TakeOut @ 11/28/2005 21:56 commented on Big Bird

TakeOut @ 9/16/2005 15:48 commented on Hank Hill
Nintendo stated they don't want to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the same market, opting to go a different route for a different view on gaming. If you guys are afraid to try new things, then go ahead. I'll be most likely getting a Revolution, my second choice would be the 360.
Nintendo is riding on innovation and looking to find new ways of playing and improving gaming rather than improve only on graphics and their hardware. Nintendo is the pioneer of gaming really. They created the rumble-pack, the d-pad, the first multi-game portably system known as the GameBoy. All of those ideas have been copied since then though sadly. They also led to the boom in gaming right after the Nes. Nintendo really has done alot for gaming in the past, I have alot of faith of them, they're the oldest company still competing in the market today and thus have alot of knowledge.

Also the best controllers ever in my opinion in order, were the snes's, Gamecube's, and the PS2's.

I found N64 to be the most uncomfortable controller of all time.

TakeOut @ 9/16/2005 07:02 commented on Hank Hill
 Uhhh I think I posted the wrong link. >.<

TakeOut @ 9/15/2005 19:42 commented on Dusty
 I'd rather have a dark theme than a light theme really. Staring at a light screen all day could be hard on the eyes. Hello Darkness's colors I think are perfectly coordinated and the nerd doesn't change colors or anything and the logo up top is pretty visible and it isn't too bright. I feel it's just perfect.

TakeOut @ 9/14/2005 19:41 commented on Big Bird
New Layout > Old Layout

TakeOut @ 9/14/2005 19:38 commented on Dusty
Hello Darkness looks the best I think, even though I'm not much of a dark person. :D

TakeOut @ 9/14/2005 19:34 commented on Dusty
 errrm, never mind it's there, it just has no title and is a blank white space. I reccommend you call it default to lose the confusion. >.<

TakeOut @ 9/14/2005 19:32 commented on Dusty
I'm going to make a theme. One problem with the themes though Sedge, you can't change it back to the default theme! AaaaAaHH

TakeOut @ 9/13/2005 22:23 commented on SpongeBob Squarepants
 Yeah I'm not that much of a non iso/2d person either. I can only manage 2d things outside of pixel art. :\

But then again. I've never tried that hard at 2d pixel art. The best I've ever done is the Gameboy under my gallery. Never have done anything better.

TakeOut @ 9/12/2005 20:43 commented on Mr. T
I can be a world-class asshole on purpose. But that doesn't mean I can't be nice on accident.
heh, I just say right out what I think, like hell I care what people think on the interweb.

All I'm worried about on the site is the gallery, and people voting multiple times to boost artwork. I think you should only be able to vote once, and after maybe change your vote. But it wouldn't count as an additional vote. It would only change your vote that you have already made. It seems like alot of great art is really missing out on the spotlight to me.

TakeOut @ 9/12/2005 20:37 commented on Oscar the Grouch
 Now get cracking on that forum bub. :3

TakeOut @ 9/12/2005 20:36 commented on Oscar the Grouch
 Seems like your typical generic website. For a pixel site, the layout doesn't seem too pixel-ish. But still a welcome change, looks nicer then the last also in my opinion. The new logo, is tons better than the older one.

TakeOut @ 8/5/2005 12:35 commented on In love with the moon
 The cat is awesome. Very nice scene. :D

TakeOut @ 8/5/2005 12:34 commented on The Massacre...
 very unique style.

TakeOut @ 8/5/2005 12:34 commented on Flag for you !!

TakeOut @ 8/5/2005 12:31 commented on Nerd Power
 Dang, if that game involving the Mascot went through, it'd probrably be something like this. Only he'd shoot pixels. That'd be awesome.

TakeOut @ 8/5/2005 12:29 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot
 Yeah when I saw the preview I was honestly expecting it to exactly be the preview. Then I looked inside and it looked muuuuuuccch better.

TakeOut @ 8/2/2005 22:29 commented on franz, the royal lion tamer

TakeOut @ 8/2/2005 22:28 commented on Flag for you !!
 HEY WHERE'S THE US FLAG. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Wait, what's that? It never costed me any money? DAMN YOU SCALPERS!

TakeOut @ 8/2/2005 22:25 commented on MEH-tris

TakeOut @ 8/1/2005 20:11 commented on Toad
 I think toad needs to lose some pounds.

TakeOut @ 8/1/2005 20:09 commented on Dance Dingo
 He gave me the eye!

TakeOut @ 8/1/2005 20:06 commented on My First try at Pixel art!
 Not bad for a first try. You still got alot to pick up on though.

TakeOut @ 8/1/2005 20:05 commented on Main Char Run Cycle - for 72 hour
 Very fluent animation. I think more detail could be added in to the character though.

TakeOut @ 8/1/2005 20:04 commented on Killed chef Lil' Dude!
 What is that white stuff around the character! Get it off get it off!!