Tomas @ 3/19/2008 06:24 commented on Cryptic Prowler
Frankie's animation is the top rated piece of February now. Maybe you need to wait longer before you award the top ten?

Tomas @ 2/17/2008 15:18 commented on Terrifying Monsters
I knew this was yours only by looking at the preview. That's a compliment. :) Cool character designs and the colors are beautiful too.

Tomas @ 2/5/2008 12:57 commented on STOMP STOMP STOMP
Love all of your animated pieces but this really stands out! Fantastic work!

And I think you found a bug in the PixelJoint PixelPlajer which acts up when you try to view this animation in it.

Tomas @ 2/3/2008 06:28 commented on Meatball
MrM: You know there are about 8 million Americans with Swedish roots, right?

Slem: I don't get it. Did you make a piece that you don't want to get approved or what? Cause it won't be, since it isn't pixel art.

Tomas @ 1/28/2008 15:27 commented on In a middle of nowhere
This is the most amazing piece of pixel art to be posted here since snake's Colossal Katamari. Two thumbs up, six blue dots and everything else!

Tomas @ 7/2/2007 17:42 commented on Sphinx transformer
Hah yeah I guess I sounded a bit harsh, but I was so frustrated it didn't turn out like I planned.

Tomas @ 7/2/2007 17:36 commented on The Joker
What's up with his right arm? And where's the hand?

Tomas @ 7/2/2007 14:10 commented on George W. Monkey
I can't really say that the face caricature is spot on - I couldn't .tell it was him. And your grass texture looks more like random scribbles than grass. Other than that it's nice. The colors are pretty.

Tomas @ 7/1/2007 16:53 commented on Big Bird
Let's freeze the monthly top right there, OK?

Tomas @ 7/1/2007 16:39 commented on Lord Nelson's Mega Cannon
Winner! Love it.

Tomas @ 6/28/2007 08:37 commented on Marine*Type 2
Dude I think you forgot to read submission rule number 6...

Tomas @ 6/28/2007 06:08 commented on Beaver?
Are you on some kind of drugs? Pretty nice, though a bit confusing.

Tomas @ 6/28/2007 04:40 commented on Bloop
Here's another one too.

Tomas @ 6/27/2007 16:06 commented on Return From Lambeth Palace
Really nice one, Stickman! Reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's WIzards. This will get my vote for sure, especially since you're one of few who didn't ignore the "...which suggests depth and volume."-part of the challenge guidelines

Tomas @ 6/24/2007 15:43 commented on Weedy
You, sir, are awesome! So smooth and beautiful. I'd love to see you doing something more experimental sometime though. Like working with the c64 palette and widepixels or some other exotic palette or restrictions.

Tomas @ 6/23/2007 05:44 commented on Samus Aran
Is it just a coincidence that when I use PaintShop Pro to up the contrast to 100% on this screenshot I get pretty much a pixel by pixel replica of your image?

Tomas @ 5/25/2007 14:16 commented on Tree
Really nice one. Maybe this could give me some ideas to finish a very similar piece I did a while ago. This is definitely my favorite in your gallery so far. Keep it up!

Tomas @ 3/24/2007 08:27 commented on Bubbleclop on Bajubaju Land...
Or you just forgot to upload the detail image as I see the image linked to in the description is really 128x64...

Tomas @ 3/24/2007 08:20 commented on Bubbleclop on Bajubaju Land...
I think you must have misread the size restrictions. "Canvas must be 64x128 or 128x64". Other than that it looks nice, maybe add some AA to smooth things out.

Tomas @ 3/22/2007 09:33 commented on Gerard Way
So you're saying these aren't color-reduced photographs?

Tomas @ 3/17/2007 15:50 commented on Rome War...
Pretty sweet stuff. I like how the dead bodies look almost like ghosts without the black shade. But your colors, man. I guess your red could be considered red, but just barely. But the "yellow" is not yellow at all. The black is black though. No doubts there. :)

Tomas @ 1/14/2007 10:31 commented on Partisan Mockup
I like how you immediately can tell if something was made by you, but I have to agree with thesalus about both the stones and the swirly stuff. And the whole piece looks a bit dull to me, but that could also be because of my laptop monitor of course. If not, I think it would look nice if you upped the saturation quite a bit.

Other than that it looks fab - keep it up!

Tomas @ 1/13/2007 13:08 commented on ninja
The legs need to be about twice as long. And the anatomy on the chest looks a bit muffled up. I'd suggest you take this to a WIP forum before you post it here.

Tomas @ 1/13/2007 11:45 commented on Starbucks
Pretty nice, but those cars really bring it down. I'd recommend either redoing them or removing them completely. They look horrible to be frank. And there seems to be a very inconsistent use of black outlines. I'd get those replaced as well.

Tomas @ 1/11/2007 12:35 commented on FlyGuy attack
Pretty tight animation. What's it supposed to be doing though? It looks like it's yawning.