Godzilla @ 10/19/2006 13:24 commented on Heart
Wonderful work! I'm amazed! XD

Godzilla @ 8/24/2006 12:36 commented on Dual Ingram Man Sprite
You shold make the light reflect on the walls too. It would give more life to your work. ^^

Godzilla @ 8/10/2006 11:25 commented on Leigh (Walk North)
Awesome work! o.o

Very smooth!

Godzilla @ 8/3/2006 13:22 commented on Akihito Running Animation
Cool animation, but I don't like that stop that his arms does on frame before his right foot step on the ground.

Godzilla @ 7/24/2006 11:46 commented on Animation: Run Mario, RUUUN!!!
Wow! Awesome animation!

But it looks like he is spinning his arms backwards. =P

Godzilla @ 7/17/2006 08:49 commented on Hobbes
Wow! O.o

And only 4 color? If I haven't counted I woldn't belive it. o.o

Godzilla @ 7/10/2006 05:07 commented on Skaven Battle Line
Can I just say "WOW"? Because it's all I can say about this.

WOW! O.o

Godzilla @ 7/10/2006 04:59 commented on Block Peach
I think it is her mouth, you know, 4 colors limit...

Awesome work with the block pixels Flameruler13. o/

Godzilla @ 7/5/2006 13:05 commented on lil' un7
Muito legal essa animação. Lembra um pouco a animação de um dos ataques do Shadow no Sonic Battle.

Os flashs é que dão um toque de DBZ no trabalho. ^^


Vary cool this animation. It rminds me a little a Shadow's attack animation on Sonic Battle.

The flashs giva grate DBZ touch at the work. ^^

Godzilla @ 7/3/2006 11:56 commented on Seed avatar
O pescoço parece meio ereto demais, o normal é a cabeça levemente inclinada para frente por causa do peso dela. O olho esquerdo ficou um pouco desproporcional, meio que afastado demais ou pequeno de mais.

Fora isso está muito bom, o efeito de luz no cabelo está perfeito.

Só não sei se é proposital, mas ele está com um olhar obliquo, meio que me seguindo com os olhos. Ficou interessante. ^^

The neck seems kind of too erect, a normal one is lightly inclined to the front because of the weight of the head. The left eye is a little disproportionate, looks like that is too moved away or too small.

Besides that, this is a very good work, the effect of light on the hair is perfect.

I just don't know if it's proposital, but he is with a oblique look, like he's following me with the eyes. This's very interesting. ^^

Godzilla @ 7/3/2006 11:00 commented on Alcofribas, animated

I can't say anything. It's perfect in everyway. o.o

Godzilla @ 6/30/2006 11:33 commented on Gih
Bom, mesmo que seu trabalho não seja realista, você precisa sempre ter bastante cuidado com a anatomia.

O sombreamento dos braço está estranho, parece randonomico. Acabou, como disse o Boder, criando uma aparência suja no sprite.

O que eu notei também é que você parece ter feito com que as roupas moldem o corpo e essa não é a melhor maneira de fazer isso.

Primeiro você precisa desenhar o corpo do seu personagem nu, depois é que por cima das formas do corpo você irá desenhar as roupas, fazendo com que elas tomem a forma do corpo, tomando sempre cuidado com as dobras da roupa.

Estude com cuidado o comportamento das roupas quando estão vestidas, observe bem os movimentos delas e como elas se comportam por cima do corpo, depois tente passar o que você observou para os seus sprites.

Com treino e dedicação você consegue. ^^

Well, even if your work is not realistic, you it always needs to have sufficiently well-taken care of with the anatomy.

The shading of the arm is strange, seems random. It ended, as the Boder said, creating a dirty appearance in the sprite.

hat I also noticed is that you seem to have done that the clothes mold the body and this is not the best way to make this. First you need to draw the character's body naked, after that, over the forms of the body, you will draw the clothes, making that they take the form of the body, always taking care with the folds of the clothes.

Study with care the behavior of the clothes when they are dressed, observe well the their movements and they behave over the body, later try to pass what you had observed to your sprites.

With trainings and devotion you make it. ^^

Godzilla @ 6/20/2006 11:12 commented on IND mockup, take two
I would play it! o/

These  grayscale graphics gif a certain style for the game. ^^

Godzilla @ 6/14/2006 12:56 commented on Megaman Powered Up!
Awesome! ^^

It would be perfect on a real game. ^^

Godzilla @ 6/2/2006 13:10 commented on High Tech Room for the joint
Hum... It's pretty good, but since there is two light sources the people there should have two shadows also. Like on some soccer fields. ^ ^

Godzilla @ 5/29/2006 12:54 commented on Feral Beast Animation Attempt
I just think that the legs could be a little animated too, but it's still a awesome work on another person sprite.

Congratulations! o/

Godzilla @ 5/26/2006 11:40 commented on KO (2nd Version)
To Chanfan: I don't like to draw oversized boobie, but I agree with you, they shold be bigger. =P
I didn't noticed before, but she is really leanig foward too much, thanks for point me that. ^^

And sorry for the eyes. ^^;

To 7even: I don't like overmuscled women to, but I thought that she needed to be like this. ^^'

About the colors, I really need more tryining. u.u

To Nevkah: Thanks! ^^
I've tried my best to be faithful to Fabio's original design. ^^'

Godzilla @ 5/26/2006 11:02 commented on AQUA
Wow! Pixel by pixel and only 12? o.o


Godzilla @ 5/24/2006 10:32 commented on Just Rat ;)
I kind of like it.

Looks like it came from a old Genesis games. ^^

Godzilla @ 5/23/2006 11:09 commented on Unseven - KOS 2k6 sprite
D00d, how you can do this? It's vary well detailed, it really look that it came from a KoF game.

Looking at this makes me what to do one for me too. ^^'

Cara, como é que você consegue isso? Tá muito bem detalhado, parece mesmo vindo de um KoF da vida.

Isso me da vontade de fazer um para mim, também. ^^'

Godzilla @ 5/21/2006 20:19 commented on Locke's Bandana
I like a lot the lens flare effect that you did on the Sun. ^^

The scene is perfect (and is one of the most awesome moments in the game)!

Great job!

I just think that her look is kind vague, it would look batter if you could  make here look to the bird. just an opinion. ^^'

Godzilla @ 5/21/2006 20:08 commented on Gandalf the Brow
He is brow for a mistake of mine. I should had chose my own palete of color for him. ^^'

Godzilla @ 5/21/2006 20:06 commented on Zakobon - Megaman Legends
Thank for the comment and for the tip, Kapptin. ^^

Godzilla @ 5/20/2006 22:15 commented on Pink Warrior
Pois é, eu por aqui. ^^

I hope it too, Perciv@l. =D

Godzilla @ 5/20/2006 22:13 commented on KO
Thanks for the adivice about the color of the shorts and glooves, Neota.

I haven't noticed it before. ^^