st0ven @ 2/22/2013 07:00 commented on Reaching the Tower

its a neat idea - but it looks like this never got past the rough brush stage for a large portion of the piece. The tower looks like its floating because of the shading you have on the base of the tower vs the ligher value on the occluding treeline. for a kickstarter vid im sure the color alone will draw in high favor

st0ven @ 2/13/2013 19:06 commented on Soul mag ultra

awesome. love the sense of action despite how relatively small the sprites are (for fighting sprites).

st0ven @ 2/11/2013 18:51 commented on Fatal Fury URBAN

not sure how i missed this for so freakin long, but i love it.

st0ven @ 1/25/2013 14:10 commented on Dragons lair

sweet. this one reminds me of D&D:SoM a bit with the secret dragon boss battle.

st0ven @ 1/24/2013 14:41 commented on M0-A1

mrmo - i really love this one. tells an awesome story - and totally should be a setting of a game ;)

st0ven @ 1/6/2013 19:23 commented on older ryu

Ptoing: (and BlazingBlyde) I tried making the gloves red but i dont thing i can manage it without adding some extra palette values or really dull down the red. i coul dmake the hair more pinkish red so the gloves also have that reddish tinge but i would definitely have to put in another color for the darker values.

That skin colored part was a lat. its been toned down a good bit.

ill admit the hair highlight is silly. thinking of making a slight mod to put the highlight flashes near the front of the blades of hair.

I think youre right in that the rendering benefitted from refinement. my eyes were pretty shot from staring at this for so long , seeing it with fresh eyes helped. (though now theyre shot again)

Im never ok with being 'bad' at something. i recognize i need to work on it amongst basically every other aspect of drawing/painting/pixeling/scripting/brushingteeth/etc. but i accept that im not super amazing at certain things and am resigned to the reality of it. though obviously i still try to be better. surely i hope you know what i mean.

st0ven @ 1/4/2013 12:23 commented on older ryu

@carnivac - I know youre a very opinionated guy and you can say all the words of critique that youd like and i really am too old to take offense to any of it. As far as this work piece is concerned, i think that it is technically one of my best pieces, and i feel very proud of what i accomplished with it. i dont expect everyone to agree or like what ive done. People love ryu and i am trying my best to do it justice. Ive never been the strongest dynamic pose drawer and im ok with that. im just doing the best i can do. All of my older work is largely dependent (overly so perhaps) on AA. Also ill just mention that im making an update upon your suggestion of colors because i agree. My main working monitor is a high gamut monitor and it blows my colors out, so sometimes they appear less vibrant on many other displays. adjusting to make the outfit more 'golden' tinged now.

st0ven @ 1/1/2013 10:34 commented on Jellyfish dream

rendering is excellent. perspective looks a little iffy though. next time i would sketch out the perspective first on a piece like this. get that nailed and it will take your work to the next level.

st0ven @ 1/1/2013 08:27 commented on Merry Christmas Kids

i think the only thing this is missing is some semblance of a liquor label and then it would be golden.

st0ven @ 1/1/2013 08:24 commented on Did you remember?

its an interesting upgrade. i like certain aspects about the original better, but the shapes and cuts are obviously pushed further on the updated version. I think i like the shape of the gun details you had incorporated originally. also the grey/cyan version is my favorite.

st0ven @ 1/1/2013 08:21 commented on Scuttle

slick. love it. didnt notice the water dithering initially - adds a nice subtle textural touch to the minimalism

st0ven @ 10/5/2012 14:34 commented on Precious stones

rotation is nice and the glint is delicious.

st0ven @ 10/5/2012 08:31 commented on Coastal Road

just a comment on the horizon line, i suppose the argument there is at such a height you would notice a curve on the horizon with such a large flat surface as the water provides. but i dont think the canvas provides enough witdth to properly illustrate that.  if it were a panoramic, i would then agree it would look a bit strange for the horizon to be completely straight throughout.

st0ven @ 10/5/2012 08:29 commented on Coastal Road

love love love it sir. and im beginning to perhaps love you as well. <3  love your deep, saturated values where nothing is overly illuminated. makes it feel extremely atmospheric.

st0ven @ 9/26/2012 14:28 commented on Chow

simple and cute. well done. good work.

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 20:25 commented on Floating Rock Island

hmm thats a familiar looking avatar image ;) i like it.

as for the tree, and rock. the evolution from its previous version looks great. i dont know why the rock goes up into the tree foliage though. also ill just have to assume some interesting purply glowing object in its general vicinity

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 14:52 commented on People's Republic of Ringland

lava animation is SICK!!! <3

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 14:26 commented on Treasure!

not sure how i missed this, but this is beautiful and i find it rather inspiring. excellent imagination.

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 12:19 commented on Too quiet...

interesting! i dont think that sprite works without that nose haha.

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 12:18 commented on Isle of the Dead

damn this really developed well since its WIP's i remember seeing. the cliffside texturing up in the upper skull region has seriously improved and this thing is now officially amazing. the only thing i DONT get is why the trees are so dark!

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 12:15 commented on Swamp Remake

mr beast you little beast you. good job reaching the top of the weekly showcase!

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 12:11 commented on Drain Sphere, the Human ''Baterizer''

nice color and shading. that seems to be your forte. work on structure before rendering! it will give your pieces a LOT of power.

st0ven @ 9/22/2012 12:08 commented on Skarg Haar, The Hunter

style and composition in your work is developing a bit. i can pick out your works now pretty consistently. feels very war of the worlds in nature. i approve of the orange vs the green. AA is a little inconsistent (and overdone) in certain places, but hte color usage is very good.

st0ven @ 9/12/2012 10:12 commented on Resident4

oh damn.... we get  9 colors, not 8-.... that helps so much!!! i was doing 8 and had had the frog face goin on.

i have some re composing to do with my palette :D

st0ven @ 9/12/2012 06:56 commented on Rebuke

i really love this BB - i meant to drop in to type it earlier, but i was on mobile i think. and getting some lovely 500 error codes. I just love all the shapes, and the pixels are very clean. love the 'curls' in the hair of the scientist for example. great detail! (and keeping it simple where it needs to be in the bg). Maybe that hand pointing out can use a touch brighter highlight being directly under spotlight? so it matches the brightness of the face. im going to fav this actually :D