Mazmon @ 2/13/2015 13:08 commented on Earthworm Jim Fan Sprites

G    ROOVY!!! (proceeds to sing theme song manically)

Mazmon @ 1/27/2015 21:52 commented on GameDan Submission

Dis rox :D it reminds me a little of the Asterix gameboy game.

Mazmon @ 1/27/2015 21:50 commented on Bush Knight

It is done.

Mazmon @ 1/7/2015 12:58 commented on TMNT pixel

I was attempting to emulate the way it looks in real ife, since the moon appears brighter, the stars near it seem darker than the ones further away from it.

Mazmon @ 12/19/2014 18:24 commented on Big Bird

It depends on what style you want to animate in, but you could check out a whle lot of old NES spritesheets, like Shatterhand, just to get a basic idea of pixelated movement. That might help a little.

Mazmon @ 12/19/2014 17:27 commented on Big Bird

Or back when they put radium in everything and said "ISSA MURRACLE CURE FEH EVERREHTHAING!!"

LOL at the ignorance of humans.

Mazmon @ 12/19/2014 15:46 commented on Queen Monster

Cacogaga :P

Mazmon @ 12/17/2014 13:25 commented on Custom Doom Characters

"Hooray, I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time!"  (yes)

Mazmon @ 12/17/2014 01:47 commented on Techbaby

Almost Metal Slug-esque :D

Mazmon @ 12/17/2014 01:44 commented on Techsy Lady

Heh, this has a definite 80's sci-fi feel to it. It'd be even cooler it you gave her a bigger bra thing which unfolded in 2 or 3 parts, that'd make her "weapons" look more lethal.

Mazmon @ 12/16/2014 20:21 commented on Tech/magic

Actually, I shouldn't be giving out cupcake emoticons anyway, I don't know where they've been. They could also have chalk in them. Here, instead, you may have a very small bicycle  o/-o

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 22:38 commented on Da Ship Krashed!

"Zoggit, why did ya crash da flya, pilot boi?"

"You told me ta floor it, so I did!"

(the sound of crushing skull)

The style you did this in kinda looks like an ork artist drew it :D it's cool

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 22:30 commented on Death

Nice teeth, they make him look less human and more ethereal. You might want to try adding a few more shades of blue onto his hood.

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 22:27 commented on Tech/magic

Sweet :3 sorry if I'm a bit prickly, I get that kind of thing a lot. Here, as a gesture of my goodwill, have a cupcake


Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 22:03 commented on Mage Girl

Yup, she's wearin' purple. I'm pretty sure the magic can be any color I like, as long as she's wearing purple. Also as long as the magic color isn't anything that clashes with purple, cuz that'd look oogly :D

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 22:01 commented on Tech/magic

Making a lot of assumptions there, dude.

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 19:22 commented on Tech/magic

I think most people do, secretly.

Mazmon @ 12/15/2014 14:28 commented on Tech/magic

Dangit, I wanted to be clever and do both. Oh well, I'll keep this one, but I'll do a different one for the contest.

Mazmon @ 12/12/2014 06:35 commented on Demon spider

Vereh nais. I like how "messy" it looks, it obviously wasn't designed to look cute :D

Mazmon @ 12/11/2014 18:27 commented on Femancubus

Thanks for pointing out the color thing, I didn't notice that in the rurus. I've updated her accordingly.

Mazmon @ 12/11/2014 04:20 commented on Octo

Need new Baron of Hell? Why not Octo? Woopwoopwoop!

I bet this guy would have a fascinating death animation, what with all the tentacles and whatnot...

Mazmon @ 12/11/2014 04:16 commented on Chest

This looks like it's from Wolfenstein 3d! Maybe you could try sticking a padlock on it.