PotatoGnome @ 12/30/2019 02:44 commented on Chpockman

This "thing" has a dick ?

PotatoGnome @ 12/4/2019 15:02 commented on Uga-Ugah

The creature on his shoulder looks like Lavos from Chrono Trigger

PotatoGnome @ 12/4/2019 14:59 commented on mixels

Looks like they are trapped in a monstruous body, cool idea

PotatoGnome @ 6/24/2019 02:18 commented on Yare yare daze...

Yeah, especially the way he is looking at you

"Good grief, get me out of this body"

PotatoGnome @ 6/19/2019 12:25 commented on Zelda BotW 2

At first glance i tought she had a very big nose, god... Other than that, it looks nice

PotatoGnome @ 6/13/2019 03:03 commented on Josuke Higashikata

Looks like he aged a little bit but the piece is perfect

PotatoGnome @ 5/10/2019 14:56 commented on Ladybugs

Thanks !

PotatoGnome @ 11/3/2018 05:39 commented on Investigation

My bad, didnt notice each pixel was 1x2

PotatoGnome @ 11/1/2018 13:00 commented on Investigation

The different pixel resolutions are really ugly...

PotatoGnome @ 10/22/2018 11:51 commented on JJBA Antagonists Squad

I wanted to do stardust crusaders party myself including petshop, but, hehe, i don't know how to draw human bodies.

Very well done 

PotatoGnome @ 10/16/2018 10:54 commented on geisha

Where are the mage and the healer ?

PotatoGnome @ 5/25/2018 10:35 commented on Chess set 2

Thanks you guys !

PotatoGnome @ 5/20/2018 15:27 commented on Mushroom Man

Illusions in pixel art, this is interesting

Well done !

PotatoGnome @ 3/5/2018 03:26 commented on Babi Ngepet

Man thats sad, your piece is beautiful but i think your're late for the challenge !

PotatoGnome @ 3/3/2018 08:01 commented on Stupid Frog

Nice work ! 

But this needs more contrast in my opinion

PotatoGnome @ 3/1/2018 08:23 commented on God

This is good but i dont see the relation with god or mythology

PotatoGnome @ 3/1/2018 01:00 commented on Trump: The Game

He will never be president, they said 

PotatoGnome @ 2/26/2018 08:37 commented on Embryo

thats not what i meant, im asking about gods thats doesnt appear in a mythology 

EDIT : Ok thanks mandrill

PotatoGnome @ 2/26/2018 05:14 commented on Embryo

Can we depict a god that doesnt really ""exist"" but is inspired from another ?

PotatoGnome @ 2/18/2018 09:48 commented on Mech 3

You really like drawing robots heh 

I love your art 

PotatoGnome @ 2/12/2018 23:42 commented on Fishing Forum Game Pixels

Shapes are not bad, but the shading needs some work

PotatoGnome @ 2/1/2018 15:16 commented on Mecha Rogue

Your style and palettes are interesting, continue like this !

PotatoGnome @ 12/29/2017 09:41 commented on [STAND NAME] : PIG RUN

Thanks ! 

The pig attacks from the back to the front, so that's why his elbow is in front of the gnome.

PotatoGnome @ 8/20/2017 06:29 commented on Bubble

Simple but beautiful

PotatoGnome @ 7/10/2017 11:50 commented on Crystal Chess


Pixeljoint was down today, so i wasn't sure that i submitted it in the weekly challenge, then i deleted it and reposted, but it was too late