Doyoudigworms @ 1/11/2017 12:09 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Portraits

Thanks, Sinsky. I'm an independent comic artist and do a lot to familiarize myself with chiaroscuro techniques. Since this comp was only two colours, I thought I'd better take the opportunity to focus on lighting. April was actually the most labour intensive, despite her having the least amount of detail. She started off as Metal Tribute Avatar (Meryl) and morphed into April and kicked off the inspration to do some other TMNT characters. Hope to finish s'more when I have a chance.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/9/2017 10:20 commented on one for flag, flag for all

Thanks for the advice. I discovered the challenge a little late (but managed to get it in before the contest ended) and posted as soon as I finished. It was in the Queue. I'll msg Skamocore and see if it can be added.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/9/2017 08:03 commented on one for flag, flag for all

Just curious. I posted my prior to the deadline, but unfortunately I do not see it on the voting page. Did I my submission get missed or did it stay too long in the public queue?

Doyoudigworms @ 1/9/2017 00:12 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Portraits

Roger. Good to go.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/4/2017 10:01 commented on Ridiculus mockups

Wow. Just came across this...masterful! Your HUD & icons are to die for!

Doyoudigworms @ 1/4/2017 09:53 commented on Curse of the Caves mockups

Wonderful. This effort certainly deserves more comments. The little touches to the environment really make this stand out. Great use of the EGA palette.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/3/2017 10:51 commented on NES/Famicom Menu Mock-Up Channel 5: Color Bar Conundrum (Working Title)

Appreciate the feedback. I had considered that myself and I believe that it mainly comes from the tile line at the bottom of the primary window. The row is dedicated to button legend (which was extremely uncommon for NES games) but I wanted players to be aware of their options. However, it's pretty condensed and it's removal could free up a whole row for tile space which may give some additional breathing room. I think the tight space would also benefit from widescreen treatment, but coupled with the animation and the fact that photoshops efficiency when it comes to tile management is not that great, I may just leave it like this for now. Thanks for the comment!

Doyoudigworms @ 1/1/2017 21:10 commented on worm

Great colours! Fantastic style. Big fan of this one.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/1/2017 19:39 commented on characters

Interesting character design! Really digging these, kinda offbeat but still really fresh. Are you developing these for a project or just for fun?

Doyoudigworms @ 1/1/2017 19:36 commented on Cyber Shadow - hideout entrance

Wonderful! Lovely execution, cool designs. I've been following your updates on Twitter. If/when you complete this game it will be a day one purchase. Great to see the NES brought to new levels but still retaining the look and feel of the games that made them so very special.

Doyoudigworms @ 12/29/2016 19:28 commented on Secret Santa 2016 - 16 Bit Witch

Superb (no doubt). The preview animation is quite amusing and well animated. Mysterious and alluring. Top notch!

Doyoudigworms @ 3/2/2015 11:06 commented on Evil Egg big

I came into this challenge way too late! I discovered the challenge on Thursday evening. Got caught up with some personal stuff over the weekend and unfortunately could not finish my mock-up. I will however post my WIP in the Challenge Thread. Voted (there are some real special entries here)!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/19/2015 08:25 commented on FAXMEBABE Dedication

Appreciate the kind words fellas! Pixelling tends to have a very lulling almost hypnotic thing for me some days and I just get lost in it. Our group was hit pretty hard and I can often tell how much it bugs them 'cause they often say very little. That is why a piece like this is sometimes the best way to express our collective feeling regarding the situation.

I also love that small projects like these serve as good distraction from other projects. Currently, I'm working on an original NES mock-up that is making my eyes bleed. The goal is to have a demo of the start menu in full working order, hopefully in a week or two.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/13/2015 08:53 commented on Earthworm Jim Fan Sprites

These are really fantastic. Where were you when they were remaking this in HD?!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2015 23:10 commented on Amstrad CPC Snatcher

Good observations! I thought a lot about the movement and animation on the CPC hardware, but when it came time to animate it, I couldn't quite give it that authentic feel without bleeding into my time...which seems to be in very limited nowadays. I think the rest would be functional without much trouble but I believe you may be right about mask. I imagine flickering or an element of choppiness would be more evident if this was running on CPC hardware. Appreciate the nice comments folks!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/10/2015 12:51 commented on Fishy

Of course you won! It's a great piece, deserving of the top place.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/9/2015 07:52 commented on Gone

Wow, how did I almost miss this?! Great work!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/9/2015 07:49 commented on Zenoxeus

Gotta fav this! Fantastic. Very Stylish.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/7/2015 10:21 commented on Froggies in love

Great! Not a pixel out of place!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/6/2015 13:28 commented on Dark Souls, beat them all Demake

I see. I always love talking process and I'm glad that so much thought was put into this piece. There is a purity here and the dedicated time alone shows you are quite the Souls fan. Now that you mention Dragon's Crown, the gameplay is making much more sense to me and not only is it feasible but I could see the full intent behind this demake. Can't wait to see more work from you, a few more pieces like this and I'm sure the PJ awards will be coming your way. Demakes and reinterpretations of great games always get me excited and this piece is quite solid!

P.S. I have a Dark Souls piece on my profile. It's something small but from one fan to another I encourage you to check it out.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/4/2015 12:00 commented on Micro/Macro_Tuning

A little late to the comment party (came across this through Random unrated pixel art hyperlink on the right) but I'm curious regarding your observations on this one, Tomic. Why would this not be considered pixel art?

If we were to analyze this purely from a typography perspective, it's very clean and readable with heavy saturation to draw distinctual differences between number ranges. I see nothing wrong with this or why this would be excluded from it being called actual “pixel art’. I look at this and see nothing objectively wrong or incorrect from an purist standpoint (oppositional or not).

I view a piece like this to have similarities to certain HUD’s (Capcom VS. SNK 2 comes to mind) and I don’t see how it differs much from a standard score mock-up you might see on a game. Furthermore, this is pretty basic but not much more basic then the vintage games we have grown to appreciate (warts and all). I think it’s a good piece, even if the subject matter is not particularly tantalizing. Something’s are designed to serve a single purpose and in the case of this piece, I feel the artist has done their job.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/4/2015 09:31 commented on Pirate island tileset

This is killer. Great piece!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/4/2015 09:22 commented on Dark Souls, beat them all Demake

Great piece overall! Dark Souls is one of my favorite games of all time (even stacked up against some of my retro favorites) and I really appreciate seeing any Souls dedication when it comes to pixels. But in doing so my rabid fandom is not without a few considerations...

No good piece dedication is without its liberties, as it's important for the artist to shine through and arguably you took very little, which will please purists. However, there are some weird proportional scaling on the knight. I assume you chose Elite Knight (Oscar of Astora) because it's become synonymous with the game. But…I’m a bit confused on the shield and weapon selection. The Zwei is not scaled properly at all (even with intended foreshortening) and for accuracy if the knight is modelled after Oscar I think it would be more fitting with the Crest Shield and Astora’s Straight Sword (real nitpicky here). I also you feel you missed a few Easter Egg opportunities such as the divine indicator on the weapon icon in the hud and environmental objects that are present in this fight that add to the overall atmosphere such as coffins, hoards of skeletons, water on the ground etc. Also, there is a particular darkness to the encounter that I think was missed slightly.

Overall, there is very little ‘wrong’ with this piece. I feel the resolution is a tad bit high for a stylized demake and due to the high resolution and the absence of dithering it gives everything a very pillow-shading feel which is very evident on Nito. I think if you lowered the resolution and designed the demake with more limitations you may see more freedom in the little details and not get so bogged down with the intensive and time consuming pixelling required at this higher resolution. Also, from a gameplay perspective I’m having a hard time seeing how this would work exactly. It seems there was difficulty marrying the 2D with the 3D. Would this act as a side scroller or is this a battle scene only? I don’t mean to be so particular but I’m having a difficult time reconciling how everything would work…exactly.

Fantastic effort, I’ve been following your output and this really does showcase some of your talent.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/2/2015 13:16 commented on Metroid Remake- Mother Brain


Doyoudigworms @ 2/2/2015 10:08 commented on Amstrad CPC Snatcher

Thanks 8 Bit Dreams! I miss the days when games being developed differed from system to system. Often times each version was different due to hardware restrictions or different development teams. Each served as a unique interpretation of the source material. Sometimes the results ended up adding a magical quality to the overall design and art direction. Even when there were misses. Sometimes the liberties or stuff developers were able to sneak past the publisher made the games even more special. I plan to do more 'demakes' but I'd like each to have a significance to them and to not be a re-creation so to speak. I'd much rather develop mock-ups based on a system that it never perhaps had the opportunity to be ported over.