ben2theedge @ 8/18/2009 07:05 commented on Centaur Run

The lower half is good but I don't think the motion of the human part of his body makes any sense at all, a quadrupedal run cycle has a completely different balance than a bipedal one, so there's no need for him to be swinging his arms or turning his head; having him just hold still and bounce with the gallop like a horse jockey would feel much more natural.

ben2theedge @ 2/12/2009 08:44 commented on Cakedogg and Presentcat
Complaining about color counts is usually pretty silly. Unless you're working under specific technical restrictions it doesn't make sense. "Too many colors" for what? SNES? NES? C64? Usually the "too many colors" crowd doesn't even know how many "too many" is, it's just something that's very easy to criticize if you can't find anything else to complain about.

I would say this picture doesn't really have a real light source and everything is in the same value range and on the same plane, which all combine to make it kind of flat. These could all be stylistic choices but it seems to me that this picture really wants to POP and it's not yet fulfilled it's potential for poppy-ness.

ben2theedge @ 8/1/2008 14:10 commented on Bird.
!!! I go to Bridgeport every day to take the train to NYC!
Definitely will check this out.

ben2theedge @ 7/1/2008 08:29 commented on Chumchum 2.0 (click for full view)
I mean I used a rotation tool and then cleaned it up by hand afterwards.

ben2theedge @ 6/2/2008 07:12 commented on LOI Badger idle animation
If this animation was a girl I would buy her ice cream.

ben2theedge @ 4/20/2008 05:42 commented on Xavier Running (redux)
Whoah, apparently I missed a court date, so to speak! :p

I failed to mention the use of rotation because I honestly didn't think it was a big deal. My work is influenced greatly by Treasure games which use scaling/rotation constantly so I never thought of it as being unorthodox when used in moderation, but I suppose it's all subjective. (Plus the same thing can be done by moving areas of pixels by hand, it just takes much longer) However technique and self-imposed rules aside, apparently most people just think it looks ugly, so maybe I need to reconsider the benefits/disadvantages of having a sword that can be rotated independantly in the game engine.

I do hope that no one thinks I was trying to "cheat" with this. Those who know me from Pixelation know that I'm a disciple of traditional animators like Richard Williams and Chuck Jones, and anyone who studies the animation can see that aside from the sword it's been animated using proper traditional hand animation techniques, and every frame is fully redrawn except for the head and the sword. So obviously I'm more interested in animation quality than trying to cut corners.

I will amend the description to satisfy anyone who is bothered by the use of rotation, but I'm more concerned with the fact that it sticks out as unpleasant even to people who are less strict with the definitions of "pixel art".

ben2theedge @ 3/3/2008 07:19 commented on project - char
Looks like a straight trace from FF: Tactics

ben2theedge @ 2/4/2008 06:10 commented on Advance wars: Kitchen force
This is awesome! I expect those toaster tanks will leave their foes butter-side-up. Great concept and great job emulating the style!

ben2theedge @ 2/1/2008 07:24 commented on Cancer
Here you go, Adarias

ben2theedge @ 1/31/2008 10:51 commented on Cancer
Great work as always. But can you hit its weak point for massive damage?

ben2theedge @ 1/28/2008 06:21 commented on Alien - An Alien Spacecraft
Great use of texture! Alien is one of my favorite movies.

ben2theedge @ 1/23/2008 06:13 commented on sdfgdf
Yeah it's not a big deal, not like my original was the Mona Lisa or something. As long as credit goes where it's due I'm happy.

ben2theedge @ 1/22/2008 17:31 commented on sdfgdf
nice edit

ben2theedge @ 11/26/2007 06:45 commented on Seal Force Sprite
I feel like I've seen that somewhere before....

ben2theedge @ 8/30/2007 13:52 commented on River Tiles
The Knytt games are a testament to what good sound design can do.

ben2theedge @ 8/23/2007 06:12 commented on SuperHead Small
Lol, when the guy in the video says he "did some reasearch", what he basically means is, "I went to wikipedia."
Far more informative than that video. Apparently Miyamoto had much more involvement in Doki Doki Panic than he did in the "real "Mario Bros. 2!

ben2theedge @ 8/22/2007 06:05 commented on SuperHead Small
I knew this when I *played* Mario 2 as a little kid.

*EDIT* Holy crap... it's another one of these "ROFL I r maek fun of teh NES gaemz I r l337!" youtube shows. If I ever find one of these that's actually original OR funny I will eat my Nintendo. Without butter.

ben2theedge @ 7/11/2007 06:15 commented on This is my BOOMSTICK! (LOOK AGAIN if you didn't see image!)
Thanks everyone for your feedback! Those who haven't been able to see the image, try Firefox - it works on every computer I've looked at it on.

Gas, for the colors I pretty much modeled it after every Evil Dead poster I could find (mostly Armies of Darkness), and they all have weird, nightmarish colors, which I really liked.

ben2theedge @ 7/9/2007 06:10 commented on Got cooties and not afraid to use them!
Haha yes! You put a band-aid on her knee! I love it! You get my vote!

ben2theedge @ 6/29/2007 14:02 commented on Mr. Niceguy 8
My bad... I read this article in bits and pieces at work... which is probably not a good platform to be launching accusations from...

ben2theedge @ 6/29/2007 06:07 commented on Mr. Niceguy 8
Maybe if you're gonna have a pixel art exhibit, you should hop on Wikipedia and learn what pixel art actually is...

ben2theedge @ 6/25/2007 06:36 commented on Nintendo DS mockup - full battle
Looks great! It would be even better if the little guy had a simple running animation instead of just sliding around, though.

ben2theedge @ 6/20/2007 06:39 commented on Mr. Niceguy 1
If anyone wants some inspiration...

ben2theedge @ 5/30/2007 06:09 commented on dude
The first person I showed this to was my girlfriend. That was probably not a wise move on my part.

ben2theedge @ 5/4/2007 06:06 commented on Embraced by Lycanthropy's Spell
It reminds me a lot of Trent Kaniuga's work, which automatically makes it cool.