Afflict @ 5/24/2009 17:53 commented on Adventure Mash Mockup

Uitstekend :) bly om te sien jy pixel nog!

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:28 commented on shmups stages
Very very kewl :) Well Done.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:28 commented on titlescreen for a shmup
Amazing Background.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:26 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove
Lol insane love it.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:23 commented on ASD-21
Pretty awesome, love this.
Little things that bother me:
-His elbow remains stationary on the Y axis, when the pipes don't it makes them not feel "attached".
-The metal thing on his shoulder also only moves on the x axis while his body is moving x & y.
-The back hand seems to feel like the pipe is overlapping the thumb at some point.
-The eye light thing is awesome though seems a little too high like it's originating from the actual metal and not the little dark strip in the middle.
-Just noticed the smoke "jerks" to the right for some reason?

Love the way it feels like their is liquid or something running through the pipes on his legs. The ambient glow of the light is very awesome nice attention to detail, and the little lights, everybody likes little flickering lights :)

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:15 commented on Cycling Pinball
Pinball tables are a nightmare... but I'll leave it at that job well done.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:13 commented on 7even BeastRider Papercraft
Lol insane, it's crazy to see papercraft in PA format. as far as constructing it goes... good luck Risky.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:12 commented on For The Motherland_ PA Video
Love these characters very awesome piece. :)

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:10 commented on Cowboy animations
Really digging this. :)

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:08 commented on Site header
Stunning and inspirational as always ;) Great work.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:07 commented on bank maybe :)
Lovely building. :)

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:04 commented on Lunar_Prototype
Nice work, though the animation of the lower gun seems flat, feels to me like that panel should sort of "curve" open.

A suggestion to add to the whole scene making the ship sorta hover could be interesting. :) Obviously adjusting the shadow accordingly if you do animate the ship hovering up and down.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 20:01 commented on Fantasy_Homestead
Awesome :) Love the amount of detail you put in it's very cool.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:56 commented on The traffic safety rules in Zombieland
The car rocks loving the blood splatter,  would suggest adding some sidewalk tiles or something.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:51 commented on pj devil
Hectic only found these today, they really look awesome all of them :)

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:49 commented on castle crashers
Awesome, love the art style of the actual game. :) These are pretty sweet too.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:48 commented on obama
Really awesome. Fav.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:44 commented on Behind Lou's Tavern (Fight club)
Haha very kewl iso :)

The only thing that looks off to me atm is the roof "L" shaped end that looks like it overlaps the building where the guy is leaning against the wall, but feels like its suppose to line up with the "main" buildings side.

Also the "fight area" seems to clean ;)

Still love it Fav

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:38 commented on i-Building
Lol the reflections are awesome.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:36 commented on Krysis
Well done at replicating the style :) So cute.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:26 commented on Doll3
Dude seriously if the base inspired this then well Kudos to those who make them. This is by far one of the sexiest pieces of pixel art I've ever seen.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:22 commented on Walking Little Red Riding Hood
Love this style can just imagine this "in game"

@ Keroraina I don't know how Svosa animates but animations are pretty much all about frames, so if you do work in layers you can always just pixel the next frame for each part of the character and even fade the prior layer so you can "see" where the previous frame is. This will work with GIMP, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Alternatively you can do the same with a single layer sprite too might be more of a pain though when you have complex sprites and you have to keep drawing the old overlapped parts.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:17 commented on vignette(subtle animation)
Amazing color selection & Cute animation. Def a fav.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:14 commented on cow(animation)
Haha so cute :) I love the way you animate, you pay attention to the whole piece not just the walk cycle in this case. Love the bell, and extra kudos for taking the texture into consideration on the blanket.

Only things that seems a little off to me is the little lump that forms on the rear end of the cow. (I could be wrong haven't ever studied the walk cycle of a cow) & the tail as it would sway more side to side I think with a little back and forth motion. :) I think the though it's not the sway that bothers me it's the color that makes it "pop" and puts it almost in front of the cow, maybe just darkening it a little would help. (Once again not the expert on cows) ;)

Love the animations.

Afflict @ 11/16/2008 19:04 commented on Lost Medieval Castle
Has a floating in space feel too it :) Which could actually look pretty cool ;)
Besides the angles which Darth and Jalonso gave you specifics on, the other weird thing to me is the rock not being textured, cause the water grass and castle is.