AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 5/4/2015 13:25 commented on ROA - Forest Stage

leaves are the best

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 5/2/2015 08:28 commented on ROA - Forest Stage

When is Rivals of Aether being released, it looks pretty cool

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 5/2/2015 08:11 commented on Mushroom Party

Remake it with these:

Then set the background to a rainbow gradient looping through the colors

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 5/2/2015 08:01 commented on Root snake


AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/30/2015 17:24 commented on Atop The Mountain

Ah. Now I see it. 

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/30/2015 13:38 commented on Atop The Mountain

I see a bird in a pond. Where is the mountain?

Very nice looking

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/30/2015 13:34 commented on Elongated Skull

I prefer PyxelEdit to Grafx2

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/30/2015 13:31 commented on gallifrey

I agree: from left on most everything and from right on the buildings and the mountains right in front of them.

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/29/2015 14:24 commented on legendofnes

Is the brown square around the bed a shadow?

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/29/2015 14:22 commented on Mountains

How many colors?

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/29/2015 14:21 commented on old place, old road

Definitely better

That is something that I have always struggled with. Mostly because I never constrained my colors, never repeated them in different palettes.

Also, the next darker green would work for the cracks in the road and the darkest green might give a nice highlight to the tower.

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/27/2015 12:59 commented on Frozen Beach

That week (last week was it?), I had lots of homework. 3-4 practice full calculus ap's. I had very little time to actually work on it.

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:21 commented on Robot & Manatee

Also, the right section of land needs a shadow under the grass.

I like the sky

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:17 commented on Robot & Manatee

"I suppose it makes more sense if you know us"

I'm guessing you're the robot.

I could be wrong though.

Does she also do/like pixel art?

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:12 commented on Frozen Beach

I was going to do something similar, then the palette challenge dragged me over. Then again, I never had a great palette for my Earth Day challenge piece. Too dark, etc... No time to fix it now.

I really like the icicles (or whatever they are intended to be) on the side of that rock (or whatever it is). The shading is really cool!

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:05 commented on Player Select!

Colors still look very nice though

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:02 commented on Ilik

Nice colors

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/26/2015 19:00 commented on The Moon

I like it

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/25/2015 14:10 commented on Platform text adventure mockup

10/10 would totally play this

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/25/2015 12:17 commented on Nokkonen

I like the red shadow!

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/25/2015 12:16 commented on top down alien fighter

The wings have a lot of pillow shading, and the shading on the outermost thin bits has a lot of banding

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/25/2015 08:05 commented on Save Altar Ruins

If the arms of it are supposed to be curved, dither a little more. Have different patterns in it to more smoothly gradiate.

Right now it looks angled. Idk if that is what you are going for.

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/24/2015 20:18 commented on Squirrel

Candyland theme

*edit* wait, no, it's the negative effects caused by candy. Gecimen is just trying to trick us all with a cupcake pic! 

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/22/2015 13:03 commented on Starburst Sword

Thank you, at first, I had no idea if the effect would work. Looking back, at first glance, it almost looks like I used additional colors

AlexAlexAlexAlexAlexAlex @ 4/20/2015 18:34 commented on Will-o'-the-wisp

Diagonal lines on the everything are great