Feron @ 7/27/2009 17:13 commented on EGGS!

 can we pixel a film studio??

Feron @ 4/15/2009 09:16 commented on Elk's Sistine Maoi Collection

 best piece in the challenge.

brilliant use of color.

Feron @ 3/18/2009 13:58 commented on Avatar

 Hopefully fixed the neck.

hows that?

Feron @ 3/18/2009 09:27 commented on The Big Bang Theory

 Love the show, great pixelling, but I think you need to work on the likeness of the characters..

Feron @ 3/18/2009 08:25 commented on Pacman Forever

 That is really great!!

Feron @ 3/12/2009 15:20 commented on Sexy Beast!


Feron @ 7/31/2008 19:03 commented on Some Pioneer Ships
just simply awesome. You are improving so much <3

Feron @ 7/31/2008 14:05 commented on Everyone loves balloons
bit generic and boring. i think the whole adding a cute face to an arbitrary object fad has worn out. :P

Feron @ 7/14/2008 16:10 commented on Lunar_Prototype
man this shit is hot!!

Feron @ 5/10/2008 11:52 commented on hey son
is the tree holding a drink?? lol i like it!

Feron @ 5/8/2008 16:02 commented on Avatar
its obviously not a redux as the head is tilted to a different angle. A few too many colors perhaps, i wish i could pixel to this standard of near photo-realism. :)

Feron @ 5/2/2008 07:07 commented on Blockpost - 2 "Party Day"
sky = awesome

Feron @ 5/2/2008 07:05 commented on True Flame
Its pretty fun, however not very well pixelled. this is cool idea for a collab though...

Feron @ 4/25/2008 01:36 commented on SHMUP Pilot Metaru (crisis)
well whats the point in uploading parts of an animation...

Feron @ 4/24/2008 10:41 commented on SHMUP Pilot Metaru (crisis)
there no actual animation, all you've done is move the same picture about a bit and change colors... how about animating his face or something.

Feron @ 4/20/2008 06:37 commented on Demon Fighter
man i have missed your work since your banning on pixelation. havent seen this one before, i like it :)

Feron @ 4/9/2008 02:52 commented on Sprites
brilliant!! They would only work on a dark background though - (if you ever wanted to put them in a game).

Feron @ 4/2/2008 16:28 commented on protecteur
fucking sweet!

Feron @ 4/1/2008 00:13 commented on Blink City
I swear a post of this type gets put up every year, and a couple of people always believe them!

Feron @ 3/29/2008 11:32 commented on Splish Splash...
Yeah its definitely 12 colors. I quite like it, good mix of cold and warm colors.

Feron @ 3/25/2008 16:39 commented on My barbarian warior
skamocore is obviously a retard. Read perfectly well to me. Good job!!

Feron @ 3/24/2008 17:09 commented on Mysterious mysteries of strange mystery!
Anything is art. Don't go deleting stuff, I was just saying i'd much rather see the final piece than a black shape. If everyone posted WIP stages in their gallery, there would be madness. Now hurry up and do this already!

Feron @ 3/24/2008 12:20 commented on Mysterious mysteries of strange mystery!
What was the point in posting this? Why not wait until its finished, if you felt the burning need to show of a silhouette, why not use a forum.

Feron @ 3/23/2008 14:53 commented on Fallen Knight
This is truly beautiful. You got my vote!

Feron @ 3/22/2008 16:26 commented on Paladin Challenge
Use the dark yellow color to AA the eyes. Nice overall design though!