Lakelezz @ 2/11/2017 03:13 commented on Big Bird

RIP Steam Greenlight:



Lakelezz @ 2/6/2017 04:58 commented on Big Bird

As it seems, Mandrill is currently handling weeklies, at least the last three challenges were posted by him.


Since Mandrill lives in a different time zone compared to skamocore, we have to wait a bit longer than usual : )



Lakelezz @ 1/27/2017 14:15 commented on Big Bird

Did you try to clean your cache?

Lakelezz @ 1/23/2017 06:43 commented on Big Bird

Already got worried about the weekly challenge cycle, but Mandrill to the rescue!

Lakelezz @ 1/10/2017 10:56 commented on Big Bird

I shall cleanse PJ from its curse, for the better, eishiya!

Preparing my schwarzer Zauber! *weird magical power moves*

Lakelezz @ 1/10/2017 10:54 commented on Big Bird

Just wait for it, bobston, the lord of the bots is on the way to PJ's kingdom...

Lakelezz @ 1/9/2017 11:17 commented on Big Bird

I bet the chatterbox does use a different character encoding compared to the rest of PJ : / Kanji, Kana nor Korean are supported either : (

So if you try to post a comment, PJ isn't capable of encoding your characters (cannot use them).

Lakelezz @ 1/1/2017 15:03 commented on Mei Misaki - December 2016

Lijj, hehe, one day I will totally nail it and no one will ever say again that any previous version is better!

My palettes are weird, funny that you like them (might be a crime :P).

Lakelezz @ 1/1/2017 14:52 commented on Mei Misaki - December 2016

Hehe, glad that you could recognise it straight away, RebeaLeion : )!

Lakelezz @ 12/31/2016 19:34 commented on Mei Misaki - December 2016

Thanks for taking your time to comment, skittle : )
I agree, already planned to upload an edit later. Not sure whether I will remove the highlight on the skin, but it is a possibility.

I fixed some small pixels for now, I will consider further changes : )

Lakelezz @ 10/3/2016 06:24 commented on Mio Naganohara

I knew this might have been "too meme".


It literally refers to the "Flat is Justice"-meme.


Thanks for your compliment, though : )


Lakelezz @ 10/3/2016 06:21 commented on Mio Naganohara

Who is it, lord_bobston?

Lakelezz @ 9/26/2016 03:22 commented on Tear Grants

Thanks a lot for your feedback : )!



Lakelezz @ 9/19/2016 02:27 commented on Big Bird

Surt, if you were wondering about GIF being analysed as true colour:


GIF is actually able to display more than 256 colours at a time.

This is only works for animations - every frame can have its own 256 colours, once you start combining them (assuming you do not update the whole canvas size), they add up to a total of more than 256. Therefore, it can be used for true colour images.


Nonetheless, I just tested it. Even a GIF with an indexed palette is being called true colour. Not sure if one could call those true colour.


Lakelezz @ 9/12/2016 17:28 commented on Big Bird

Jalonso, how many birds? Three?

Lakelezz @ 7/12/2016 14:14 commented on Luka Megurine

Directly recognised her as Luka : )

The eyes are well done!

Though the weak spot is the "03" for me. It looks not like it would be a tattoo since it ignores the skin's shape. Additionally, the AA on it is not that recogniseable.

It leads up to this colour manage issue:

It lists 62 colours of which are not even many visible : o Hover over a colour in the table to see where it's located on your piece (will be marked red).

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me here or via private message : )

Good job on this piece either way! Definitely keep it up!

Lakelezz @ 7/11/2016 06:49 commented on Big Bird

Look at this link, Iceberg:

Lakelezz @ 7/9/2016 03:35 commented on Big Bird

65535 x 65535 according to Wikipedia's JPEG article. Though, I doubt that most applications even go that far in terms of the saving process. 

I think they support a maximum around 16.7 million colours (or 16,777,216). Since one pixel is saved in 24 bits, using 8 bit for each red, green and blue.

Lakelezz @ 7/3/2016 15:06 commented on Big Bird

Also check out whether your favorite games are being played and when : )

Lakelezz @ 7/3/2016 14:25 commented on Big Bird

By the way, the livestream-event SummerGamesDoneQuick started : )


As I'm a huge fan of this 24/7 event, I just wanted to share it with you:

They are raising money for the charity "Doctors without Borders" by speedrunning through all those sweet nostalgia triggering and even rather new games : )


Lakelezz @ 7/2/2016 03:20 commented on Pokemon RedBlue Revamp

Great! I really like that you adapted/converted the original sprite's poses into your style, it triggers my nostaglia xD



I'm happy to see your creativity with the order, it confused me at first, since it was quite a metre to scroll down to the description.


I find it a bit odd, that Wigglytuff suddenly uses dithering, it feels a bit off. Especially since it does not really add any texture knowledge to it, as it does to Primeape.


The colours on Voltorb and Electrode are a bit too orange for my taste. Same goes for Vaporeon.

While Pikachu and Dragonite lacks this orange pitch. There are quite some more of these colour distinctions, therefore I suspect it being on intention : )

This might be all up to your personal preference, of course. I'm only commenting on how it looks compared to the original design.


Huge fan that you used the better-looking Mew sprite reference. It was a worry that occured to me while scrolling down.

I love the motion you put into the Lickitung sprite - especially into the tongue.


Lastly, Drowzee's pants are just too cool and Blastoise is a boss : ) Really triggered my nostalgia.


Greaaat job! Effort paid out!




Lakelezz @ 6/27/2016 03:38 commented on Angiolina is a good cook

Thanks! I even had that on my list, I'm too tired xD



Lakelezz @ 6/27/2016 03:14 commented on Angiolina is a good cook

There are:



  • 32x32 and 16 colours



  • 64x64 and 8 colours
  • 128x128 and 4 colours
  • 256x256 and 2 colours





Lakelezz @ 6/26/2016 18:49 commented on Tear Grants

Thanks a lot, Zizka : )



Sadly... I had to google for what KOF meant.. xD Which one do you mean : o?


Lakelezz @ 6/23/2016 13:47 commented on Tear Grants

Ohh, I'm so glad you like her smile



Thanks for you comment, Mandrill : )