kitsieandmeow @ 12/23/2016 20:38 commented on Big Bird

Is anyone else having issues getting imgur to link images on the forums today?  

kitsieandmeow @ 12/10/2016 08:41 commented on demon at work

What funky little critter. Love him. 

kitsieandmeow @ 12/8/2016 23:40 commented on Ornament silv

I like this. I dont know why but it reminds me of space...and sci fi... Like part of a ship but still really pretty and delicate.

kitsieandmeow @ 12/8/2016 18:45 commented on Big Bird

that feel when you just can't AA for crap and want to set fires

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:14 commented on Duality

Ahh the whole thing has such nice flow!

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:12 commented on Rose Skull

I rather like the dithering myself. It has a nice texture! its very well done

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:07 commented on Aseprite test sprites

Super nice sprites !

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:06 commented on The Fallen Knights

I really feel Im in the shade of the tree. Dig those color choices!

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:05 commented on red moth

So cute!

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:02 commented on Koi

If thats out of shape I cant wait to see you warmed up ;3 

The water ripples are real nice!

kitsieandmeow @ 12/7/2016 10:01 commented on Bat

Its so friggen cute

kitsieandmeow @ 12/6/2016 20:06 commented on Big Bird

On the subject of bugs though- does anyone else get the "Internal Server Error 500" when clicking on chatterbox when you go to check a message? I always have to go back out to the main page and then click on the chatterbox :c

kitsieandmeow @ 12/6/2016 18:57 commented on Big Bird

Ahhh thanks so much! <3 <3 <3 I kept finding "tutorials" that talked about the basics of pixel art and how awesome it was that Mana got rid of so much tiling and only used X amount of colors but nothing to show the process itself. 

kitsieandmeow @ 12/6/2016 18:56 commented on Big Bird

<3 There's not enough pixel streams man

kitsieandmeow @ 12/6/2016 00:49 commented on Big Bird

Anyone know a good tutorial/speed paint of Secret of Mana style grass tiles per chance? 

kitsieandmeow @ 12/5/2016 04:38 commented on a space triptych

These would make sweet prints. 

kitsieandmeow @ 12/2/2016 09:34 commented on The Empty

This was so close to being finished, Im actually sad i didnt get it done in time for the deadline

kitsieandmeow @ 12/2/2016 02:07 commented on OVERWATCH - Reaper

Reaper's thighs end lives <3

kitsieandmeow @ 12/2/2016 00:40 commented on Big Bird

that feeling when you haven't pixeled in forever and your brain actually refuses to let you do simple warm ups 

kitsieandmeow @ 8/3/2016 18:36 commented on Sailor Up!

This makes me really want a pixel art scene in the Moon Animate Make-Up thing they're doing for sailor moon. If it was in this style, it'd be so adorbable

kitsieandmeow @ 8/3/2016 17:42 commented on 76

Dad 76~!

kitsieandmeow @ 5/12/2016 17:56 commented on Jellygirl

That is wicked cool. It's a great creature design and it's super well done. 

kitsieandmeow @ 5/12/2016 17:54 commented on Birds

Oh god they're so cute.  I'd love to see them animated slightly, just bobbing around or blinking. They're just so stinkin' cute. Especially that pigeon. 

kitsieandmeow @ 5/12/2016 17:52 commented on Ivan

I dig it! I think the colors all go nicely together. The grass/flowers are my favorite part. 

kitsieandmeow @ 4/1/2016 15:34 commented on Unicorn Skull

Really nicely done. Horse skulls are funky :3