Bark Snarly @ 5/27/2016 10:26 commented on portraits of dead people

Dishonored? I think you captured the style of the game very well, with a really sweet pixel twist.

Bark Snarly @ 2/27/2016 09:50 commented on Even more demons

The colour use in each of these demon showcases has been fantastic. Really inventive and unique designs for the demons too. Keep it up, can't wait to see more! 

Bark Snarly @ 1/29/2016 02:42 commented on a bear, and an angry one too...

Really like the rough and thick texture you gave the fur but it looks like it's lacking ears just a little... 

Bark Snarly @ 1/20/2016 22:54 commented on toxic city stage 3

The animations are excellent, love the main character putting his hands in his hoodie in particular, really great stuff!

Bark Snarly @ 12/19/2015 21:39 commented on Walk Softly
This is really lovely, the animations and backgrounds look fantastic so far.

The below ground cross section in the hills and forest sections look a little rough though. The shading looks a little out of place compared to the rest of the areas and the backgrounds.

Bark Snarly @ 12/1/2015 02:33 commented on Responsibilities - {Miscellaneous #5}

This is really neat, cynips, awesome work!

The head on the walking guy has a bit of a twitch really far to the right which I think would look better with an extra frame in between but at the same time I think the janky animation adds to the creepy feeling of it... In any case, looking forward to your next piece buddy!

Bark Snarly @ 10/18/2015 08:23 commented on A History of Violence

This is fantastic, really love the clusters you've got going on here!

I agree with Theoden though, some grayscale on the char might help him look a bit more planted in the piece. He does seem just a touch 'glued on' currently.

Bark Snarly @ 10/6/2015 21:22 commented on Look

You got some floaty land bits just before the lake, you should add a bit of shadow in the water so they don't look so weird. 

That's the only real crit I have apart from the fact that it looks a little unfinished but it's still rad.

Bark Snarly @ 9/30/2015 22:11 commented on Zodiac Commander Runestone

Awesome, looks perfect now. 

Bark Snarly @ 9/28/2015 09:44 commented on Zodiac Commander Runestone
Looks great but there's a a bit on the bottom of the tombstone that really bugs me. As far as I can tell it's meant to be the top of the bottom block but sometimes the shading seems to float up with the top block.

I'm not doing a very good job of explaining but if you look at the bottom left of the floating tombstone section for a full animation cycle you might notice what I'm talking about. 

Bark Snarly @ 8/2/2015 00:06 commented on Dr Cool's Cream-Truck

I feel like the reflections on the car body bounce around a little too much/too quickly which makes it look like they're flickering more than anything. The pixelwork and design are absolutely top notch as always though, really well done!

Bark Snarly @ 7/9/2015 03:14 commented on Best Republic

@Rainpowtato, thanks mate, it's based off a screenshot from fallout new vegas so it should be familiar if you've played the game.

I'm also super hyped for number 4, just 17 or 18 weeks to go! :P

Bark Snarly @ 6/23/2015 06:05 commented on T-51b

Awesome work, it looks fantastic!

Palette fits the fallout style perfectly imo.

Bark Snarly @ 6/1/2015 06:25 commented on Gryphon Rider

Looks awesome, the gryphon is my favourite part - lovely clusters used on it. :)

Bark Snarly @ 6/1/2015 06:23 commented on Lonely Neighbourhood

The splotchy grass is actually moving my attention away from the house. :P

The house looks really sweet though, just not a huge fan of the roof, looks like it's a flat tile that's been pasted to fit into the roof shape and then shaded over (which is what it is looking at the path, right?) Still, the rest of the house looks great, would love to see a bigger piece with a tree and a tavern or larger building in this style!

Bark Snarly @ 6/1/2015 06:20 commented on On the edge of the forest

Light beams at the back are the only crit I have for this piece, they just look a bit strange, too strong and bright imo.

The rest of it though, colours, atmosphere, actual pixeling look fantastic. Lovely work!

Bark Snarly @ 5/18/2015 06:32 commented on Clouds

Great clouds dude, they look lovely!

Bark Snarly @ 5/18/2015 06:19 commented on Niflheim

Wow, this is my favourite piece I've seen in a LONG time. Fantastic work, this is just gorgeous!

Bark Snarly @ 5/12/2015 07:25 commented on GBC Zelda-inspired tiles

The sand and taller (or rough) grass seems a little out of place compared to the other tiles which are a lot smoother. Shading style just seems to clash a bit. 

Still, looks awesome overall, I really like hgow the chest and buildings look in particular, they're really well done.

Bark Snarly @ 5/12/2015 07:23 commented on Streets of Facepalm: Select Player

4th character looks like Roger Sterling from the tv show Mad Men.

Great representation of the characters though, not a huge fan of the dithering but it was done very well. Fingers seem a little stubby though. :P

Bark Snarly @ 5/11/2015 05:56 commented on Porco Rosso

I would've loved this sooooo much... 

Great, job on it, very clean work!

Bark Snarly @ 4/29/2015 07:49 commented on legendofnes

Make an outside scene too pls

Bark Snarly @ 4/26/2015 08:21 commented on Nokkonen

Neat work as usual siiki!

Seems like there's a little skip or jump in the animation at one point though, I guess it works if the wind is blowing in 'waves' or something but it's a little bit janky at that one spot imo. Still really nice though. 

Bark Snarly @ 3/31/2015 07:57 commented on Abundance

Great atmosphere in this piece, cynips, nice work!

I really like the detail on the guys chest and the baskets, great texture on them. :)

Bark Snarly @ 12/13/2014 23:29 commented on Doomber

Looks great, could tell it was your work as soon as the full picture opened (and no, not by looking at your name )