Citizen_Insane @ 2/3/2006 14:03 commented on Shiloh Assassin Twin (commissioned)

I think for larger sprites, like this one, it'd probably look a bit better if you used a 6 frame instead of a 4 frame.  that's only my opinion, though.

also, maybe you could rotate the upper body while the arms move, and the waist while the legs move.. to give it a more fluid sort of feel, you know?

but it's nice, regardless.

Citizen_Insane @ 2/1/2006 23:55 commented on Manniquen Set One

they remind me almost of yuna, garnet, and lulu...

They seem a bit too rushed, and I don't think there's enough contrast.  there's really potential in the composition, though.

Citizen_Insane @ 2/1/2006 13:50 commented on Block Mario
haha sweet!  someone bought me pixel blocks as a joke for my birthday.. so maybe I'll do this with pixel blocks

Citizen_Insane @ 2/1/2006 13:45 commented on Juzz and Ist Pose for Photo
I meant hope** sorry, friend

Citizen_Insane @ 2/1/2006 13:44 commented on Juzz and Ist Pose for Photo

is that you and your sheela?

that's how I pictured you looking.  I hoe sheela isn't durogatory, I just know steve irwin always uses that word.

Citizen_Insane @ 1/30/2006 22:56 commented on Schnauzer Symbol

hahaha, that's pretty intense!

Schnauzer's are generally pretty intense, though.

Citizen_Insane @ 1/22/2006 20:14 commented on Gluttony
haha, it'd be sweet if you did the ultimate shield!

Citizen_Insane @ 1/20/2006 19:02 commented on Spring Maiko/Geisha
yeah, it does clash now that you mention it..

Citizen_Insane @ 1/17/2006 18:15 commented on Spring Maiko/Geisha

this is really creative :) nice work with the lines and the colors..

great job!

Citizen_Insane @ 1/17/2006 10:53 commented on The balance of creation

gackt like the gackt from japan that's going to be in dirge of cerberus?

5 stars, btw..  and fav.. good job, seriously

Citizen_Insane @ 1/11/2006 13:02 commented on walk
well, remember, when someone walks their right arm extends as does their left leg, and as their right arm is moving back, so is the left leg, and the right leg and left arm extends..

Citizen_Insane @ 1/11/2006 07:51 commented on Chocobo

nice!  The only thing I'd change.. is that I wouldn't line up the front of it's feet.. seems like they should be offset a little bit...

kind of like what htdreams was saying.. but the quality of this is very nice.. good job

Citizen_Insane @ 12/29/2005 02:13 commented on Rolf Walking

actually you're going to have to show the arms rotate a little bit, too..

like kind of rotate following the movement of his upper body, and same thing for the legs, but maybe not as much..

and if you bent the elbows and knees just a bit, it'd be perfect...

yup, that's right, I couldn't stop thinking about this one.

Citizen_Insane @ 12/29/2005 02:11 commented on Card

woah, nice color choice.. great character...

5 thumbs!

Citizen_Insane @ 12/29/2005 02:10 commented on Beethoven was a pixel artist!

dang, I really like the shadows and colors on this one...

he was definitely quite the composer.

Citizen_Insane @ 12/29/2005 02:09 commented on Rolf Walking
basically all you need to do is add a bit more upper body rotation with opposite hip/lower body rotation, and this will look perfect.

Citizen_Insane @ 12/26/2005 13:47 commented on Wolf landscape

really like this one..

makes me want to buy a huskey..

Citizen_Insane @ 12/21/2005 23:39 commented on 101 Gingerbread Lane
he'd better put some back bone into it.. </pun>

Citizen_Insane @ 12/20/2005 09:11 commented on Trapped

yikes, that's pretty good...

something like this would make a pretty sweet screen saver, too.. haha

Citizen_Insane @ 12/20/2005 09:10 commented on Goomba's Old


I'd love to see you do a california raisin, next.. haha

Citizen_Insane @ 12/19/2005 13:25 commented on Johnny Jones

yeah I thought this was from mario RPG.  Good work on the cape and stuff.  the only thing that kind of needs some work would be the pitch fork, as marioH20 mentioned..

Citizen_Insane @ 12/19/2005 13:16 commented on Tank M4

I thought it was ripped when I first saw this.. but I didn't want to jump on it just yet.

nice find.

Citizen_Insane @ 12/14/2005 11:36 commented on Argument


man.. favorite'd...

Citizen_Insane @ 12/8/2005 00:06 commented on Super Mario Classic...

you know what?  I think I knew that.. dang..

haven't used paint in a while..

Citizen_Insane @ 12/8/2005 00:05 commented on Robot Walker

Next time, if you're gonna rip, make sure it's

A) Not insanely high quality (like metal slug)

B) Not very well known at all (like metal slug)

C) Not posted here