big Bird

As far as I know, Mandrill will accept them, then start the new challenge thus all Mega Man pieces will be part of the Mega Man vote : )

On another note, the voting will probably start later this day, because Mandrill lives in a different timezone compared to skamocore hence everything seems to be a bit delayed.

Lakelezz @ 10/25/2017 15:55 commented on test

A secret mod-test! : O

Lakelezz @ 8/30/2017 14:42 commented on Big Bird

Seems as I'm not uploading (or editing) enough... : D

Lakelezz @ 8/30/2017 13:32 commented on Big Bird

Who added that new submission/edit checkbox "adult"? : O

Lakelezz @ 7/23/2017 16:44 commented on Wee Lan

Thanks, eishiya, should be fixed now (powered by Mandrill). Additionally, there is a link to a VOD-collection now, should be more up-to-date (thanks to everyone keeping that thread going) : )

Lakelezz @ 7/18/2017 09:44 commented on Fiery Ice Demon

Pfft ???

Thanks for commenting, bob : )

Lakelezz @ 7/18/2017 09:43 commented on Fiery Ice Demon

Thanks, Mandrill!

Lakelezz @ 7/18/2017 09:41 commented on Fiery Ice Demon

I'm glad you think so, Curth : ) Also, thanks again!

Lakelezz @ 7/17/2017 14:54 commented on Fiery Ice Demon

Thanks, Curth! Once I saw the same animation over and over, I got a bit deaf on my eyes, one could say. I added a small break now : ) Changing too much would kill me

Lakelezz @ 7/17/2017 14:52 commented on Fiery Ice Demon

Thanks, Goodlyay : ) Yes, I agree, quite extreme. Toned it down a bit, at least added a small break to the loop.

Lakelezz @ 7/3/2017 05:19 commented on Nataku - Midnight Assault

You are welcome

Lakelezz @ 6/28/2017 02:22 commented on Rapier (New, looking for feedback)

Hello : )
You do not need to upscale your piece, because PixelJoint offers two buttons that (once clicked) scale up or down as the user wishes to do.

They are just right below your piece (marked green in this example):

Also, there are cool tools as this one:
It helps you to analyse your palette : )!

About your piece, I think, the grey on his torso (left side from our perspective), is too similar to the next brighter and darker colour. Which translates into a weak contrast and makes colours less affecting to the eye.
On another note, you said, the rapier is cut off, but why did you not just increase the canvas size or move it 1px to the left?

Lakelezz @ 6/12/2017 10:40 commented on Reol

Thanks a lot, Vagrant : )!

Lakelezz @ 6/10/2017 06:24 commented on Big Bird

Finally : )
Sadly, it slows down my PixelJoint a lot and encounters errors! I will inform you about some issues that I stumbled upon via a private message.

Lakelezz @ 5/30/2017 13:09 commented on Reol

Aw, thanks, Mandrill : ) You are too kind!

Lakelezz @ 5/28/2017 03:59 commented on Big Bird

I tried it via Foxified already but sadly to no effect.

Lakelezz @ 5/23/2017 15:46 commented on Big Bird

Back then, there were GPUs that did not support anything but power of two sized textures (POT-textures).




Your graphics pipeline can do all crazy stuff with your textures if it is not according to what it usually uses (rule of thumb: power of two), e.g. resize them internally to make them work within their system, which costs performance.


There is no need that a texture is a square (there are some odd cases though), but both shall have a power of two size. It adds the simplicity for your pipeline to work in chunks, as well.


Any texture that isn't a power of two is being classified as NPOT-texture. It is always wise to check whether the technology or hardware you want to use/support, is capable of using them, if you go the NPOT-route.

E.g. anything lower than OpenGL 2.0 would seemingly not support them (source:


About memory usage, well, usually GPUs will simply put your NPOT-texture into the next larger POT-texture-size. For example, is your texture 20x20px large, it would be stored as interpolated 32x32px large texture (which can look ugly).




Lakelezz @ 5/18/2017 12:03 commented on Britt Fee and Boni

Must be a great friend, considering you creating this amazing piece of perfection.




Lakelezz @ 5/11/2017 09:52 commented on Ghosty (Orange and blue)

Hello : )



How did you save this image? Did you take a screenshot? JPG should be generally avoided since its lossy compression kills your original pixels.

Try to save it as GIF or PNG! I can see, that you have this tiled bright and dark grey background as well, did you want to make your sprite transparent? If so, JPG does not support that either but GIF and PNG do. Screenshots tend to be JPG and usually do not display the original size but the zoomed one in your graphics/pixel program.



Since you image is upscaled, PixelJoint has buttons, they look like these:

You can find them below your piece, they will automatically up- and downscale your image! Hence, I would recommend to upload your piece on a 1:1 scale : )

Oh, and one of your files you uploaded, is the preview (blue ghost) and the other one the larger files. Previews can only be 150x150 px big, but the larger file has no real restrictions - you could merge both ghosts into that file. But after uploading the original size, they both should fit into the preview as well.



Lakelezz @ 5/1/2017 06:15 commented on Bloodknights

Do you imitate Stava? Used to be super active back then... Challenge is already over though... so you are a bit late!


Just kidding : D Looks cool, especially that dude who looks up and thinks: "Woot, this piece got no roof!?!".  

Glad that you uploaded again wow this took you long, I will let your missed your art soul suffer if you do not continue uploading though.

Lakelezz @ 4/27/2017 12:52 commented on Lutea

Thank you, RebeaLeion : ) But mine isn't as impressive as MieuChan's stuff!



Lakelezz @ 4/27/2017 12:51 commented on Lutea

Thanks, CptGuapo : )