Sleepnaut @ 3/11/2016 21:23 commented on Wolf

Hm, thanks for critique, I should work on these things more carefully in the future, even it's a kind of abstraction, yep.

Sleepnaut @ 3/11/2016 07:46 commented on Wolf
Yes, of course I looked at random photos of wolfs in the process, because I can't draw objects from my memory only.
Oh, I seem to understand the problem: you confused by stylistic difference between background and wolf, right? Well I really didn't pay
attention to background and didn't handling it using dithering and other techniques, wolf was a main thing to me.
It's maybe my fault that i hadn't thought about all of this. Sorry.
Heneceforth I'll try post something teally worthwile and cool and not to spread unfinished sketches and concepts!


Sleepnaut @ 3/1/2016 21:04 commented on Shootout

Lol. Thanks for observation, I'll fix it.