JCA uniVerse @ 11/8/2015 04:22 commented on GBA Mockup

got a question, would u like to help working on a massive RPG project? Im a programmer and nearly finished enough to have it published as 'early access' but im terrible in creating sprites. The style of the images u made s just what my game needs. unfortunally, I cant offer a payed job, but I do offer this:

in-game reward: everyone that helps wil get a code, with that code theyll get an ingame reward as soon as the game hits Beta, and the reward is specified by the work done by that person

as soon as its in between Beta-Alpha, I might need a permanent spriter and a paid job might become available, I will select those that did most and best work before to get first chance of getting the job.

anyway, if ur enterested, send me a pm!

NOTE: if u want info about the project, reply to this post

JCA uniVerse @ 11/5/2015 11:16 commented on Anargions: The Mystery of the Island Thumbnail

well, this is the thumbnail im using for my game, and Its so that there will be a gradient backround that changes from time to time. thats why the images background is transparent.

also, Im just submitting all pixel images i made to reach 6 so i can get access to the forums. I want to post a request for a pixel artist to create the artwork for my game (Im not good enough with tiny pixel images)