junkboy @ 11/28/2016 21:41 commented on Murder Quest III

Thanks guys! As for which dirty techniques it'smainly dropping in various assets, color-reducing them, and pixeling over. Also using tons of layers with gradient maps and various blending modes to produces the various hues and tones. Whatever gets the job done!

junkboy @ 5/30/2015 05:30 commented on Room

Absolute legend, one of my favorite artists!

junkboy @ 4/23/2014 07:49 commented on Breath of Fire 7

Amazeballs, snake!

junkboy @ 4/11/2014 15:06 commented on Brickhouse Island experimental tileset

This is super rad, I love it!

junkboy @ 12/6/2013 09:57 commented on Turrican II

 Thank you guys for all the nice words, seriously. I'm not making much pixel art these days and I've kinda missed it.

junkboy @ 4/10/2012 14:49 commented on crepuscularz

Those are some BOSS pixels right there, DAMN!

junkboy @ 5/19/2011 10:57 commented on Dagger

Say what you want, but that bitchin' gold trophy is now mine! HAHAHA! :D

junkboy @ 4/6/2011 13:33 commented on Grandpa, it was this big

 You guys rock, seriously! Thanks!

I did play around a lot with the contrast and rayleigh scattering of the BG elements, but in the end I didn't like how washed out it made my little pixel houses and boats look, so I opted for this "happy pixel hunting!"-solution.

I do like TheManuz idea for animations though, maybe a little flash-loop... :)

junkboy @ 10/26/2010 02:00 commented on Wank-ish

 I lift my hat to you gentlemen, for all those lovely words. And I agree about the color count, I get a bit sloppy (bit-sloppy, ha ha! get it?! ok, I'll be quiet) when making stuff for print.

And I love these "2D 3rd-person shooting gallery"-games like Blood Bros and Wild Guns personally, hope I can find the time to make one of my own soon.

junkboy @ 8/25/2010 10:30 commented on You don't know Jack... Burton

 It's all in the reflexes!

junkboy @ 8/4/2010 06:05 commented on Mr. Wallace Investigates Further

Hurrah for five years of kick ass art, like this great piece on display here

junkboy @ 5/17/2010 07:45 commented on Reinvented Pixel Garbage

 Thanks guys! I made a few tweaks according to your suggestions.

junkboy @ 4/25/2010 13:21 commented on Monster Huter 2G!


junkboy @ 4/8/2010 08:15 commented on Galactic Garden

 Gorgeous stuff, Cure.

junkboy @ 3/15/2010 15:29 commented on Operation Zombie

 Wolverine: Exactly like Beast Busters! Glad that someone else remembers that game.

Stickman: Thanks for spotting that, fix'd.

junkboy @ 2/16/2010 07:43 commented on Mechanix Girl

I can't even begin to understand what you must be going through... My heartfelt condolences to yourself and your family.

junkboy @ 2/13/2010 12:51 commented on Shmupanetta

Whoa, I must've hit the sweet spot with this one.. Thanks a bunch you guys!

junkboy @ 2/18/2009 15:24 commented on RPG Battle
Well, if it 'd pay my bills I'd make graphics for a game like this in a heartbeat.

junkboy @ 1/27/2009 13:21 commented on Background
Great video game kitsch!

junkboy @ 1/27/2009 13:19 commented on slash(animation)
Very impressive, like all your other work. I like how you manage to keep the character construction and designs tight, while still animating them quite a bit.

junkboy @ 1/27/2009 13:14 commented on MegaWorlds Fighting Jam, May moves
Boob bounce is the recipe for success in any given situation. Good work! Love your other stuff too by the way.

junkboy @ 1/1/2009 23:46 commented on RPG Battle
Thanks for the comments, guys. I originally made this on a laptop with kind of a shitty screen, which is why it turned out so contrasty and saturated. I tried to adjust that before I uploaded it here on pixeljoint, but it seems its still too much for some of you. To me it looks fine now (zoomed in, that is), so it's hard to make any further adjustments before I get a chance to view it on a few other screens.

junkboy @ 9/9/2008 00:43 commented on Soul Calibur demake
Whoa, thank you guys for all the comments and feedback! I might do an edit, although it seems a bit redundant since this already was published. More pixels coming later for sure, I just don't wanna cross-post too much stuff that's already been seen elsewhere.