Strazt @ 11/18/2017 13:34 commented on Midnight Jog

@Puzan: Thanks for the kind words; there's still a lot to improve on, haha. Probably spent the least amount of time on the water bottle which is why its readability suffered. :)

Strazt @ 11/16/2017 13:10 commented on Midnight Jog

@Knightsabers: Eyy, thanks for the crit man. Yeah, I think I've just stared at it so long I got used to it but I've always thought there was something off... Gonna try more color work in the future and use hopefully less boring ramps. 

Strazt @ 11/8/2017 23:50 commented on Cat Cafe

@truevector: Thank you man, def gonna keep working on my animating skills even more. 

Strazt @ 11/7/2017 12:22 commented on bunny man

Cool stuff!

Strazt @ 11/5/2017 22:01 commented on Cat Cafe

@redmilion: Gracias, tus animaciones estas genial!

Strazt @ 11/4/2017 21:36 commented on Cat Cafe

@wonman: Glad you like it!

Strazt @ 11/4/2017 01:15 commented on Cat Cafe

@Mac: Thanks dude!

Strazt @ 11/3/2017 14:44 commented on Cat Cafe

@Fleja: Cheers, man. :) Yeah, the simple style is to try and emulate a Mother-esque look. I'm interested in expanding to more intricate/realistic styles so we'll see!

@jok: ty ty! 

Strazt @ 10/2/2017 13:18 commented on Vampire's Desktop

This is great. I like the background in particular. Very fitting.

Strazt @ 9/18/2017 11:17 commented on Punk

@delicatone: Thank you, I'm pretty happy with the effect. Your entry for the challenge is quite nice as well. :) Nice readability/sense of weight for the scale.

@1JournalRed: Thx!

Strazt @ 9/6/2017 14:27 commented on Summer Nights

@Kasumi: Looked it up since it's been a while since I've seen the cover/read it and you're absolutely right, even have the ferris wheel haha. Thanks; glad you like it. 

Strazt @ 9/5/2017 14:02 commented on Summer Nights

@PBDC: Thanks duuude

@gennoveus: Glad to hear it. Maybe with some more time/a bigger composition I could have layered even more details in there. Perhaps for another piece.

Strazt @ 8/26/2017 17:44 commented on Crustacean

The detailing/rendering is awesome here. Great piece. :)

Strazt @ 8/26/2017 17:42 commented on Mieczyslaw

Very nice. Just an all-around solid-looking sprite.

Strazt @ 8/26/2017 09:54 commented on Lady of the Lake

@Parker: Thanks, lol. :)

Strazt @ 8/24/2017 19:51 commented on Lady of the Lake

@Mathieu: Thanks for the kind words; indeed, I wanted to try to depict a woman with those kinds of curves to her. 

@gennoveus: Thanks! I very desperately wanted another color to help smooth out some of the lines. And I think you're spot-on with your remarks on the head-size, I had similar thoughts while making it. Will maybe go in and touch-up before the deadline.

@Fleja: Thank you; I am pretty fond of it. Lots of good entries in this contest so far. 

Strazt @ 8/4/2017 00:03 commented on E Logo

You are quite welcome. Happy to share. 

This was my first time submitting news; hopefully if I ever submit news again I'll write a better summary/entry.

Strazt @ 8/2/2017 15:26 commented on Pardoner Fennel

I really enjoyed that fight. Fun game! Could tell who she was. I think you have the general likeness down. 

The headband area is a bit messy and has some banding going on. I'm also not convinced that the dithering is necessary, but that's my personal taste. Eyes are a little off and don't adhere to perspective. I'd also consider looking into hue shifting and choosing some stronger colors with more contrast to make the sprite pop.

Strazt @ 7/29/2017 16:01 commented on moondrome avatar

I like the texturing of the metal, it's nicely rendered. 

Strazt @ 7/9/2017 11:58 commented on Sushi

Thanks everyone for the C+C. Your words help keep me going. :)

@gennoveus: Good points; I didn't really use refs for wasabi but looking it up now it could definitely be shored up more. Same for kappa maki. Nice catch on the amaebi, I didn't see that while making it. Thanks again!

Strazt @ 7/7/2017 12:50 commented on Unlikely Adventures Mockup

Gosh, this is lovely. Nice work.

Strazt @ 7/5/2017 16:53 commented on Small Tree

Thanks for the crit, DawnBringer. Much appreciated. :) I made a variant with your suggestions in mind:

I like it. I'll mull over it some more. I generally like the colors in the original but some more experimentation/study would have helped. Definitely will edit the size though, for sure. 

Strazt @ 7/4/2017 14:47 commented on The Red Rebel

Thanks! :)

Strazt @ 7/1/2017 15:36 commented on Pwnguins Emoticons

Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing. :)

Strazt @ 6/12/2017 02:01 commented on game jam stuff

Love the background. I think the tileset, objects, and character could be a little more refined. Keep game jamming!