ZoSo @ 8/25/2008 23:03 commented on TANK REMAKE
Looks great, only thing that bothers me is the second color in the shadows. It really makes the shadow look a bit blurry. I think AAing would look better instead of making like a second layer. I hope you get what i mean, im having a bit hard explaining xD.

ZoSo @ 8/20/2008 05:16 commented on Zombies
Looks more like an Edit of greenravens template.

ZoSo @ 7/1/2008 04:26 commented on Dragon
completely ripped from Rpg Maker XP :).

ZoSo @ 7/1/2008 04:25 commented on weaponpack
Some might be slighly edited, since i dont reconize all icons.. but perhaps im wrong... I probably am, well bad for you.. guess ALL icons are just stolen.
Scroll down..Untill you see this

Or you can dowload the RTP, also your dragon sprite the same.. go download Rpgmaker XP RTP and you'll see all he's done is just rip the sprite..

ZoSo @ 6/30/2008 21:29 commented on weaponpack
These are edited, and ripped from Rpg Maker XP resoucre sites.. i believe they are also used in Rpg Maker VX.

ZoSo @ 6/27/2008 01:00 commented on Ridiculous Idle Animation
Haha made my giggle.. I like it, its funny.

ZoSo @ 6/12/2008 09:57 commented on Isotar
This is a edit.. its not allowed.

ZoSo @ 6/9/2008 16:18 commented on Lt. Commander Data Fadatar
Haha looks great :D

ZoSo @ 5/18/2008 07:29 commented on Space Marine (testing wont let me make it my avatar?)
Im so going to use this if it gets released and is free.

ZoSo @ 5/17/2008 12:31 commented on Megalith : Player Characters, NPC's and Items!
Thanks everybody :). There are currently 200+ Different Items, and i plan on making atleast 1000 ^_^

ZoSo @ 5/13/2008 06:55 commented on Base Character Walk - BJ
Okay, well anyway.. just like to point out that i think the char should be looking infront of him, instead of the "player".. The character is basically looking directly at me :).

ZoSo @ 5/12/2008 16:02 commented on THEY LIVE.
Scary.. somehow O_o.

ZoSo @ 5/12/2008 16:01 commented on Base Character Walk - BJ
Ooh, new project? Got a site :)?

ZoSo @ 5/4/2008 14:17 commented on DesertMockup - BJ
Just team up, remake the game without Cruel.. Use MS or something, get a decent coder.. who knows what hes doing.. and is willing to work. Really these graphics cant go to waste.. they arent just good, there is alot.

ZoSo @ 5/4/2008 13:30 commented on DesertMockup - BJ
Coders are lazy.. Making them do hard work at the start is a bad choice.. You should have just used MS.. Coders only work when they see the game active, then they get motivated into doing stuff.. else.. nope, nothing will get done xD. Well there is still hope to redo this game.. Why close it down just because Cruel wants so, he basically just did the site.. based on your graphics.

And gliding, i never wanted Sylph to die, and i hate saying i told you so :P. Aiming to high is a bad choice, doing simple stuff works, and it gets better as the time passes :P.

ZoSo @ 5/4/2008 07:49 commented on DesertMockup - BJ
Well take back the Graphics, after all.. you did them.. And then make a game with ES, MS.. :O. It doesnt need to be all DX8, alpha blending.. and alot of those stuff to be fun :).

ZoSo @ 5/4/2008 04:56 commented on DesertMockup - BJ
:(. Senad you really worked alot on Sylph, alot more than anybody else.. Shame it died.. Why couldnt they just make it in MS or ES?..

ZoSo @ 4/6/2008 11:44 commented on Reizhu - Warcrack
Most of the stuff Metaru mentioned is allready mentioned in Jaedens description.. Im not against Critz and so lol.. but it just seemed like he was complaining a bit to much, i think the piece is great.. It could be better.. but its still not bad..

ZoSo @ 4/6/2008 04:26 commented on Reizhu - Warcrack
Dude what are you whining about, Jaeden is awesome.. I dont see you're pieces having the first place in the Hall of Fame.. Just look at the size of her Art, its awesome. <3

And you expected more from her? Let her do whatever she wants, not every piece she releases has to be eye blasting.. Allthrough i think this piece is awesome.. its for sure not that bad as Metaru makes it look, just look at the rest of the gallery...

ZoSo @ 3/24/2008 04:53 commented on Kyoru
Yeah its sad... since he's piece was pretty good >_>.. Like a hundred times better than the second and third.. >_>

ZoSo @ 3/24/2008 03:20 commented on Kyoru
I totally dont agree with the 2nd and 3rd getting their spot.. Even the piece which got at the bottom is better than both.

ZoSo @ 3/24/2008 03:15 commented on Big Bird
Hmm.. am i the only one who doesnt agree to the second and third wins in the Album cover challange >_>..

ZoSo @ 3/23/2008 06:32 commented on Competition 7even Knights #3 palidin
Most original piece so far :D.

ZoSo @ 3/23/2008 06:31 commented on A Page
Yeah its clever.. but it still breaks the rules.. since it was suppose to be a knight :P.. Not just a page. it clearly says Knight and then page.

ZoSo @ 3/20/2008 17:00 commented on I R Sqare Paldn
Interesting style.. i like it :).