Ceres Mikael @ 7/16/2016 20:26 commented on Life in Box

Love the style  

Ceres Mikael @ 1/11/2015 17:07 commented on Mech Walker

is it just me, or I can even hear when it stomps on the earth? xD amazing work

Ceres Mikael @ 1/11/2015 16:52 commented on Death

I like it, too fast but i like it  

Ceres Mikael @ 1/11/2015 12:38 commented on Pocket Monsters

I'd love to see at least a fan game with these... 

Ceres Mikael @ 1/10/2015 13:28 commented on Funky knight (gs)

I can see differences between the teals... but I must say it's almost none, lighter teal is at position 4/4 (from top left) second lighter is 4/1, then the  3/3 and the darker is 2/2... I may have it wrong tho...