VenomousNinja @ 6/2/2008 11:30 commented on Rook

It is darker. Not that much, but it's still darker.

I kinda like the glowing effect.

VenomousNinja @ 7/13/2007 10:29 commented on The Circle Swordsman
I would, but I'm not good at human bodies...

VenomousNinja @ 7/12/2007 18:19 commented on Eye
How is it low contrast?

VenomousNinja @ 7/12/2007 08:11 commented on Anubis (2003-2005)
That's awesome! I'm favoriting this right after I post this!

VenomousNinja @ 7/11/2007 18:49 commented on Rooftop Level
I think I found the Easter egg. It's right next to the top-left corner of the bright foreground, right?

VenomousNinja @ 7/10/2007 09:26 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron
Great! You definatly have my vote!

VenomousNinja @ 1/8/2007 07:07 commented on Rapture of Peace Cards Sprites
I wasn't thinking when I made the copyright text.. Now please comment on the card sprites...

VenomousNinja @ 11/8/2006 04:45 commented on Reron



Pop shading, you mean like.. giving it a sorta 3-d shading look?

VenomousNinja @ 10/26/2006 15:20 commented on Moblin
It doesn't work for me, every time I try to regester there's always a "unexpected server error"...

VenomousNinja @ 10/1/2006 09:28 commented on Clanrats Platformer Mockup
I'd buy it.... Go to NOJ (Nintendo of Japan) Not SOJ, they only make 3d makes now.... And MoJ just wouldn't buy it... They also only make 3ds... If you give it to NOJ they may make it for DS, but maybe add a bottom screen...

VenomousNinja @ 10/1/2006 08:51 commented on Big Bird
Can somone take a look at my Afro Thug PA? It's been at least two days since I put it on the site, and it's still awating approval..

VenomousNinja @ 9/28/2006 16:41 commented on Black Hole JUMPS! (one)
Ironic.... Very,

VenomousNinja @ 9/20/2006 16:30 commented on Robot
Thanks! Uhh... Any advice?

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 19:49 commented on Robot

Although, then again........


I'm complex, so you'll see me doing this alot with my PAs...

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 19:44 commented on Robot
I tried to keep some of the values close, but I guess since I added those highlights, it would only be right if I added more contrast...

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 19:31 commented on Robot
Thanks for the tips! I took some in mind right now, hope you like it!

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 17:42 commented on Robot
Updated left arm, it wasn't the same as the right one...

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 17:27 commented on Big Bird
peanut butter bacon!

VenomousNinja @ 9/14/2006 14:54 commented on Blood Loss
We should use this as an emoticon..

VenomousNinja @ 9/13/2006 18:17 commented on Big Bird

Idiot and Geek!*


*meant to say this, computer pressed enter button on auto...

VenomousNinja @ 9/13/2006 18:14 commented on Big Bird

Idiot and

VenomousNinja @ 9/13/2006 05:55 commented on Ninja
Lol, welcome to my world, where's your ticket?

VenomousNinja @ 9/13/2006 05:54 commented on Robot
So I should... Put the AA on the outline? I'll try that in paint with different bgs and I'll see how it looks!

VenomousNinja @ 9/12/2006 20:50 commented on Robot
So your saying I should... Put outlines around the AA?

VenomousNinja @ 9/12/2006 18:49 commented on Mariogoomba

Lol, thx for the advice!


*Throws away everything he has in pockets*