Lytschi @ 8/26/2018 10:21 commented on Magnolia

I love the colors so much!

Lytschi @ 10/15/2017 00:41 commented on Pixelated goblin

If you compare it to your reference I think the biggest difference is the contrast. The original has a much higher contrast. I would recomend posting your art on the pixel joint forum. There are alot of helpful people there. 

Lytschi @ 6/21/2017 00:21 commented on i

Yeah, with the black outline it is easier for me to anti alias the character or item I am drawing. If you look closely you can see how the lightest color doesn't touch the black outline except if it is so you can make out the shape of the objekt better. It's hard to explain but looking and more pieces of this kind will defenetly help you. 

Lytschi @ 7/8/2016 01:13 commented on Traffic Jam

Hey do you have any advice for forms? 

I don't know how to describe it any better but your linework is so nice. 

Lytschi @ 7/4/2016 09:22 commented on Rainy day

Why did you remove most of your art?

Lytschi @ 6/14/2016 02:10 commented on Chocoland-iso

Wow this looks almost exactly like the sugary levels in Mario Galaxy. 

Lytschi @ 6/14/2016 02:09 commented on Chocoland-iso

Omg this looks so much like the Sweet Galaxy levels in Mario Galaxy. 

Like a lot.  You should play it if you haven't yet. 

Lytschi @ 5/18/2016 14:11 commented on Polaroid Camera

Is it about the instagram logo looking alot like a washing mashine? 

Lytschi @ 5/18/2016 14:07 commented on Dragon

AAAAmazing! How long did this take you?

Lytschi @ 5/17/2016 01:55 commented on Sterling

Awww so cute. I love animal crossing would be nice to see a full pixel mockup of it.

eee these cute legs and the beak. Nice colors and pose.

Lytschi @ 5/17/2016 01:50 commented on Lion

Yeah, I really tried with the contrast but by using only pink colors it's pretty hard.

Like a dark pink is purple again. And then the purble was kinda distracting. But I will work on this some more trieing to focus on better colors.

Lytschi @ 5/13/2016 02:35 commented on Bunny Knight Idle Animation

The arm animation looks unnatural to me.  But the face and overall design is very nice. 

Lytschi @ 5/8/2016 10:19 commented on K I M

I like the space but... 

sorry it looks like it says "kum" 

Or is that right? Just thought you might ment Kim

Lytschi @ 4/30/2016 23:45 commented on Waterpillar

xD You're so right it makes no sense.

Drawing this I remembered another odd evolution line Remoraid and Octillery 

It's so strange I even remember an episode of the anime beeing about that.


Lytschi @ 4/29/2016 10:07 commented on Totem

Amazing I really love pixel art like this. 

Hard to explain what I mean... it's just the mysterious feel of it. 

Lytschi @ 4/26/2016 23:25 commented on Tragedy

I made it myself xD 

but just for that picture.But maybe I'm going to use it in other projekts again I think. 

It's funny because I thought I was bad at making palets but it was easy I just picked the basic colors like red, blue, orange first and then made out whichone could be a good shadow for the other like the red for the orange.

then I put colors inbetween these two until it looked right. 

Same with blue and black and white and blue.The shadow of the red is the same black as the black for the blue. 

Lytschi @ 4/26/2016 02:32 commented on Nobody wants to buy...

I think it looks very nice espacially the texture however I think the ice and the jaw look a little strange you still can add 3 colors maybe a lemon slice or something else to make clear it's a fish on ice. 

Like in this picture here :

Lytschi @ 4/19/2016 02:14 commented on Bamboo Forest

very nice 

And cool Idea!

Lytschi @ 3/3/2016 03:54 commented on Saitou

That comic is just super cute 

Lytschi @ 2/17/2016 05:45 commented on Panic Bot Tank

the head looks like a lego head. 


Lytschi @ 2/1/2016 12:29 commented on Nevacraft

I think your colors look very nice I like the 3d'ish efect on the trees and also the pixel hills. I think sometimes you shoul just use colors you think look good. I mean it works with you since it looks also reall pretty for me not everyone who's going to play a game will be picky about your color choises. 

Lytschi @ 1/31/2016 07:27 commented on Random Character

What are you talking about ? Nobody cares if something is furry art. As long as it's good art of course. 

Lytschi @ 1/23/2016 08:41 commented on Wolf

oh it remindes me of  Wolf Rain and I think Mandrill is right.

Man I really love wolfes. 

Lytschi @ 1/14/2016 03:10 commented on catastrophe

For me the legs of the cat look strange. But I like the colors and the rest of the cat very much :D 

Lytschi @ 1/11/2016 02:40 commented on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel icon

... I actually just made something like that and haven't uploaded it yet...But I'll make anotherone, thistime even more cat themed.  :D