Flammifer @ 4/15/2005 21:19 commented on Nucleocrat
Oh, the same as a forum avatar instead that we use him on a wiki :


I'll have to look up that wired article ! =D

Flammifer @ 4/5/2005 20:11 commented on Old Man
You're probably right about the hair.

I was trying to make my characters without nozes, but I was mightily temmpted to add one to this guy ...

Flammifer @ 3/10/2005 23:51 commented on Blink City
Great city !

You could make a video game out of this stuff ! :)

Flammifer @ 3/10/2005 23:46 commented on Van the Blue
I like those colours !

(It took me a while to figure out the back leg, though)

Flammifer @ 3/10/2005 23:44 commented on Bank of Blink
Nice building !

The people's perpective doesn't matter much - except for the guy on the stairs maybe.

Flammifer @ 3/3/2005 23:46 commented on Marine
finite : I guess creative commons gives you better control if you want to share things, which means people won't be afraid of losing control while sharing (and will share more).

Not that there's any problem with not being eager to share / give away stuff :) When I make something I don't want others too fool around with, I rarely even put it on the web :)

I just want to make people aware of creative commons, so that one day they may opt for it rather then just adding "this is some crappy stuff I made when I was 12, feel free to do what you want with it as long as you don't make any money".

(Plus, there are now ways to search the web for stuff under a specific creative commons license. So even something under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs may be useful for someone making, say, a pixel art tutorial (I assume that zooming up a picture doesn't constitute a derivative work).

Hmm, actually the "making a tutorial" seems to be a pretty good example ... because the guy doesn't necessarily care much about what kind of art it is, as long as he is allowed to use it (though I expect it'd be considered Fair Use, which is why it's no problem to also use stuff from commercial games like existing tutorials already do. Hmm.)

(er, oops, drifted away a bit there, sorry :-P)

Flammifer @ 3/2/2005 18:02 commented on 'Eery' Platform Game Mockup
Woohoo, that one's nice :)

(Hmm, I imagine it would be hard to actually make that one scroll nicely - either the background doesn't scroll (I'd expect the water to move a bit, at least), or the whole background scrolls together (the moon would look weird), or parts of the background scrol at different speeds (in which case it's hard to keep the reflection of the moon the way it is)

Flammifer @ 3/2/2005 09:05 commented on Marine
er, I am ! (*cough*)

(heh, by the way, good icon choice for the piece of news^^)

Flammifer @ 3/2/2005 08:59 commented on Stretch!
Hmm, only four colors, nice :)

Flammifer @ 3/2/2005 08:37 commented on White flower
Heh, I also found it looked like a buttefly. Not easy to fix without redrawing it, though.

(as for the people, yeah I agree ^^ I'll probably redraw him anyway ...)

Flammifer @ 3/2/2005 08:35 commented on Thorns
sedgemonkey : I fully agree. It's grass for a gameplay reason : the type of terrain can change in a cyclic fashion :

grass -> plant -> random (fruits, white flower or blue flowers) -> thorns -> grass