Knightsunder @ 3/13/2019 15:52 commented on Zanzibar

Yeah the left arm was definitely a little bit of a fuss, I think if I had carried the darker contrast from the wrist through the hand it would've worked better. Thanks! 

Knightsunder @ 3/12/2019 17:45 commented on His exellency Mr. Owl

Color choice is quite fitting for the atmosphere, nice work 

Knightsunder @ 3/7/2019 18:19 commented on Nightly Walk

perspective shift on the streetlights is a nice touch

Knightsunder @ 3/5/2019 19:38 commented on Knife

I believe that this is a sword hilt, aka Knife, and it is plunged into the landscape. 

Knightsunder @ 2/17/2019 04:44 commented on Height

Looks cool. Detail work isn't too bad and the composition is cool. You've got some problems with distance perspective, though - things tend to get lighter as they get farther away, not darker, with some exceptions. Additionally, objects far away will lose detail, which is in saturation, contrast, and complexity. Additionally, there's some slight readability issues about the forest in the background, but this is because it's typical for landscape pieces to have parts of the sky showing - you've mostly obscured it with clouds. 

This obscuring can be accounted for by showing that the sky extends up and out off-canvas, but the way that you've placed the broken, floating building pieces is in a straight line going down, perspective-wise, which confuses the mind (as the brain wants to think that the pieces are all on the same level above the ground, which clashes with the perspective of the horizon). Things to think about. 

Knightsunder @ 1/18/2019 08:12 commented on Pyrosamurai

I originally made a brush pen doodle and then based the sketch for this piece off of that doodle, so when I drew it in program it ended up being much rougher and contrasting than is really... easily applicable to pixel art. So I had to kinda figure out a style to go with the outlines I had made (as the piece didn't work well with standard gradient shading). Thanks!

Knightsunder @ 1/15/2019 02:54 commented on Blimey

Yeah, that's about the same as the other critique I've received. I think it's slightly covered up by the limp being "due to the heavy sack on his back", but in any other instance it wouldn't work out. I'm pretty happy with everything above waistline, though, even with the bag moving a little erratically. Thanks for the tips! 

Knightsunder @ 1/2/2019 07:34 commented on Sheepdog

Thanks ^-^

Knightsunder @ 12/31/2018 19:07 commented on Sheepdog

You've been there with me since the very, very beginning (commented on my first piece) so it probably looks pretty neato from your POV. Thanks for all the support over the years dad <3

Knightsunder @ 12/31/2018 16:55 commented on Frogtocycle


Knightsunder @ 12/26/2018 22:03 commented on Nidhogg

dang you should make this a real game

Knightsunder @ 12/19/2018 09:50 commented on The Iliad (cover)

Thanks love <3

Knightsunder @ 12/18/2018 11:46 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds

you madman

Knightsunder @ 12/10/2018 02:05 commented on Rusichi Idut!

I dunno if I like the AA of the waistcloth. Having little bits of fur fray off might've looked interesting - at the moment it looks kind of like a tree trunk because it blends so smoothly.

Knightsunder @ 11/8/2018 08:04 commented on Rijsnajtal

That's a lot of water level... my senses are tingling.. 

Knightsunder @ 10/29/2018 04:13 commented on Providence Mock Up

Nice to see them all together. bUt wHeRe iS tHe GaMePLaY?!?!?

Knightsunder @ 10/25/2018 18:58 commented on Blacksteel - Raven

Aye thanks. I considered adding some snow wisps in the wind but didn't like how it looked, so I just left it in hopes of getting a "cold stillness" atmosphere.

Knightsunder @ 10/21/2018 19:03 commented on Classes

the preview doesn't have the same quarters as the piece >:( 

Knightsunder @ 10/20/2018 02:47 commented on awarded

cute :3

Knightsunder @ 10/7/2018 17:57 commented on Chieftain mk.10


Knightsunder @ 9/23/2018 06:27 commented on Devonian Nightmare

Clean clusters 

Knightsunder @ 9/19/2018 10:43 commented on Diesel Cathedral

I'm not the biggest fan of the style/techniques of your pixel art but man, it's so refreshing to see good, thematic, well-designed environments/enemies/settings <3 Keep it up

Knightsunder @ 9/16/2018 14:16 commented on Big Impin' [minor nudity]

lmao nice

Knightsunder @ 8/28/2018 09:18 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

I was curious so I went ahead and downloaded your piece and used a simple posterize tool to mathematically reduce the color count. Here's the result of that ->

Then I took that image into the Image Specs tool that PJ has under the Features tab at the top of the site bar and fed it through - that image I sent has about 140 colors. Then I took a closer look at the colors information, which shows me a list of every color used, the percentage of pixels that that color is used in, and also the specific pixels where it's used on a nice little preview version of the piece (I highly recommend checking it out yourself, just plug the screenshot I sent into the tool). 

Of the 141 colors, more than 60% are only used in 0.1% or less of the total piece. Obviously, this is somewhat skewed with the size of the piece, but regardless, that means that each of those colors is being used for a very brief purpose in a very small, usually localized section of the piece, probably as a result of you color-picking based on attempting to mimic the reference, rather than re-using a palette of sorts. 

Now it's not bad art form to use all of the colors you have access to, and I hope you don't think I dislike the artwork (though I'm only willing to give so much credit since it's an interpreted version of an original piece, though I think you understand what I mean), but pixel art is very heavily reliant on a sense of control and cohesiveness of the piece. Since you're able to control every individual pixel, the challenge then becomes, "how effectively and crisply can I communicate my art?". Pixel art is the only digital medium where you have absolute control over color and shade (as compared to using a brush tool in Photoshop) and pixel per pixel design and technique, and so using it in the same way that you would digital painting (high color count, lack of clean, hard edges) is both limiting yourself (because if you were using a brush tool it'd be much easier to blend), and missing the point of the pixel per pixel control. 

I know what you mean though, hopping from any art form over to pixel art and vice versa is incredibly fuckin rough. I am absolutely terrible at drawing/digital painting because I'm so used to fine-tuned control, that I get overwhelmed by brushes and ink that bleeds and rubbing graphite all over the paper AAA. 

Talking through PJ comments isn't super intuitive, so if you'd like to get some more real-time help or just chat with other pixel artists (and me), I highly encourage you to join the unofficial discord server for the site -->

Thanks for reading all that :3 I do want to make clear that, at the end of the day, this is art, and how you do it is up to you. I'm really not normally this much of a technical artist dude, and I break a lot of the rules myself at times, but I think it's important to know what the rules are so you can actively say "fuck the rules", rather than just be stumbling around confused. 

Knightsunder @ 8/28/2018 05:54 commented on Pixel Tribute: Seb McKinnon's Archfiend of Ifnir

You've got a massive range of colors of very similar color value/brightness that can absolutely be used elsewhere to replicate the color without actually using a new one, mostly through precise dithering, as well as a significant number of per-color shades, so when you have, say, 4-8 tints/shades of a particular color, and 3 colors that are already very similar to that original color, the color count multiplies quickly. Additionally, there are some parts of the piece that have extremely subtle hue differences that are 50% probably from the original compression of your reference image and 50% a hue from a smooth paintbrush tool that you won't be using in pixel art. [ this blue is one of these subtle hues I'm referring to ]

As for how to do things like this in a lower color count, it's obviously extremely rough and time consuming, and I'm not attesting to being able to do it myself, BUT, if you want examples of color count/gradient mastery, take a look at Elk's profile or ctrlv the following two links for two of their best pieces, which have a very similar style to what you're trying to replicate here, and in both instances, less than 65 colors.

For a piece that uses even less colors, but has a larger hue range (similar to what you have here), take a look at:

It is somewhat more simplified in the sense of gradients, but I'm sure you can imagine what Elk's shading technique in combination with those colors might amount to. Good luck!