DimWiddy @ 5/28/2019 13:50 commented on Another Anime AVA

Awww, thank you!  I'll be sure to put it through its paces!

DimWiddy @ 5/22/2019 08:52 commented on Another Anime AVA

Hey, sweet!  I'm glad you guys liked my palette!

DimWiddy @ 3/25/2019 17:59 commented on The Wee Pink Ranger

YAY!  My first placement!

DimWiddy @ 3/19/2019 05:28 commented on Latka 1986

Also, fixed!

DimWiddy @ 3/19/2019 05:07 commented on Latka 1986

The heck... must be because I started this piece in PyxelEdit which was giving me some issues with transparency and color warping.  Next time I'll try another program!

And yeah, I'd like to try some more limited C64-style art!

DimWiddy @ 3/18/2019 18:56 commented on Latka 1986

Much appreciated!

DimWiddy @ 3/18/2019 18:38 commented on Latka 1986

I checked, and I can't find it!  Where is it?

DimWiddy @ 10/3/2018 06:18 commented on Latka Mockup 1

Thanks, we're trying!

DimWiddy @ 1/19/2018 22:45 commented on duude


DimWiddy @ 12/10/2017 05:26 commented on Big Bird

Aw man, I didn't expect the challenge to end before Sunday.  Well here's what I had so far on my entry!


DimWiddy @ 12/6/2017 03:58 commented on Big Bird

I'm making an entry!

DimWiddy @ 11/30/2017 22:28 commented on Lantern Man

I thought we could only do one submission a week?

DimWiddy @ 3/23/2017 19:02 commented on Nova Swift, P.I.

I like the colors, they feel like acrylic paint

DimWiddy @ 12/19/2016 10:48 commented on Tusk Act 4

Ooops.  I responded to your comment, but I forgot to make it a reply to yours.  So uh, just look above!

DimWiddy @ 12/19/2016 10:47 commented on Tusk Act 4

It's a character/ability from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run!


Warning, it's a bit of a spoiler.

DimWiddy @ 10/29/2016 21:37 commented on Skinny - Kiss my hand

Would we still be allowed to put our works up on RedBubble and such?

DimWiddy @ 9/12/2016 07:22 commented on Link's definitely a hoarder

A well-deserved win!

DimWiddy @ 9/10/2016 08:19 commented on Level 3 - Minefield

I love the usage of the single red color!

DimWiddy @ 9/8/2016 20:53 commented on Chocolate Impact

You ate my only food... now I'm gonna STARVE...

DimWiddy @ 9/8/2016 20:49 commented on Dizzy

It looks sooooooo soffffft...

DimWiddy @ 9/6/2016 15:05 commented on Workout

Much-o appreciate-o!

DimWiddy @ 9/1/2016 19:07 commented on Passifism

I want to play a game with your graphics in it

DimWiddy @ 8/29/2016 19:35 commented on super mario bros 3

Oh my god man, that's just great!!

DimWiddy @ 8/28/2016 18:13 commented on Mystic Dawn

I really love the little worlds you build.  It's like you create objects using blocks of 2-color textures alone and I like it.  It take the focus off the style and onto the subject matter, the shape of the world.

DimWiddy @ 8/28/2016 12:50 commented on Camille

How do you make your colors look so powerful?!