cocefi @ 2/25/2018 23:59 commented on Trees trees trees!

Doppleganger: Thanks! I wish I've more time to pursue multiple interests, but alas pixel art has to be put aside in favor of the doggo game 

cocefi @ 2/22/2018 20:34 commented on Trees trees trees!

Thanks, everyone! *disappears again*

Gecimen: Aw I forgot bout that limitation. No biggie!

cocefi @ 2/3/2014 01:56 commented on Fishing Spot

Thanks for the comments!

Yeah the jittery animation didn't come off very well! I was trying to simulate a burst of strong breeze/wind effect on the girl. I'll do better next time Thanks for the pointers

cocefi @ 12/30/2013 03:13 commented on Bookkeeper's Garden

Thanks Mash! Have a great new year!

cocefi @ 12/23/2013 23:06 commented on Bookkeeper's Garden

Thanks everyone. Have a great Christmas

cocefi @ 7/4/2013 04:14 commented on Fishing Spot

@connor the clouds are actually inspired from Japanese kimono patterns

cocefi @ 6/30/2013 20:04 commented on Fishing Spot

Thank you for the comments everyone. I've taken note of all suggestions for my future pieces!

Yeah the tree canopy is a little off. I wanted to try something different from my usual bushy tree tops but struggled to get it to work with the rest of the piece. I did learn a lot from all these experimentations though!

@Hapiel: Thank you! For the water, I just highlight chunks of it and shift the pixels up/down on certain intervals. I'll put up a more comprehensive guide on this when I get the chance.

@jalonso: Thanks for the kind words! I'm a fan of your iso work!

@MikauKahn: Thanks! I worked on that game so maybe that's why they felt similar

cocefi @ 9/23/2012 04:56 commented on Treasure!

Sorry I can't reply to all, but I read each and every comments posted. Thanks everyone!

cocefi @ 9/9/2012 22:35 commented on Treasure!

Thank you for the comments! Glad you enjoyed it

cocefi @ 9/5/2012 07:54 commented on Glowy Mushes

Jello mushrooms!

cocefi @ 9/5/2012 07:51 commented on Treasure!

Thanks everyone!

@buloght Hey haven't seen you for a while! Hope you're doing good. Post some pixels when you've the chance

cocefi @ 9/1/2012 01:01 commented on Treasure!

@Hapiel Thanks! Oops, just updated the pix. Sorry you've lost the avatar!

cocefi @ 9/1/2012 00:59 commented on Treasure!

@Faceless You're right, thanks! I've updated the tree a little. Hope it's better... tired of working on this piece now

cocefi @ 11/2/2011 23:33 commented on Leftovers

magnificent masterpiece

cocefi @ 10/3/2011 09:10 commented on 4 warriors

love the designs! very creative

cocefi @ 10/2/2011 19:21 commented on Incomplete RPG party

@Gecimen - hey thanks for the support! yup i can fit them all in without the base (that's the original plan), but won't have time to add another member unfortunately (i could add a pet rock, but that won't be in the spirit of the challenge.. lol). i'm stuck with work at the moment as it's already monday over here.. sorry

cocefi @ 10/2/2011 06:04 commented on Incomplete RPG party

Thanks! I love your work too

cocefi @ 10/1/2011 21:22 commented on Incomplete RPG party

Thanks for the kind words everyone! I may have just enough time to add in another member (thinking of an inventor) but I'll still be 1 short of a full party. We'll see how it goes!

cocefi @ 10/25/2010 07:55 commented on The big prince)

Nicely done... but the right side seems to be cropped? I can see part of another character there (Sebastian?)...

cocefi @ 2/15/2010 18:29 commented on Mechanix Girl

Good bye Jessica, may God bless her soul.

cocefi @ 2/6/2010 00:48 commented on Lucky + Polar

Cannot shift one... unless I change the preview pic... orz

cocefi @ 1/15/2010 21:18 commented on Lucky + Polar

Thanks for the comments everyone

@Adarias: The animation should loop... not sure why it wasn't working for you though

@Balamoot: Yeah the hopping dog's expression is supposed to look slightly "lusty"... or "yam jin" in Cantonese... haha

cocefi @ 8/18/2009 08:52 commented on Mini iso scene

Thanks, it's a whole image, no tiles were used. :)

cocefi @ 7/11/2009 00:47 commented on moyashi-mon

Cute! Loved the anime :)

cocefi @ 6/11/2009 19:50 commented on Fallen Angel ISO

Nice! Love the details you've packed into such small sprites