SanhaimsGrim @ 10/15/2016 08:54 commented on Tree Man

@CritiqueMyWork Thanks man, I saw the contest title and found self my really liking the idea of a stoner/merchant type character just living in a tree. But yeah, I'm gonna reuse this idea in a future project 

SanhaimsGrim @ 9/12/2016 13:23 commented on Hadley's Hope Bar

Download gamemaker studio, get to work

SanhaimsGrim @ 6/25/2016 18:14 commented on Old and New Walking Cycle

Thanks for all the responses, I think I'm gonna try a few combinations of the two styles(I want this to look good)

@Landersolon - I was going for a "lumbering, hulking muscle-man- look", something you'd see in comic book art, were the inspiration for the game comes from.

And I felt like the character hunched over would fit a "heavy-build", but yeah, he's not wounded.

SanhaimsGrim @ 6/25/2016 07:03 commented on Old and New Walking Cycle

Thanks for the response, I atually spoke to a friend briefly about the characters looking a bit feminine, so more redesigns ARE neccesary, and Im glad I can do this while I'm still early in developement. Thanks