Doyoudigworms @ 2/19/2017 15:53 commented on Former

Brilliant little doodles! I quite admire these. Never paid too much attention to the MSPaint Palette, regretting that now. I might have to give it a go...

Doyoudigworms @ 2/16/2017 14:26 commented on 8x8 Tile Font

Excellent. I really dig this. Lots of flavour. Hope to see more from you soon! :)

Doyoudigworms @ 2/14/2017 12:31 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Thanks, Parker. I agree. However, I did not want to break consistency with the blue background for the villians, but I couldn't seem to retain the shape of Robo Mantis' eyes with the absence of red. I might go back and edit it, but for now I may just leave it as I have no suitable solution for this fix.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/14/2017 12:26 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Thanks for the kind comment, Hapiel. Everyone I've shown, seems to have their own favourite but the one that people seem to talk about or appreciate most is Victor Sledge (bottom left). Looking at these after completion, I still think Lann may be my personal favourite but I understand the appeal. :)

Doyoudigworms @ 2/13/2017 15:38 commented on Lost/Recall: The Unnamed

Flashback and Another World are obvious influences, however, where Flashback is more of a cinematic platformer with cumbersome controls, this game will shy away from the Prince of Persia roots and take it's cues from Metal Slug or Contra. There will be deliberate parts that slow down and focus on the story, but the majority of the gameplay will be a lot more action oriented. No rotoscoping or things characteristic of those games but we aim for a cinematic experience with fun Run N' Gun segments. Appreciate the support!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/13/2017 15:18 commented on widowmaker 1st scene

I don't follow or know too much about Overwatch but from a pure pixel art perspective, I think this piece is absolutely wonderful. No crits here. :)

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 21:45 commented on Five-Color RPG Enemies Part 1

Original colour choice and lots of awesome details for sprites this tiny.

A few notes:

  • I've never seen a skeleton with a stance like that. Gives it an original kind of je ne sais quoi?
  • A little more work could have gone into the Golem. I think perhaps he is a little too flat (even for the stylization) and could look more rough and less slab-like.
  • I can't figure out if the Phantom is idle or moving forward. The purple flames would look better facing skyward or angled slightly.
  • The slime is really cool. I can see why you chose it as your avatar. Did you start with him and work your way up?
  • The rendering of the goblin/imp character is perhaps the most skillful of the lot.

Thanks for sharing.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 21:13 commented on Golden Sword

Super cool. Lovin' the design.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 21:10 commented on NES sprites remaked in 4 colors

These are wonderful. My favorite would have to be your interpretation of Blaster Master! Skillful AA! Clean and readable. My only crit would be... not enough sprites!! Too much negative space left on the canvas.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 21:02 commented on Red Knight

Really diggin' this! When are you making a return? I'd love to see more work from you!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 20:55 commented on Amstrad CPC Snatcher

Thanks for your feedback, MacDeath. It was very insightful. I love deconstructing older systems and working closely around their original restrictions. You really start to understand the motivation of the programmers and artists of the time. It has helped me improve my pixel art and overtime... problem solving has become easier. I never had the luxury of growing up with a CPC/C64/NEC PC etc. (NES/SMS kid). So, all of this is very new to me. However, I have a deep appreciation for retro games, how they were made and the people who made them. It's reassuring to know that it would be possible, even if it required a little more to make it possible.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 20:32 commented on Lost/Recall: The Unnamed

Thank-you for the kind words! I'm glad you're digging it.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 18:07 commented on pico 8 template

Wonderful. Simple interface stuff like this always excites me. I'm a sucker for clear and clean layouts. Thanks for sharing. Never really noticed how awesomeness of the Pico 8 palette. I'll have to use this at some point.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 09:59 commented on The Dome

Having a high colour count is not always bad thing but the shades and colour ramps should work well (even in greyscale). It's a good way to eliminate colour redundancy (not a problem in this piece really) but is present in some of your earlier gallery works. A fixed palette can open up ideas on colour blending/matching (which seems restrictive at first) but can make things look more interesting visually. ie. leaves on a tree are not just made with different shades of green. Metal often should reflect the colours of the environment. etc.

Introducing more colours only works if you don't have a suitable alternative. Otherwise, in all likelyhood you already have a colour in your palette that will work just as well. It's not always about low colour count, sometimes it's just better palette choice. The rest could be chalked up to artistic flavour. Anyways, consider me a fan. Love your gallery so far.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/12/2017 01:58 commented on The Dome

Really love the energy and feeling in a lot of your pixel art pieces. They are very reminicent of adventure game pixel art from the 1980's. The pieces generally are so well rounded and creative, you can forgive the little imperfections (banding, AA, high colour count etc.). Keep up the good work! Ever try using a fixed 16 or 32 colour palette?

Doyoudigworms @ 2/7/2017 11:03 commented on Moving tank

This deserves more attention. It's not easy animating a larger sprite like this with such detail. Added to my favs.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/7/2017 10:45 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Thanks for the feedback, Ptoing! I consider your comment to be high praise (I'm a big fan of your work and your contributions to the pixel art scene). I wanted the villains to stand out from the heroes and I chose a blue background instead of a red one. In doing so, I did not consider the anti-aliasing problems I would inevitably run into. I figured I could get away with the AA on Robo Mantis, because it almost looked like specular highlights, but I ended up grasping at straws when it came to Electra Shawcat. The low colour count did not grant me any liberties, but I suppose it’s best to let pixels just be pixels. I’ll take this into consideration and upload an edited version later tonight.

Doyoudigworms @ 2/7/2017 10:21 commented on NES/Famicom Channel 5: Heroes & Villians Portraits

Thanks for the comment, Moondrome. Close guess! Victor Sledge is an amalgam of characters inspired by my love for 80's Sci-Fi/Action films. In essence, his design pulls from MacGyver, Roy Batty (Blade Runner), Liquid Snake (MGS) and of course, John Nada (They Live!).

Doyoudigworms @ 2/1/2017 19:11 commented on + Major Kiel +

One of my favorite pieces on PJ. Wonderful all around. Very tastefully done!

Doyoudigworms @ 2/1/2017 18:23 commented on pirate girl

Really love this one! 

Doyoudigworms @ 2/1/2017 18:17 commented on Loop de LoL

So jealous! Wonderful animation. Ever consider making a tutorial describing your technique?

Doyoudigworms @ 2/1/2017 18:09 commented on outland

Fantastic piece. This really deserves more recognition. 

Doyoudigworms @ 1/30/2017 13:31 commented on Scavenger

Very cool mock-up! Old school JRPG flavour with modern pixel art flair. Very cool.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/30/2017 13:20 commented on BabeAnoid Collage

Every once and while, I come back and visit this piece and I am always floored by your wonderful technique. This piece serves as a real clinic on the versatility of low colour count. It would be remiss if I didn’t mention how exquisitely you dealt with shape and form. If you study each icon long enough, you can see how skillfully you dealt with some of the challenges and pitfalls that come with working so small. Excellent colour choice, ramp levels and pixel placement. 

So we got Le Tigre (DB 16) and Blue Steel (DB32)…

When are you gunna drop Magnum on us DB? I believe I speak for all of us that we can wait to see how you pull off a 64 colour palette.

Doyoudigworms @ 1/30/2017 10:28 commented on Elize

Lovely! Great colour choice!