CuriousBeefJerky @ 3/15/2020 12:12 commented on Hell Sings


I appreciate it! I thought I might have gone overboard with the amount of layers, but it does add up.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 3/15/2020 12:11 commented on Hell Sings


Thanks! I wasn't sure how well it'd work. Still not sure bout the color palette though. lol

CuriousBeefJerky @ 2/11/2020 16:41 commented on Temple of Averus Mockup

Heh, yeah the colors did get away from me, but the base is a 32 color palette. Link below.

I made the palette mostly for the purposes of practicing making a palette though. The reason the color count got so high was because of two reasons.

1) I expanded the palette by putting more color variances, as shown in the top right of the linked image. I did this only for the screen intro, as 32 colors wasn't giving me the effect I wanted.

2) I cheated a bit with this image. In the bottom-left of the bottom screen, I used a 50% transparency of one of the purples to darken the screen for the inventory. This made several new colors, but the effect works well I believe.

Since the whole image is based off of a 32 palette, I believe it maintains the united feeling of a limited palette, but only uses small cheats to achieve a desired effect.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 2/11/2020 00:40 commented on Johto Memories

This is beautiful! I really love the water and reflections. Especially the reflections. The cloud reflections make it feel like a more whole world, moreso than most topdown views.

The colors and contrast make it feel really rich and warm too. Beautiful.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 8/9/2019 02:05 commented on ElderSister


This is amazing work! Good job!


The resolution of a piece isn't what determines if something is pixel art or not.. Even a 16x16 piece could be done in an oekaki style. For example with this piece, while large and while admitedley the background is a bit oekaki, it does follow the principles of pixel art, especially for the character

1) Look at the lines. They are intentional and specific, being 1 or 2 pixels in width where intendend. Not all of them follow a perfect structure, but for a piece this large it's not noticable enough to matter.

2) The anti-aliasing is obviously hand done on the pixel level, which gets into the soul of pixel art which is a focus on details at the pixel level. This "soul" can be seen elsewhere in the image.

3) The palette is limited, which is a key point of pixel art. Most pieces this size would be thousands of colors if hand drawn.

All in all, pixel art isn't so much about the process as it is about the end result. The rules are made to achieve a goal, but that isn't the only way to achieve the goal of "Does it look like the Pixels were focused on?" That's really all that matters because the process is rarely seen.

For games especially, but all pixel art and art in general, every shortcut that can be taken without compromising the final outcome should be taken. Otherwise, any piece of art would take many times the time to finish. Some people pride themselves on never taking shortcuts, and there's nothing wrong with that, but they could never put out as many pieces as fast.

I didn't mean to full on rant, but this is my view on pixel art, and I believe many share it. As with all things, the rules are flexible. For a great example of this, look up Pixels Huh - Pixel art by Octavi Navarro on youtube. He breaks several of the rules like using opacity, high color count, and other shortcuts, but not many people would argue that it isn't pixel art.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 6/9/2019 16:22 commented on Scary dragon head

This would do well for the weekly challenge I think. Maybe cutting the bottom and right off to make it 200x200 would work since it's mirrored. Nice work on this though.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 6/9/2019 09:05 commented on The great adventure of the Stone Age3

These are super cute! I especially like the green dino in the bottom left, and the people. Especially the blonde cause she's extra cute.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 6/5/2019 12:26 commented on Oriental zombie character

This is cute!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 6/2/2019 04:34 commented on Game Boy Color


That brings back some good memories. Might be time to find my old Oracle of Seasons cart.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 6/2/2019 02:19 commented on Taming a crayon palette beast (with salmon)

I like how this looks like melted wax. Cool characters too. Nice work!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/31/2019 15:09 commented on Downtime on Hanamunde

I really like the colors of this. Great work over all too!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/24/2019 23:06 commented on Fight Gal

This is lovely work.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/15/2019 14:45 commented on PrehISOria Tiles

Thanks Reo! I don't think I would've been able to do that one without studying the snow in your sabertooth tile though. Great work on yours too!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/15/2019 14:34 commented on PrehISOria Tiles

Thank you, Irena! I appreciate the comment, but I don't think I'll match your tiles.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/15/2019 14:30 commented on My PrehISOria tiles

These are amazing work. I can only hope I'll ever get as good at creatures as you are.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/6/2019 06:44 commented on PrehISOria Tiles

These are great tiles. I really like the Mario Oddesy one. Really represents the Cascade Kingdom well in a tiny space.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 5/6/2019 06:40 commented on "Bad company" mockup

This looks like it'd be a fun game. Like The Lost Vikings meets Alice in Wondrland in a point and click adventure. The early cartoonish vibes are awesome though.!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 3/28/2019 11:40 commented on Jotarotsuki

I just recently got into Jojo and Yume Nikki. Lol

Nice work on this. Even got a good Jojo pose.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 9/12/2018 11:56 commented on bot_0

Nice work on the animation for this, and well pixeled. The animation might look a little smoother if you speed it up by a few more frames a second, but great work on this, and welcome to PJ!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 9/12/2018 11:54 commented on Projectile skull

Agreed, really awesome, even if it wasn't your first!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 9/12/2018 11:53 commented on Gemini Spears

Nice design on these! Not sure how you'd hold the Cataclysm spear though lol.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 9/12/2018 11:44 commented on LAFF


Pretty close resemblence, but i didn't use a reference. I think this clown would fit as a Sith though lol.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 8/14/2018 10:37 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Those ships are amazing. As is the balloon, house, water, mountain, tower, etc. It's hard to choose  favorite parts because it's all well done lol.

I learned much about making water and much else from working beside and studying some of your tiles (especially that wave), so thank you very much! Thank you for the opportunity.

Also, nice layout with this image. Very ordered and symmetric.

CuriousBeefJerky @ 8/4/2018 21:09 commented on Retro Mockup - Castlevania

Really nice work on all of these retro mockups! I especially like this one for the rain animation, lighting, general atmosphere, and being castlevania. Nice work!

CuriousBeefJerky @ 8/4/2018 21:00 commented on Stranded

I like the geometric style of this too. The dithering seems good for the most part to me, since it's everywhere and part of the style.

The style reminds me of a youtube pixel artist, Luis Zuno. He does really nice painting style pixels, but a weakness of that technique is it uses a lot of lightening and darkening to shade the image, picking colors on the fly, and general lack of control over the color palette. The palette is created as you go instead of creating an image from a limited palette, which is what gives a lot of pixel art interesting colors and unified look.

While this style can create an image that looks really nice and can create large pieces in a relatively short time, you sacrifice control over your colors. I think this is why the colors seem to look "bland". To make up for this, go into the image after it is finished and rework the colors, and make a more unified, interesting palette by combining similar colors to lessen the color count, and adjusting the colors of the whole image.

I've always personally liked this style of pixel art though, and this is a really great piece. Good job on it and keep up the good work!