JerryPie @ 3/15/2019 21:22 commented on Richard Pryor

This doesn't look like Richard Pryor! 

JerryPie @ 3/14/2019 13:44 commented on His exellency Mr. Owl

I knew this was you from the color/style of the thumbnail. Great work. For some reason your works remind me of really old library nokks. Fav!

JerryPie @ 3/13/2019 11:55 commented on Exodus

Incredible use of colors. There is so much to look at in this tiny image. -- As always, love the trees! You'd make Bob Ross happy.

JerryPie @ 3/13/2019 11:50 commented on All along the watchtower princes kept the view

The colors on the sky are really great. Lovely atmosphere.

JerryPie @ 2/28/2019 02:56 commented on Descendant

There's something very haunting about this piece. I'm not sure if it's the colors or perspective. I love it though. Great work.

JerryPie @ 2/24/2019 08:05 commented on 404- Tittle not found

@Gecimen: Lol! That's one way of looking at it.

@pixeldust: really nice image. I usually don't like too much saturation but it just works here! Are those three L shaped clusters supposed to be birds?

JerryPie @ 2/22/2019 12:20 commented on Coreto

I love collab pieces. Really great work here.

JerryPie @ 2/10/2019 00:49 commented on Dragons Keep

Wow man! Very exciting image.

JerryPie @ 2/6/2019 00:18 commented on LUNARK

The king of animations! Can't wait to see this game.

JerryPie @ 1/27/2019 09:50 commented on 16x16 Chars

I love this type of pixel work. Rayman and samurai Jack are my favorites

JerryPie @ 1/27/2019 09:48 commented on Big Bird

@Irenaart - thank you XD

JerryPie @ 1/14/2019 09:22 commented on High Hopes Cemetery

Really like the colors, they remind me of some of Thu's work.

JerryPie @ 12/24/2018 14:58 commented on Giants' Forest

That's an uncomfortably creepy forest. This is very well done.fav

JerryPie @ 12/19/2018 00:27 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds

This is outstanding. I thought it was Fool from the preview but the scribble "plz click" really had me confused. The lighting is really great in this.

JerryPie @ 12/8/2018 17:49 commented on Overdone.

If there were any two artists who were capable it would definitely be Fool and Vierbit. 

Thanks for all you've done pyro! Glad you'll still be with us here in PJ.

JerryPie @ 12/8/2018 14:45 commented on The sweaty dudes

Wow this is really outstanding work. Shame I missed it, I would have loved to join in on that! Good job to the contributors, I had a lot of fun thuroughly inspecting every entry! 

JerryPie @ 11/5/2018 21:47 commented on Frost Man & Pyro Man

Love it, great work! Wish you were here for that challenge, these would have been great entries 

JerryPie @ 10/23/2018 09:48 commented on Shmup Ships Collection

Glad to see you active  on PJ again. You've always been one of my favorite pixel artists.

JerryPie @ 10/14/2018 19:02 commented on Neon

Incredible color use.

JerryPie @ 10/12/2018 06:41 commented on Gum Portraits

Wow, I love the preview image lol

JerryPie @ 10/10/2018 09:25 commented on Big Bird

Welcome Theoden and Adarias. Great candidates! Hap will definitely be missed as a mod. :(

Regarding DawnBringers concerns on a couple of pieces that made it into the gallery. This has always happened when new mods start donating their time. It happened with me as well. Trying to please everyone and follow the rules can put you in a vulnerable position. I would be more concerned if a new mod came in overly zealous about shutting down every submission for minor infractions. This is a much gentler approach. I agree there were some issues with a few pieces. It's been discussed and we're moving forward with the focus on our strict PJ rules. 

To the mods thank you, for offering your time to help the community. To the active members, thank you for staying vigilant and voicing concerns/praises.

JerryPie @ 10/8/2018 20:39 commented on Woman in autumn

Awesome pixeling and cool color choice. I would say it seems more like a grim autumn than a happier warmer look based on the colors though. I think  increasing the saturation on the skin tones and oranges might help. Or maybe adding some yellows leaning toward green. Regardless, great work and great colors. 

JerryPie @ 10/8/2018 20:32 commented on borger

Oh man this animation is fun. Favorite!

JerryPie @ 9/20/2018 10:13 commented on lab

This is the attention to detail I love to look at

JerryPie @ 9/19/2018 21:56 commented on Big Bird

Hi, welcome to PJ PurpleStarXX!