JerryPie @ 4/24/2018 18:48 commented on Big Bird

To prevent Twitter from destroying my animations I upscale to at least 600x600 pixels or greater. Also, I always add a line across the bottom of my animations in a slightly different color than the normal background (on 1-2 frames). I've found that the color compression doesn't happen if I make sure the background changes at least once from one edge of the canvas to another.  I could be wrong about this, but it's worked for me and I've tried a lot of different methods.

JerryPie @ 4/24/2018 17:39 commented on Poppy Duelyst X League of Legends

Haha... Really great stuff! The hammer spin is top notch. I think when Poppy comes down with the hammer it could be a little quicker though (for a more powerful impact). This is awesome.

JerryPie @ 4/24/2018 17:36 commented on Dai Jin's Returning Late from a Spring Outing

This is really special. - fav

JerryPie @ 4/23/2018 23:54 commented on s k e d d l e s

great lighting man

JerryPie @ 4/21/2018 12:17 commented on Communism

Haha.. that's awesome man! Great work here, I like the colors you used.

JerryPie @ 4/20/2018 18:55 commented on Various spell animations

@All - Thank you everyone! 

@Hapiel - Some animation commissions are pretty vague, but those actually end up being the most fun to make. More creative freedom!  Most of the inspiration comes from what I've seen in movies or daily life.  After a request I spend a day thinking about many ways to accomplish an animation before deciding on the most exciting design.

JerryPie @ 4/20/2018 18:43 commented on Communism

Lol.. whats going on with the subliminal frame animation?

JerryPie @ 4/16/2018 20:54 commented on Big Bird

Jok: bummer, that's a great entry. I say keep it regardless

JerryPie @ 4/15/2018 22:35 commented on Mayan warrior 1 walking

Hey romanticpixels, if you just shift the head up and down a few pixels throughout the animation it will accomplish so much.  It's a very easy trick I've used over the years and requires almost no work.
This only took me about 60 seconds (I shifted the head left and right depending on the chest location).. It's a very rough and quick edit.

This is a pretty solid animation overall though, the cloth flowing is awesome. -- My only complaint would be the feet seem to be skipping a bit, and his gait is a bit unnatural.

keep it up!

JerryPie @ 4/15/2018 22:19 commented on The age of Giallo

Weirdest movie ever! Great job here, looks more emotional than the reference image. 

JerryPie @ 4/15/2018 13:25 commented on Reaching The Sky

Standing ovation for you my friend.

JerryPie @ 4/14/2018 16:34 commented on Retro Futurism

You're on a roll!

JerryPie @ 4/13/2018 13:43 commented on Feral Beast Animation Attempt

This should be very entertaining.

JerryPie @ 4/11/2018 23:20 commented on Spooky Boys

These are hilarious and very well done. Preview guy is definitely my favorite. (Although at a glance oddly familiar to female genitalia)

JerryPie @ 4/10/2018 23:08 commented on Someplace

Very creative. Immediately to the favorites list!

JerryPie @ 4/8/2018 09:21 commented on Big Bird

There's a good chance you'll come back with a new perspective and make some great art. I've had a few extended breaks over the years and I think that's what helped me the most. So, try and submit something to the gallery! XD

JerryPie @ 4/6/2018 00:04 commented on Weirdheads

These are awesome! They has a familiar style with some cartoons from the 60's or 70's.. What would you call this style?

JerryPie @ 4/2/2018 22:38 commented on Refresh

Was hoping to see the whole keyboard. The preview did its job lol. Love the colors

JerryPie @ 4/2/2018 16:08 commented on Animation

Sweet highlight clusters

JerryPie @ 4/2/2018 13:14 commented on Careful Descent

One of the best we've had for this challenge in a long time

JerryPie @ 4/2/2018 13:13 commented on Fool

Definitely can see the snake inspiration. Looking great

JerryPie @ 3/25/2018 16:09 commented on Big Bird

I agree with eishiya. -- Personally I think forum styles in general have changed a lot since the creation of PJ's. Our forum uses an old clunky system with unpleasant navigation and features. 

Looking at something like Reddit, I strongly believe their success has to do with the ease of navigation.  (I'm not suggesting we use Reddit, just pointing out how simple their format is.)

JerryPie @ 3/23/2018 22:35 commented on Big Bird

This is so awesome to see, and surprisingly good work too!  In her video she isn't even using the keyboard for ctrl+z, what a beast.  

JerryPie @ 3/22/2018 10:24 commented on Escape

Saw the preview, and I knew who it was. Glad to see you post again.

JerryPie @ 3/21/2018 19:52 commented on Camper van (October again)

I'm slightly disappointed.  I expected something exciting to happen when the camera zoomed in on the window!