user @ 8/1/2015 22:05 commented on Assets - Helicopter 1

I really like this piece. The muted palette still reads very nicely and it has a nice sense of depth. The only criticism I would offer is that you're rotating both blades in opposite direction suggesting that it is stabilizing with them, but they move at the same speed despite the size difference. This could not work in real life and would result in the entire thing beginning to list towards the right. The smaller blade must move faster to compensate for the size difference.

user @ 8/1/2015 20:38 commented on Dr Cool's Cream-Truck

This is beautiful and the fact that you got that good of values out of it with only 28 colors is impressive. I'm curious, why did you choose not to use any blurred motions during its shudder? It almost seems surreal to stay in such sharp focus during such a rapid motion...