JerryPie @ 12/8/2018 17:49 commented on Overdone.

If there were any two artists who were capable it would definitely be Fool and Vierbit. 

Thanks for all you've done pyro! Glad you'll still be with us here in PJ.

JerryPie @ 12/8/2018 14:45 commented on The sweaty dudes

Wow this is really outstanding work. Shame I missed it, I would have loved to join in on that! Good job to the contributors, I had a lot of fun thuroughly inspecting every entry! 

JerryPie @ 11/5/2018 21:47 commented on Frost Man & Pyro Man

Love it, great work! Wish you were here for that challenge, these would have been great entries 

JerryPie @ 10/23/2018 09:48 commented on Shmup Ships Collection

Glad to see you active  on PJ again. You've always been one of my favorite pixel artists.

JerryPie @ 10/14/2018 19:02 commented on Neon

Incredible color use.

JerryPie @ 10/12/2018 06:41 commented on Gum Portraits

Wow, I love the preview image lol

JerryPie @ 10/10/2018 09:25 commented on Big Bird

Welcome Theoden and Adarias. Great candidates! Hap will definitely be missed as a mod. :(

Regarding DawnBringers concerns on a couple of pieces that made it into the gallery. This has always happened when new mods start donating their time. It happened with me as well. Trying to please everyone and follow the rules can put you in a vulnerable position. I would be more concerned if a new mod came in overly zealous about shutting down every submission for minor infractions. This is a much gentler approach. I agree there were some issues with a few pieces. It's been discussed and we're moving forward with the focus on our strict PJ rules. 

To the mods thank you, for offering your time to help the community. To the active members, thank you for staying vigilant and voicing concerns/praises.

JerryPie @ 10/8/2018 20:39 commented on Woman in autumn

Awesome pixeling and cool color choice. I would say it seems more like a grim autumn than a happier warmer look based on the colors though. I think  increasing the saturation on the skin tones and oranges might help. Or maybe adding some yellows leaning toward green. Regardless, great work and great colors. 

JerryPie @ 10/8/2018 20:32 commented on borger

Oh man this animation is fun. Favorite!

JerryPie @ 9/20/2018 10:13 commented on lab

This is the attention to detail I love to look at

JerryPie @ 9/19/2018 21:56 commented on Big Bird

Hi, welcome to PJ PurpleStarXX!

JerryPie @ 9/19/2018 21:56 commented on Underwater Snake

Awesome work here.

JerryPie @ 9/12/2018 13:03 commented on kayama meat shop

Cool image! I would love to see some more detail in areas other than the ground. 

JerryPie @ 9/12/2018 13:01 commented on Gemini Spears

Sick pattern in the spear

JerryPie @ 9/12/2018 13:00 commented on T. Hawk

Congrats all! And a big thanks to the extra judges, we definitely needed the assistance with such a close competition. This next iso is going to be really fun!

JerryPie @ 9/1/2018 10:00 commented on Moonbase

Wow very cool rear lighting

JerryPie @ 8/28/2018 22:05 commented on Regret

Awesome title for and awesome piece.

JerryPie @ 8/28/2018 22:05 commented on Resident Evil "William Birkin"

Much nicer after changing the coat! I honestly think the eye and shoulder look great. 

JerryPie @ 8/27/2018 commented on all in a day's work

What's the story in this scene? Looks great btw

JerryPie @ 8/26/2018 23:59 commented on Heckland OST Album Cover

Oh man those little creatures are fantastic

JerryPie @ 8/26/2018 23:57 commented on Resident Evil "William Birkin"

Awesome animation, and very recognizable! My only gripe would be that his coat flies up a little high for the amount of movement going on

JerryPie @ 8/25/2018 14:46 commented on slideshow

Wow totally unexpected and entertaining!

JerryPie @ 8/24/2018 10:37 commented on DREAM

Really great animation. It's very effective!

JerryPie @ 8/23/2018 15:14 commented on Safe and sound

Very nostalgic!

JerryPie @ 8/21/2018 10:30 commented on Vespa Jump

Awesome composition! Just a little anti aliasing would go a long way on this submission.