dragfly @ 7/31/2020 09:49 commented on Alternative tarot deck entry # 2

I really like the style, with the clean and regular axis-aligned gradient patterns.

It reminds me the style of Denis Loubet (game artist that has worked on the Ultima RPG)

dragfly @ 5/4/2020 15:07 commented on Mask

Nice work! I like the colors a lot.

dragfly @ 6/9/2019 12:28 commented on ...

When will we be able to play it? 

Fantastic work.

dragfly @ 5/13/2019 14:50 commented on Ot The Robot

Nice work.

Nice to see some Pixaki users around here.

dragfly @ 4/27/2019 15:14 commented on PrehISOria tiles

Amazing work!

Am I correct if calling the bottom right guy Karadoc? I’m pretty sure to recognize a good old friend here 

dragfly @ 3/16/2019 00:22 commented on Arinis walk cycle (alternative version)

Great animation and nice colors

dragfly @ 1/2/2019 03:48 commented on Landscape - 002

Fantastic work!

I love the feeling of depth of the forest!

dragfly @ 11/16/2018 22:02 commented on Candle-lit Study

Very nice. In a way, it reminds me the style of the Silmarils games (Ishar, transartica...) with its colorful, very contrasted, high color count rendering

dragfly @ 4/7/2018 11:22 commented on Natural Masks

Nice. I especially like the bird shape mask.

dragfly @ 4/7/2018 11:18 commented on Jesting mask

Simple and clean. I like it.

dragfly @ 11/7/2017 07:04 commented on Neodread opening scene

Nice work overal!

I find that the device (a teleporter maybe?) on the top-left part of the screen is too much fuzzy compared to the clean look of the image, and then does not integrate very well.

dragfly @ 11/7/2017 06:58 commented on Karadoc is back

Thanks for the nice comments.

dragfly @ 10/9/2017 05:48 commented on Infected

Great details for the virus!

Is Bpaint the precursor of D(eluxe)paint ?

dragfly @ 10/9/2017 05:42 commented on PixOS

Too bad for the weekly challenge's deadline .

I have just started working on it this morning, and hoped I would be able to submit it on time...

Thanks anyway for the nice comment.

dragfly @ 5/30/2016 10:43 commented on Ship

This one was really unexpected. Nice work!

dragfly @ 5/30/2016 10:03 commented on Noble II Spaceship

@Axolotl: thanks!

dragfly @ 5/21/2016 10:35 commented on Toro Garden

Fantastic! I would like to visit this place.

dragfly @ 5/16/2016 12:38 commented on Warcraft naga

Nice work! There is lots of details on this sprite.

dragfly @ 5/16/2016 12:35 commented on Mermaid

I can see that there is lots of work behind this pixel art. I like it.

I agree with some of the improvement suggestions (especially the lower-left part of the image that could be a little more polished), but the overal image is fine.

dragfly @ 4/6/2016 11:05 commented on Team Fortress 2

Nice! My favorite is the one with the axe.

dragfly @ 3/21/2016 10:36 commented on Astral Projection

Great work. I love the palette, and the background text is a plus!

dragfly @ 3/21/2016 10:34 commented on girl with mushrooms

Do you mean that some girls are toxics?

Nice work!

dragfly @ 3/21/2016 10:32 commented on Blue Mage Spell

Nice one. Very smooth animation!

dragfly @ 3/20/2016 04:57 commented on Overland Battle

Nice work.  I like  the stylized rendering of the ground.

dragfly @ 3/20/2016 04:55 commented on Overworld Map - The Realm

Very nice! I like the color palette.

Maybe adding some roads would be nice to fill the terrain a little more and provide some connexions between the castles/villages.