Demon @ 1/1/2009 15:08 commented on Epically Unfinished Shit
Simply lovely.  I dig the rpg mockup in the lower left hand side.

Demon @ 10/13/2008 14:08 commented on Cave Tiles
Why was the game abandoned?

Demon @ 10/11/2008 04:34 commented on Big Bird
You people and your pumpkins.

Demon @ 10/3/2008 14:13 commented on tiara-swarmer
lol you produce too many ships!

Demon @ 10/1/2008 22:27 commented on Thrall
Lok'tar!  Looks like thrall is pimpin it.

Demon @ 10/1/2008 22:23 commented on Neo Rustbug
Awesome, integrating as I type.

Demon @ 9/27/2008 15:47 commented on Big Bird
I eat my asperagus!

Demon @ 12/15/2007 11:48 commented on Cow Bug Boy
Its hard for me to call this a game... its more of a slideshow or interactive movie.  There are only 2 game features: move forward and move back.  I, personally, can't call this a game.  Though this is an interesting piece of work, that much ill give it credit for.

Demon @ 11/24/2007 15:22 commented on Jalonso X
Nice work Krysis. XD

Demon @ 11/17/2007 16:33 commented on Big Bird
"LOL, there's more to IRC than mIRC."

Demon @ 11/17/2007 15:46 commented on Big Bird
Is anyone able to connect to the mIRC server?  For some reason it wont let me connect, I even updated my mIRC. lol

Demon @ 11/16/2007 15:02 commented on Big Bird
Ive seen Dr. Who, was an alright show.

Demon @ 11/15/2007 20:28 commented on Larwick's Rustbug
hehe, nice stuff.  Gotta love that Rustbug! :P

Demon @ 11/15/2007 16:00 commented on Rustbug Walk
Look at that hot piece of machinery strut his stuff!@

Demon @ 11/15/2007 15:40 commented on Rustbug V3 Concept
Good old Rustbug! XD  Like always, stunning work buddy. :)

Demon @ 1/20/2007 11:41 commented on Big Bird
As much as I dont care for macs, I will agree with jal that the iPhone is teh sexz. XD  And its only for Cingular, which I have.  CANT WAIT!

Demon @ 10/27/2006 23:21 commented on Big Bird
Jalonso, we need you presence in the pool... MAKE IT SO!!! XD

Demon @ 8/10/2006 16:12 commented on Hulk
Comics History Lessons FTW! XD

Demon @ 8/10/2006 13:22 commented on Hulk
Naw, the hulk was grey as Mr.Fixit.  Originally and always was Green.

Demon @ 8/8/2006 22:39 commented on ogre
May be commisioned by you, and thats all fine, but mine, aswell as others', idea of Pixel Joint is that it is a place for [b]Pixel Artists[/b] to post [b]their work[/b], not for Game makers to post work that they have had commissioned.  If you would like a place to post for C&C I would suggest on the Forums.

Demon @ 8/8/2006 14:48 commented on ogre
@Skull: this really isnt jagged software's work, as read in the description, it seems to be that of nvision....

Demon @ 8/2/2006 23:45 commented on Big Bird
Yet another reason FireFox is T3h b3ST!!!

Demon @ 8/2/2006 22:24 commented on scarab
+1 comments XD, SCARABB!!!

Demon @ 8/2/2006 22:22 commented on Big Bird
carl flixen FTW!!! XD

Demon @ 7/27/2006 04:26 commented on Gorillaz
Thanks for all the comments and favs ppls.

@rabidbaboy: I rarely ever finished any pixelart I did back when I first started pixeling, so this would fall under that category.