Ectoplasm On Toast @ 10/11/2007 19:07 commented on Condoms

I added this to my Favorites.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 9/2/2007 22:49 commented on A Pixel Nightmare :)
Haha, brilliant.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 8/31/2007 03:09 commented on Rust Mesa
It reminds me of New Junk City in Earthworm Jim. I would say this this would make an incredible background for your Rustbug game, but the player would pause and stare in awe, and proceed to get blown up.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 8/30/2007 13:00 commented on Portrait
Very nice. Although I agree with Larwick in that the anti-aliasing is a bit jagged, it's still beautifully-done. Being guarenteed pieces like this in Newest Pixel Art every day is the reason that I'll never return to Deviant Art.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 8/28/2007 22:22 commented on Run Run RUN!
I agree with everyone about the lack of contrast, but that animation is butter-smooth. Nice work.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 7/15/2007 19:22 commented on A Ring of Roses
Nice, it reminds me of the obscure Neo Geo game Nightmare in the Dark.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 7/9/2007 00:55 commented on This is my BOOMSTICK! (LOOK AGAIN if you didn't see image!)
The Necronomicon ex Mortis preview image caught my attention, and when I saw the actual piece, I was awestruck. Army of Darkness (and the Evil Dead series in general) is(/are) my favorite movie(s) ever. I just watched Army of Darkness again only hours ago. Nice job with androgynously-named character. If you don't win, you'll still win.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 6/3/2007 19:23 commented on Run Like a Bitch 2
I saw some of the progress of this when you linked to it a few times in #PixelJoint. Nice. That animation is butter-smooth, and you've done a lot with a rather small palette. It reminds me of Waku Waku 7.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 4/30/2007 19:42 commented on Shadow The Hedgehog - 02
I never particularly liked Shadow the Hedgehog, but this is a very nice piece. Good work.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 4/24/2007 14:23 commented on red mage
Coincidentally, I found this image whilst randomly Internetting, and remembered this piece was just submitted.

Good work. It's always nice to see a fresh spin on classic games.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 4/23/2007 12:21 commented on Count Bleck
BLECK! I'm actually playing Super Paper Mario.

A pretty good piece, but it could use some dithering. The transition of colors on the cape would be a lot more seamless.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 4/2/2007 13:01 commented on Take My Hand
This is the one piece that actually had me fooled until I remembered the challenge. Looking through your gallery, you seem like the man for the job to mimic ilkke's style. It'd have taken extreme determination, patience, and skill to pull this off, and it looks like you got the entry in by the skin of your teeth. Incredible work.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 3/19/2007 09:31 commented on Iso stuff

Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has taught me well; that's not a Treasure Chest, but a Pandorite! Nice try!

I like this(/these) piece(s), especially the Mushrooms. Most isometric pieces have a hard time convincing me of depth and sphericality — I'm pretty sure that's a word — but you've done it quite well. I've only a few complaints:

  • The dithering is kind of rough. There's a little bit too much contrast between colors in the palette. When dithering, that can make the piece look very grainy and rough.
  • The dithering on the Mushroom spots make them look like they're protuberous. I've always imagined they weren't but color differences, but maybe they're actually supposed to be protrusions? I've never really analyzed it.

Overall, I like the piece. There's room for improvement (but isn't there always?), but taking a full 1/5 off off the score seems a bit steep; and since I can't yet vote 5/6, enjoy your 5/5.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 2/13/2007 09:03 commented on Street Fighter-style Self-portrait
You really should update the preview image. It doesn't do this piece justice.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 2/9/2007 07:59 commented on psychanalist
I didn't particularly care for Anna Nicole Smith and her gold digging, but I place a high value on any life. May she rest in peace.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 2/4/2007 08:14 commented on Sunshine
The anti-aliasing is done brilliantly. I couldn't believe it until I zoomed in. Good work.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 1/26/2007 04:56 commented on Valmanway
Best. Sword. Ever. It's not like the Abaddon soul is very useful anyway.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 11/29/2006 10:29 commented on The Red Green Show Mini Poster
Haha, The Red Green Show is one of my favorite shows ever ... and I do not even live in Canada. This piece put a smile on my face.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 11/2/2006 00:11 commented on Josh - Attack animation
I like the fact that his feet do not move to propel himself forward. It denotes more ... power. If all characters followed physics perfectly, well ... it would just be uninteresting. This is a very good piece in my opinion, and my only complaint is the shadow. It could use more detail rather than being a straight line.
Regardless, I still like this piece very much. Perfect score from me. Oh, and the word you are thinking of is 'dust'.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 10/20/2006 13:59 commented on Ricci
Gah, freakin' outstanding use of such a small palette.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 10/18/2006 22:59 commented on My runescape art.
Sorry for the double comment, but I forgot to mention how my anger at RuneScape pixelations is in no way directed at you and you are a great artist. Seeing multiple "pixels" of a guy in a white party hat, full dragon, and an Abyssal whip surrounded by women in likewise attire gets my blood boiling.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 10/18/2006 22:52 commented on My runescape art.
I agree, the Kalphite Queen is definately the greatest part of this piece. Good work, there may yet be hope for RuneScape pixel artists. I grow tired of every day seeing another stupid, worthless excuse for a pixelation (which gives a bad name to the art style) of some guy getting a party hat player kill. I want to travel back in time and slaughter the person that created RuneScape Buddies.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 10/17/2006 16:48 commented on Curses! background art
Freakin' amazing. I particularly like the scarecrow, I saw that while looking at your site.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 9/19/2006 12:31 commented on Staff of Ice
I saw this as your avatar on RuneScape Community first, and then I saw it on the three newest works on the Pixel Joint main page.
It's very "cool". The dithering is done very well, and it sort of reminds me of those icons in World of Warcraft, although I have never played the game myself. Is this supposed to be modeled after the staves in RuneScape? It looks a lot like them. 5/5.

Ectoplasm On Toast @ 9/10/2006 23:09 commented on TWFTG Pixel Comic - Page one
Oh I forgot to mention that I also have a burning hatred for RuneScape Buddies.