mursku @ 8/18/2014 10:20 commented on shark boxing

yeah i know

i'll upload a more polished/finished version of this once the voting has ended..

mursku @ 8/18/2014 08:26 commented on Shark contest

looks great, at original size it almost looks like a photo!

thought i think you could reduce the number of colors to maybe 8-11 without any loss to quality (you have bunch of near identical colors there)

mursku @ 8/18/2014 07:38 commented on Gillbert the Sharkberdier

i like the painterly style

as for my critique, i would think he would have lost his eye when he got that massive scar across his eye? 

Also the spear tip looks a bit washed out..

mursku @ 8/18/2014 07:05 commented on Sharkdudes vs. The EcoSystem

im not fond of the colors, but othervise this looks cool, the characters are cute! (thought ramirez looks like a frog to me, a frog with a dorsal fin )

mursku @ 8/18/2014 02:24 commented on Battle Shark

man thats a cool design! Thought the anatomy needs a bit work (like the chest and stomach area, also i would think more light would be hitting the triceps in this picture). But the face is just awesome! I especially like the striped shading on the tongue, and the tentacles look super cool!

mursku @ 8/18/2014 00:30 commented on shark boxing

i ran out of time to polish this piece.. but i still like it