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The buoy? that thing on the fishing rod?
Yeah that's a little big hahaha

Btw I checked your profile, I voted on your art "The Offering" for the weekly challenge a few days ago, what a coincidence.

rafapim @ 12/18/2017 13:09 commented on Sunset at the beach


Yeah I agree, but it's the style of this game, I couldn't change much and do anti aliasing and other stuff.

And they didn't care how much color it have too, they just wanted to be good looking and have shadow.

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hahahaha thanks! it's always nice to get feedback.

I used a lot of frames to make it look smooth, took me about 6 hours to animate

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Amazing work!

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I'm see what you mean, I tried to change the colors a little and the background frame. I hope it's a little better.

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How do I make the profile pic bigger like yours? mine is 48x48 wich is the maximum size, but is still smaller

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Didn't know about that either

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Thanks for the advice, I already submited the changes